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mario_brawler Blog

Ey O.o

Wow Long time since I made a blog , just wanted to say hi and how are you guys doing :3!

New Look? + So Many Earthquakes this year -___________-;; + NAS Birthday!

Hello Guys!

New Look

So I see Gamespot decided to give the profiles a new look... also the "Achievements" feature is new as well. What do you think about the new look? To me it looks ehh just ok I guess nothing that makes me go "Wow". Now I wonder Hey Gamespot when you gonna make unions V2? :P


So we had many earthquakes so far this's getting kind of insane.. o.O some people are going nuts saying "End Of The World!" or "2012!". I guess the world is just changing :P I hope all the countries that got struck by the earthquake recover as soon as possible! :D

NAS Birthday

Tomorrow April 15 , 2010 marks the second birthday for my first union that I ever created in Gamespot "The Nintendo All-Stars" I can't believe that two years have passed since I created this union. It has been an incredible experience being leader of this union and meeting all kind of people :D Tomorrow we gonna have a Pokemon Game Night so if you are interested join ;)

-- Thanks For Reading! 8)

90 Degrees in April!? -____________-;;

So like is only the beginning of April and it's already like 90 degrees :| Can you believe this? Also today at 6:00 am in the morning it was like 70 Degrees already , I was like what the heck? The good thing is you can wear shorts though :3. Though it's gonna be a pain for Gym -_- Right now I m in health so I have to get ready to do the mile in extreme weather =/ Also my area has a tornado warning tomorrow :o for night time... With thunderstorms...can't be that bad right? :|

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Celebration / Party! Calling all Pokemon Fans

Hello Everyone! :D

Attention All Pokemon Fans! There are 13 days left for the launch of the most anticipated games of 2010! Which are Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. We are arriving to it's launch. My union The Nintendo All-Stars will be having celebrations for this games :D. We will be having all kinds of activities through the whole month of March! :) Also we will be providing events with prizes which soon will be revealed. Now you may be asking is anyone welcome to join? The answer is of course!:D Anyone is welcome to attend the celebrations and Parties. The event will kick off tomorrow at 7 PM EST.

Where: The Nintendo All-Stars Union

When: Tomorrow March 1st , 2010

Time: 7 PM EST

Why: To celebrate the upcoming launch of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

How: You can join by going to my union list and click "The Nintendo All-Stars" and Join :D

--Please join ! See you there 8)

Straight A Student In The MAKING?! + JUNIOR Year! -_- + 24 Days :)

Hello Peeps! :P

A , A , A , And , A =)

So today we got our report cards. We were supposed to get them two weeks ago buh we couldn't due to the insane blizzard that happened. Anyways I was a bit nervous to see my grades... I don;t know why =/ just had that feeling lol. The thing I hate is that my Gym teacher looks at the grades and makes comments -_-. I mean it ain't your report card don;t look >: O lol. So here are my grades :o!

Graphics Design - A

Geometry - A-

Spanish - A

Chemistry - A

English - A

Government - A-

Gym - A

(All A's wooo!!! 8) )

Juniorrrrrr Yearrrrrr!

Today during Geometry a counsoler came and told us about cl/as/s we could take for the upcoming school year. I was kind of freaking out since I want to take the right cl/as/s and take my time choosing the correct cl/as/s :P I ended up choosing the following cl/as/s: Honors English 11 , Honors Algebra 2 with Trig , Honors American History , Honors Biology 1 , Honors Spanish SL , Graphics Design 2 , and Network Administration. It took me a while but I m happy with my choices :D. Plus some of the cl/as/s I get to go to other HS ^_^

24 Days Til HeartGold/SoulSilver!

:D nuff said!

Question Of The Day:

Have you ever gotten straight A's? or Were you close once?

Leave A Comment! :D

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What's School You Speak Off? + Blizzarddd :) + Pokemon 5th Generation! :D

~~ Hey Guys ~~


We had a lot of snow this couple of days. I haven't been to school for a week now. lol. First I was happy that there wasn't any school. buh this is enough snow lol. I think there's like over 4 feet of snow. that's insane! we never get that much snow here in this area anyways. I was pretty surprised it didn't stop snowing. Don't get me wrong I love snow buh this is just too much. No one can go anywhere due to the weather so I been stuck home for a week now. I m glad the electricity hasn't gone out :P


Like I have said before I haven't been at school for a long time now lol. They just keep cancelling school due to the bad weather. It's also supposed to snow on Monday so i don't know when are we gonna back to school for good. the roads are just horrible here i don't think the buses can drive safely plus the sidewalks are full of snow and ice which makes it hard to walk on.

5th Generation Pokemon

Today we got images of the first 5th gen pokemon :D. I must say i love the design of the pokemon! they look pretty interesting. I can't;t wait to see the rest of the 5th generation pokemon :) What do you think of the new pokemon? Also if you want new updates on the fifth generation pokemon or the upcoming HG/SS news you guys should subcribe to xSoulSilverxD he posts pokemon updates pretty quickly with useful information :D

Question Of The Day:

Would you be fine missing a week of school?

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Snow Time (:

Hey Guys

They have forecasted that we will have 2-4 inches of snow. I hope this is enough to get us off of school :D lol. That's all hehe. Have a good day :D

It's a iTouch XL I mean .. Ipad x] , Pokemon 5 Gen , Ducks =]

~~ Hello Guys ~~

Wow long time no talk right? lol well starting of february I will be back to Gamespot. This week has been horrible. So many exams and midterms. Just a pain to be honest :P. Now it's over and we get a 4 day weekend :). I can finally sleep in and just chill you know ;). lol Also the weather channels says we gonna get snow tomorrow :o hope it's a lot x]


This wednesday Apple announced their PC Tablet called the "iPad". I know everyone saw this coming due to the huge rumor mills going now for years. I was pretty excited how it was going to look like , what OS it would have and the features that it will have. In my opinion I was a bit dissapointed to see the lack of no camera. I really wanted to have a camera to have video conference and etc :). The other thing was no Flash support D: . How does Apple expect this thing to sell if it lacks Flash? Netbooks support Camera and Flash and are cheaper than this. Maybe will see this features in iPad 2.0 or something like that next year :P. I m thinking of getting it but at the same time not ...will see. I can feel like this device will have something very special like exclusive apps in the upcoming months.

Pokemon DS 2! A.K.A 5th Generation :D

First reaction was: WOOOOOOO!!! :D :D :D lol. I was a bit surprise since I wasn't expecting a new generation til DS 2. I m very excited for this game. I want to know many things about it like how does the region look like. Gym leaders , The Plot , The Villians , and of course the starters. I hope we get more news in the coming months :)


PaperMariofan57 wanted me to add this :| Happy now? :P lol

Comment Of The Day:

Are You Getting the iPad?


What Do You Want To See in 5th Gen?

Leave a comment! :D

--Thanks For Reading 8)