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"It's a me, Mario-nin-freak!"

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on much, busy life :x But, I just got a new laptop :D Which means??? It means I should be able to get on a little more now. My life is still busy, but not quite as busy as it was.

Guess what we did yesterday? You'd never guess, we put the Christmas tree up:x My sisters wanted to so we did:? I know it's early, but it does put you into the spirit of things(Which also puts mom into the "it's time to shop" spirit ;)).

I'm asking for both Mario Kart 7 and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games for Christmas. I always thought the Mario & Sonic games looked fun, but not until now did I think the games would be worth the money.

I've also decided to skip Super Mario 3D Land:cry: Why? One, I don't have money after buying my laptop. Two, I'm gonna save money for Mario Kart 7 anyway, If I can buy it on day one then I will! It looks really good, but I hope there's more to it than the Japanese website is showing. It only shows 16 characters:? Hope that line-up gets bigger! That would mean they got rid of over 10 characters from Mario Kart Wii :?

My life? Right now I'm not doing any gaming, but I am working on my Mario Kart Triple Dash idea though! After I get Mario Kart 7 I'm going to update it, and try to get it out quick. Why? No big reason, except Nintendo just revealed that there starting work on Mario Kart Wii U :o Gotta get my ideas to them in time! They can't make it without me:evil:

So, how's everyone else? Hope your all fine :)

P.S. I made a new blog header for Kirby's Return to Dreamland :D Like it?