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Game Night final date--Pleae read

I have decided on the official date and time for the game night based on what everyone gave me. The date will be this coming thursday(August 4th), from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM EST. Here's the list of reservation, which aren't all confirmations.

1. mario-nin-freak(EST)
2. sebetai (EST)
3. Giratina98 (EST)
4. GamerofMario1 (EST)
5. osciel_ben (Arizona)
6. Courtney817 (EST)
7. xXShortroundXx(I need your FC!)
8. stayman_jacobi(EST)

My friend code is 4468-8388-7968. I will be sending out PM's to everyone who has reserved a spot, and make sure that I have everyone's FC's. If you have not reserved a spot, and you want to join us, just either comment on this blog or send me a PM including your Mario Kart Wii friend code, your time zone so I can make sure everyone knows what time to come, and you will need to register my Mario Kart wii friend code posted above.

If you want to come, but I don't get your FC, then just put mine in and see if it shows that I'm online:P I think that you can try to add me even if I don't get your FC but I've never tried it.

See you all there :)