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Game Night!!! Everyone's invited!

Hello fellow members of Gamespot, I am going to be holding a game night on either the first or second week of August! The game night is going to be officially the "Nintendo Gamers' Club game night", but anyone is welcome to come;) I have 10 spots open, and we will be playing "Mario Kart Wii". I will host the room, so please register me as a friend and make sure I also get your FC;) My FC is: 4468-8388-7968. Please let me know by the end of the week what times work best for you, and any times you cannot come! I cannot do it on the following times: On Sundays, any weekday after 6:00, and during the morning on Monday. The best time for me is the afternoon on a weekday, but Saturday might "possibly" work, depends on whether my dad would would want me to work with him or not(He is very unpredictable, so I'd prefer it not being on Saturday!).

AND YOU MUST TELL ME WHICH STATE YOU LIVE IN, OR ATLEAST YOUR TIME ZONE! When I decide a time, I will need everyone's time zone!

Reserved spots:

1. mario-nin-freak
2. sebetai
3. Giratina(Not confirmed)

I would like this list atleast HALF FULL by August 1st, so please tell me times that work for you before that date;) I will be gone on vacation the next three days, so when I get back I will decide the time and day based on what everyone can do, I'll do my best to make it a time everyone can join but I make no promises!