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An injured 3DS and a busy life!

Well I'm about to mail it right now anyway :P The 3D depth slider broke. It got really tough to move for about a week, and eventually wouldn't move at all. But I tried anyway, until it broke and the 3D won't adjust anymore :? Thankfully I know how the repair system works since I've sent my Wii console in before. I should have it back in about 2 weeks. And yes, it is ironic that Sebetai's broke at the same time XD

There's always a chance it could need replaced so I wrote everyone's friend codes down. If it does get replaced then I'll need to give everyone my new friend code, so I might post a blog on that later ;)

And for my friends:

My life? Oh thanks for asking! It's doing good, but it's busy. Busy with what? I don't really know :? Well for one, school :P Two, my birthday was tuesday :D Yep I'm 17! Oh my gosh, one more year till I'm an adult *faints* WAIT! That's no reason to faint :x I think I just had too much sugar :D(As you can probably tell) No I didn't, that was yesterday! I had too much of my birthday ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip. Yum yum yum ;) How's everyone else? And Happy belated Birthday Aidan. Sorry I missed it! Maybe we can have a Mario Kart 7 game night after I get my 3DS back :D

I've been playing tons of Fire Emblem the past few weeks. I was trying to go through the entire game and win all 43 characters without losing one. I won it about 5 times and never accomplished my goal :( But I'll eventually do it! It's a fun game for an RPG. :o Yep I said it, I LIKE AN RPG!!! It's really fun, too bad the new games don't look nearly as good. I've also been playing Fluidity, Mario Party 2, and Mario and Sonic London Olympics lately. The first 2 I got from Club Nintendo for free, finally something worth spending coins on! Oh and I'm also playing through Metroid Fusion. Once I get my 3DS back I plan on finishing it, but it can get really confusing at times. You almost need a guide to get through it.

Well that's all I got to say. Thanks for reading!