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mario-nin-freak Blog

My new computer

I'm on my new computer now, It's sooooo much better than the old one. The last one took a few seconds to flip pages, this one does it instantly. Lets hope I can be more active now.

new computer

You know the guy who fixed our ancient computer(check last blog), well, he's giving us a new computer tomorrow. I can't wait, this computer is so slow. he's gonna stick the hard drive from this PC into the new one. That means I'll be able to be a little more active. yeah:D

virus! came and gone.

I got a virus on my computer on saturday, it scared me, I thought I had lost the computer. I called a friend of mine who know a lot about computers. he came over sunday around four and left around nine. he brought this software with him called malwarebytes, he said he had seen this virus a lot lately\. What it does is it blocks everything on your computer that will help you get rid of the virus, then it tries to sell you virus protection, if you buy it, it doesn't work and they get your money. Well, he put the computer into safe mode(don't ask me how he did it) and put in the cd, it scanned the computer for two hours(man that was boring)and it found almost 1000 INFECTIONS. that's crazy:o. Well, fortunately his software worked and it saved our computer from it's doom. He helped us get free virus and spyware protection too. He's really nice. If anyone ever has trouble with their computer just tell me what it is and I'll ask him if he knows how to fix it. Are computers back to normal now, and it's working pretty good.

What a nice week

Well, this week has gone a lot better than I thought it would. My union is getting more members,my sisters wedding went well, I got up to rank 9150 on MK wii, and I just passed level ten in gamespot. First, my union: It's been doing pretty good, even though we haven't got many members. But the union is very active considering how many members we have. And courtney817 said she'd join(even though she hasn't done it yet).Second, My sisters wedding; Last saturday my sister got married and I had to be an usher with my brother. I was very nervous but I did pretty good. No mistakes, except when he left me when we were suppose to be escorting people at the end. I had to do it myself, but it ended up nice and didn't look like we messed up. There on there honeymoon right now, lets hope they come back in one piece. Third, My rank in MK: I got up to 9150 in my VR. ranking on MK wii. It was hard and annoying but I pulled it off. Fourth, I leveled up: I finally got into the double digits in gamespot. I've been really active lately, and I'm glad it's getting results.

Well, that's about all I have to say, but have a nice week, mario-nin-freak :D

Super mario galaxy 2 and super mario brothers wii.

:DFinally, what we've all been waiting for, they just announced at the E3 press conference two new mario games. A sequal to super mario galaxy and a new game, super mario brothers. Both look so much fun and if you look them up on google I'm sure you can get more information.I'll definitely get them when they're released.

The best games in the world

Hey no matter what anyone says the wii is way better than any other system, especially compared with the xbox 360.Its selection of games is ten times better than the xbox 360.What i mean is the wii has games of adventure(super mario galaxy for examle)And all xbox 360 has is war and fighting games.At least the wii has mario games.If anyone disagrees, prove i'm wrong(leave a comment).