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sonic colors

I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this:P

Did anyone notice that the new boxart shows that it has wi-fi connection:o but they haven't said anything about it yet:? come on, why not tell us what the online is like if you basically just told us it has it:x Does anyone know what the onlne is like, did I miss something? :|

Busy, Busy, and a.....vacation?

hey everyone, I'm REALLY busy right now with township and county fair's, I help out at both, and I'm in a hurry to get 4-H projects done;) What is 4-H and what are projects? well, 4-H is a youth organization where anybody from 1st to 12th grade can join. Their's lots to 4-H but what I mainly do is projects8) projects can be crafts, vegetables from your garden, posters or notebooks explaining a certain thing(you must follow certain guidelines:P).

wanna see my photography entries, their's three categories: black and white, color, and experimental(edited on a computer;)).

Here's all of them, the black and white one, and color one got a champion at the township fair, ihey go to the county on monday;)(which i have to help check in at all day:x I have to sit under a tent outside all day having to mark off peoples names and how many projects they did:roll: ). But the experimental got a red because I forgot to tell what I did to change it from the original:P

4-H pictureExperimental before

4-H photo 2Experimental after

like it, I found some online picture editor to do it:P

4-H photo 3Here's the color

4-H photo 4and here's the black and white;)

They may look a little blurry, we ordered them from a store and got special high-quality prints for the projects;)

I'm not going to be on much for the rest of july:( why? well, I have to be at the township fair each day this week except friday, so I might be on that day;) Next week I'll help out on monday and tuesday at the county, then the next week I'm going on vacation for three days, leaving on wednesday, coming back on friday;) then that saturday I have to be at the county fair for clean-up:P so I'll be pretty busy, the "character battles" won't be up and running probably until august:( I'm sorry, Ididn't realise I was gonna be so busy:cry: well, I guess courtney will take over as leader from july 28 to august 1st;)

On august first I'm gonna try to compete in the wiigames2010 competition8) I told my friend about it but he's not sure if he can come, if he does then I probably will get to compete:D

I know I probably won't win, but the top three get free first-party games for a year:shock: That would be amazing, especially after this E38)

well, that's all for now, see everyone later:)

wii summer games competition

Nintendo is having a summer games competition across the nation. Competitors make teams and can either go to events or download a home kit to compete. You play certain wii games, 5 in total, and add up your team's score later.

More infoI want to do it:D winner gets free 1st party games for a year:o that would be so awesome8) especially right now:D

My E3 blog

Hey everyone, well, E3 is basically over now except for new updates and it's time for my blog about what games I want, what I thought about lots of games and hardware. First here's my list of games I want:

Donkey Kong country returns
kirby's epic yarn
metroid: other M(doubt my dad would allow it though:()
mario sports mix
sonic colors
bomberman blitz: battlefield(I hope that's the right name:P)
wii party
sonic the hedgehog 4: episode 1
Mario Vs. DK: Mini Land Mayhem
and a few others I'm considering:P

I think this is the biggest list of games I've ever wanted at one time:P

okay, now about how I'd rate each press conference, since I watched atleast 30minutes of each one(but I never got the sony emblem:o)

from 1 to 10

sony: 5
nintendo: 9 :D winnar!!!!!

Nintendo had such a WONDERFUL e3 this year:D and t's my first year ever watching e3 anyway:lol: but they gave us lots of games we didn't expect, but sorta didn't give us any games we were expecting:P like pikmin 3, that "secret game"(unless they did announce it, the nintendo power magazine should tell;)), and nothing about the wii vitality sensor. I'm gussing that either they gave up on the vitality sensor or their not done with it, too bad ubisoft beat them to it:P

anyway, the microsoft guy that was in the live stage show on the second day, what's his name. anyway, he's really meanand needs to be fired, he told us to stop talking negative about kinect and to wait until we experienced it. He's right, but he was acting very rude, like we HAD to do what he said:x he made kinect sound like nobody liked it anyway so he's a bad salesperson:P

and what about the 3DS:o woah, it's a HUGE hit already!!:P everyone says it works really well and all the new features sound perfect, the "slider looks so cool, better than a joystick in a way, and the motion controls. And the 3-D camera:o would this be the worlds first 3-D camera? who knows. But did you hear all the games already being made for it:o How in the world was this not leaked!!! but did you see the pic of mario kart 3DS, they were on the wii resort island:P

well, Nintendo sure wins, I've heard TONS of people say they want to buy a wii and a 3DS now, so cool8)

sorry Aidan, but microsoft didn't do so well:( even though i though the kinect could have been cool, they should've still had a controller and the camera, then it would hav been perfect, basically the wii needs a kinect added:P

oh well, hope you all have some games you want now:P what are they?

Basicaly done with SMG2(all 242 stars)

I have 241 stars right now, only one left:D But I can't beat it:x Although I'm not completely done, I've PLAYED all of it, so I might review it soon;) Boss fights were AMAZING, and level design was pretty good. All new suits were great, and yoshi added lots to the game. The only thing I didn't like was nintendo's obsession with making 2-D invironments:x almost half the levels were 2-D in some way, it got annoying. SMG is a type of game that we even call "3-D platforming", but for some reason nintendo wanted to make the game EASY for newbies:roll: and their way of doing this is making it 2-D? Come on, that wont really help, it just makes less "game":x And the green star placement was pretty bad, it could have been really good, but it wasn't at all. Even though that seems pretty negative, I still think it's the best game of all time:P It was just so AMAZING:D great music, solid controls, LOTS of galaxies and stars, a little too easy but still hard. Altogether it's a 9.5 for me;)

I'm back, my bro. is in hospital, hit by car on moped.

Hi everyone, sorry ihaven't been on lately, my brother was on his moped and got hit by a car, flew off hittinjg the windshield and flew back off rolling across the pavement. He has a really bad gash on the back of his head, broke two vertebrae(had surgery two days ago and it went perfect), fractured his pelvis, and other cuts on his body. He's doing good now, he's been able to answer questions and has seen one person. He can hear most everything but right now he rarely sees things. he was able to answer who our president was(obama), so we know he can remember very recent, which is wonderful considering some people lose ALL their memory. I was their all day friday and saturday. Please pray for him:)

I'll try to be on more now;)

Got SMG2

I GOT IT:D My sisters are playing it now;) I got to the middle of world 2, it's really fun and the boss battles are very challenging and fun. yoshi is relly fun to play around with, like jumping off him so he falls into a black hole and you jump to a ledge:P Suicidal yoshi:? Anyway, it's really good so far and I need to get off to play it more:lol: JK:P You have to get it;) I won't say anything else so I don't spoil it, have fun:)

More than 120 stars in SMG2!!

watch this IGN review for SMG2 and at the end they say they don't want to spoil it but their's tons more to do after you find 120 stars? :shock: This is totally amazing!!!! 500 hours here I come:lol:

Oh, and don't start posting stuff about how far you are in the game, if you race to win it just takes the fun out of a game ;) Their's lots more unseen footage in the video too so check it out;)

one more thing i forgot to say,


notice that it says 40 worlds, well, it shows two normal stars and the comet star for each world, making a total of three, or 120 all together. But it also shows a hidden star for that world it shows, so if their's 240 stars all together and you don't double play the game as luigi? :o