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mario-nin-freak Blog

Merry Christmas!!!

Since i won't be on much till January I'll post my Christmas blog now:)

I'll start by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS:D Hope everyone has a good christmas :) What am i doing for christmas? Well first me and my siblings get up and open presents:D, then we have the "family" come over, which makes a total of 2o some people in our house :PThen once they leave we might go over to our grandparents house, but that's not set-in-stone.
and here's tobymac's new christmas song for anybody who wants to hear a neat song;)

What's everyone else doing for christmas?

Now for the "gaming" part of this blog:

Lately i've been playing new play control mario power tennis. Waiting for Mario sports mix is making me want to play sports games :lol: BTW, has anyone noticed the controls in this game are "amazingly" accurate and it doesn't use the motionplus? It knows the difference between forhand and backhand, it knows the speed you hit it at, it knows whether your hitting a little up, down, or just straight, and it's pretty accurate. I guess the wiimote is more accurate than people give it credit for;)

I now have enough money for the 3DS since I sold my DSi on ebay8) I got $147.50 for it(I sold starfox command and a case with it). I can't wait for March :D I wonder what they'll tell about it on jan. 19th? Hopefully a lot!

Also, MSM is coming out Feb. 7th, right after my birthday which I get $50 on :D So i'll use that to buy it, it looks great. Can't wait to beat you guys on it8) Will need to have a party on it :lol:

Also I got all the "red markers" in Sonic colors, and atleast an A rank on all the levels. Took me about 25 hours and I loved every minute of it :) I would recommend it to anyone;)

Well I guess that's all I have to say, everyone have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's :)

Thanksgiving Colors

Hello everyone, think it's time for a blog about my latest game. But first I would like to wish you all a happy thanksgiving :) My mom's making lunch and everyone's coming to my house, which includes 7 kids under 10:? Hope we can make it:lol: also on wednesday we stay up and eat cookies all night long8) My mom makes these awesome mint chocolate chip cookies:D So good, *mouth waters*.

Anyway, now for my latest game. As you may have guessed, it's SONIC COLORS:D

Sonic colors is probobly the best sonic game ever made(besides the number of levels). it has 45 levels(sadly not many:(), and 27 two-player levels. There are 8 wisps in all, each with its own unique power.

cyan laser
orange rocket
green hover
blue cube
yellow drill
purple frenzy
white boost
pink spikes

ALL of them are awesome powers, none are glitchy(but maybe frustrating at first till you learn them). I like all of them, the laser is hard to use at first but you learn it quickly and it's one of the best ones;) The final boss is great(gamespot said it wasn't but there SOOOOO wrong).

The good:

Great graphics
great level design(with tons of paths to explore)
awesome powers
Good scoring/rating system(it will keep you busy a while if you want a perfect S on each level;))
good bosses(although they can be a little repetitive, but NOT as bad as gamespot made it sound)
good selection of controls
great leaderboards

the Bad:

controls can be a little "annoying" at times(until you master the controls)
some levels can be "cheaply" hard, but not too bad.
Not many motion controls, and no pointer support:(

In between:

Decent two-player mode
strange leaderboard thingy where you can only update the leaderboard of one stage every minute:? but not as bad as it may sound.

Altogether this game is a great, must-have for wii. people who don't like hardcore won't like it but for those who do, and like fast paced games, will LOVE it. If you beat the game 100% it would probably take around 15-20 hours depending on how good you are;)

well to my life right now:

I'm doing great, can't wait for thanksgiving and christmas :D I've asked for DKCR and wii party for christmas, as well as a wii points card. Hopefully I'll get one of them:P Also my DSi is on ebay and is at $95 dollars right now, with 9 watchers and a few days to go(bids go up much faster at the end of the auction;)). I'm hoping to get atleast $140 but nothing lower than $120, but who knows. Also my older sister tia is pregnant :D she's in college right now and as been trying t have a baby for a while. she's had two miss-carriages so far, so please pray for this baby to make it through:) Miss-carriages run in her mom's family. Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving.

Other news:

This song is so beautiful. I would encourage all of you to listen to it or atleast the first part, it's the most beautiful song I've heard :) Listen to it here.

And have you heard about the new narnia movie :D here's a trailer, it's coming Dec. 10th. And this sceen is so beautifully done you must see it here.

Would anyone be interested in buying a DSi? And "top 5"?

Hello everyone, first would anyone be interested in buying a DSi? I plan on putting it on Ebay for about $150, why so much? Well it comes with starfox command, 5 pre-installed games(mario vs. DK:mini's march again, dr. mario express, warioware:snapped, mario calculator, and mario clock, $20 dollar value), a carying case, ALL the original things that come with the DSi(extra sytlus, ALL manuals, box, and charger that works like new). It's in MINT condition, if I were to package it up like new and sell it you couldn't tell the difference, even the battery lasts almost as long as when I bought it on a normal charge. It's the limited edition metallic blue DSi. Screens have NO scratches, not even a SPECK on them(I examined them in light :P), EVERYTHING works like new(all buttons, touch screen, etc). If your interested let me know, I might make an exceptional offer;) You would need a ebay account to buy it, I would arrange a time to put it on ebay so nobody else could buy it before you. If not, then it's okay I'll still put it on ebay :P Just incase you want it please PM me. I will have MANY photos and a large detailed description of it on ebay, I could even send pictures to you earlier;)

Now for my top five random things.

Vacation: I like going to theme parks the best, but a five day trip is about the longest i would take a vacation;)

Food combination: Broccoli and cheese is probobly the best food combination there is if you consider how much they "improve" each other.

Type of blog: I like random blogs, or ones about peoples lives:D

Animal: I like cheetas, or other types of cats. Especially as babies:D

favorite personality: my favorite personality for someone i know to have would be; nice, thoughful, DOESNT LIE OR STEAL, cares more for others than themselves, is a christian who reads the Bible often, WANTS to talk to me, and knows when to be serious and when to be silly.

I actuallt am starting this bye the way:P, I'll tag five people. each personI tag do the same thing, post your top choice of five random things you choose. And I tag


Have fun :)

Moderation warning?

I was just sent a message warning me about one of my posts. I posted in a news article once that was about "games in general". I said the "PC gaming is dumb:|". I checked the terms of use and the only thing I could have been modified for was "provoking other users to respond in an argumentative way"? I wasn't doing that, I was stating my oppinion. ANYTHING can provoke someone to anger if they don't agree with you and I don't think this was very fair. For instance, if they do this they bettermoderate EVERY post with an "oppinion" in it, and since everyone states there oppinions all the time I think this was unfair. And no, it was not an article devoted to PC games, it was "as I said" it was about games in general, so it wasn't like I was "looking for trouble":| I think some mods. who liked PC games were mad at me so they moded me, that's pretty unfair. I think mods need supervised more.

Nintendo's Sep. 29th conference

Well I just watched most of the Nintendo conference on sep. 29th and noticed some "un-noticed" things.

1. The one I'm the most excited to see was that mario sports mix has online!!!:shock: This was not shown at E3 and must have been added later;) PROOF:

mario sports mix boxartYou'll notice the "wifi" symbol on the side ;)

2. Wii remote plus is confirmed

wii remote plusI wondered how you would tell them apart if you bought one? Don't worry;)

their's a new "mark" on the bottom if you can see it, here's a closer look:

wiimote plus markJust a little ridge to tell it apart ;)

3. The mario vs. DK:mini-land mayhem boxart:

Mini-land mayhem boxartThis one won't be a download game ;)

sorry about the pic. quality, their "snips" of the video ;) Can't wait for MSM :D

Should I sell my DSi?

What do you think? Should I sell my DSi and save up for the 3DS? Since the 3DS plays DS games I can still buy the games I wanted, plus all the extra features added on to what I already have, and the new 3D games8) I was gonna try to sell it on ebay? think that's a good idea?

Character battles

Some of you have just recently got a telegram from the mario gamers club(my union) starting the first round of "character battles". I hope you have fun voting and I hope it gets more people to visit the union:P For those who aren't in my union, well, if you want to participate you can join my union just to participate;) Although I do wish you would come by sometimes too:P I hope my union gets more activity, actually 'both" my unions:P yes, I am the new leader of "the nearly off-topic" union but the union is completely dead:( I was considering changing the entire union to something else to get more activity but if you would join and/or come by it would really help so I don't have to change it:) thanks for reading;)

Music blog(some great music from SMG2)

Hey, I made a youtube account finally:D I haven't uploaded any video's but I can if I need to;) plus I can favorite video's and show them to you all in one place;)

So far I favorited mainly SMG2 music, click here to visit my channel, listen to some of the SMG2 music, there's some great songs there:) also a few from the first game;)

My favorites are World S, megahammer theme, sad story, space storm, topman's tower, and all the rest;)

Might be gone for a little while

I'm at the library because our stupid internet/phone company desided to shut our internet off for a few days:x They insist on letting someone come by and blaming it on us:roll: I HATE AT&T:evil: oh well:| hope to be back soon.