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Got the 3DS

Well I went to Bestbuy sunday and picked up my 3DS:D It's amazing so far. I love all the new features, and the 3D is very cool and works better than some people say it does. A lot of people say that your eyes need a few seconds to "focus", well mine sure don't. Once you get in the "right place" to view 3D it instantly becomes 3D, no problems going cross-eyed or anything;) At first I thought my system had a glitch, the symbols on the top screen of the home menu would constantly change the speed at which they move, but then I found out that it speeds up when it detects noise. You'd think Nintendo would have told people about that so they wouldn't think there system was messed up:| I don't have any games yet(I'm broke so I'm gonna wait for Mario kart 3DS this holiday season), but the small games already installed are pretty fun. AR games are REALLY cool, but don't have 'that" much to them. 3D is really cool during gameplay, but can be a little blurry when viewing the world around you through the camera(it needs time to "load" the image if you move it around too fast). 3D pictures are really cool, just don't get any objects too close to the system(within one foot). The best way to describe the 3D is to imagine the screen as a box the same width and height of the screen, but with depth. Any object can either go back into the screen or pop-out of the screen. I have noticed that if an object pops "too far out" of the screen it can take time for your eyes to adjust, but that's very rare and the only time I've had problems with it is in AR games when I make a character pop WAY out:lol: The screen "might" make your eyes feel kinda weird if you spend too long on it the first time you try it, but you eventually have no problems with it(atleast if your eyes are like mine:P) The best part is that your sisters can't watch you over your shoulder because the blurred image hurts their eyes:lol: The friend system is very cool, you have your own personla "card" you have your mii on and your favorite game title on. When you register friends you see their "card" in your friend list and it turns orange when there online. The battery lasts long enough for my daily activities very easily, so it's not like you'll see the battery start to drain when the 3D is on. The graphics are excellent, WAY better than the DSi;) I love the home button, it can be really nice when wanting to change applications or exit a game for a second to do something;) I love the 3 slider, but the "depth" of 3D doesn't matter 'that" much. You can barely tell it changes depth, but it still does to an extent.

If anyone has a 3DS I'd love to exchange friend codes:D Mine is 3093-7076-1108.

BTW, did anyone see the latest news article on gamespots home page, the error messages that people are getting:? I don't have any problems with mine, nor do most people, but it's kinda scary. I'm glad I have a 90 day warranty on it.

Mario Kart Poll!!! (short and easy :) )

Okay, as some of you may know I am designing the next mario kart(or what i wish it was:P). it's going to be very 'realistic"(In other words, it can be done :P), a normal step-up for a sequal. I'm designing all the new tracks, retro tracks, characters, items, vehicles, etc. BUT, I need your help to decide a few things. There mostly things that may seem "too far-out" for some people, but could be possible and very fun. So I'm letting you decide.

Poll 1: Should there be a few non-mario characters? It would only be a few and they would be just like any other character. I want to do this because there aren't many mario characters that would work very well. I HAVE added some mario characters, but I don't have enough :P

Poll 2: Should there be planes? I know this is kinda telling too much:lol: but I thought it sounded a little far-out to be realistic. I thought it out and it would actually work VERY well and very fun:) The wiiwheel would be tilted up and down to go up and down, while right and left are the same. Some items would change: shells would go strait and bounce around in 3-D space, bananas and a few other items would have propellers on the top of them to float where it's dropped;) (this means that some items cannot be thrown forward), the vehicles would be the same design only changed into a plane;)

Poll 3: Should characters have their own "special" kart and bike(they would match)? Simple, but it might seem unnecessary.


Thanks for reading :D

P.S. I'm done designing allt he tracks, items, and the online system. I'm almost done with the vehicles;) So keep watching for my blog on it;) I'll need to write it on word then copy and paste it from their.


Yeah, as you may have guessed due to my inactivity, my dad is out of work right now:lol:

:cry: And I'm sick, and my wii console won't get here till a week after MSM comes out, and.....

what am I doing with my time? IM MAKING THE NEXT MARIO KART:shock: All the detail like characters, items, etc. I'making my what i think the next game should be. Watch for my blog on it some time;)

Game Night!!!

I'm having a game night on January 31st between 3:00 and 6:00 PM!!! It will be on Mario Kart Wii;) Anyone can come:) I will be hosting the room if i can come, if I can't make it whoever gets on first can;) The game night is being hsoted by my union, the Council of Consoles and the Mario Gamers Club.


My New Union!

Just a quick blog to say that my new union, the "Council of Consoles" is now up and running:D Please join or come by and be active if you already are a member;)(Use to be the nearly off-topic union). I really need helps to get activity :)

Also, I made a new banner and blog header. Do you like it? On the blog header I had to add in some of the shadows and also had to add yoshi's other foot which was covered by toad(see the banner:P) I would like to be able to add a background but....with paint that's hard :P

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (and Sad End Year)

Hasppy New Year everyone!!:D Hope you all had a great year :) I definitely did:) It was a great year for Nintendo this year, and next year looks to be just as good if not better! I've got all my money saved for the 3DS now, hopefully it's a first day buy for me8) Of course, that's if I can get my money in time, it's still owed to me:P I also saved enough for a game to buy for it, will probably buy eithermario kart or Super Mario 3DS for it first;)Of course I also saved the money for Mario Sports Mix, Which I'm SOOOOOO excited for:D I'll have to play someone on wi-fi soon after I get it, which means Aidan's going down:x JK:P

So, what's everyone doing for new years? (or "did" do if you read this blog late:P) were having some family over and will just snack all night, watch a movie or two, then watch the 'ball drop" in times square and pop a bunch of balloons when it's 2011 :P

Now for 2010 review:

well we all know what's coming, but many of us may forget what's going, 2010:cry: GOODBYE 2O1O, will all miss you:( Please write, maybe you can visit again some time:)(okay maybe not). anyway:P

Lets start with my games of 2010:

First game thing I bought this year was actually my DSi. It came with 5 pre-downloaded games, one of which was mario vs. DK: mini's arch again. I beat the entire campaign and then went for about 6 months obsessed with the online puzzle sharing mode:P I made about 60 puzzles, the most downloads I got for one was 75;) That's a pretty good number compared to the rest. Then I got Starfox command DS. It was a great game, campaign was good, although the story was kinda weird sometimes:P sadly, I found out that I couldn't play any online games on my DSi because of my routers security settings. I couldn't hange them because it's actually my brothers router and he wouldn't let me:roll: I did get a few chances to go online and it ws decent. It was hard finding people to play though! Then I got SMG2 :D I had been waiting for that game for almost a year! It was hard but I finally got it the day it came out and I loved every minute of it. It was quite hard at times, but I managed to get all 242 stars, which took me about 35 hoursto accomplish(thats exact gameplay time, took me a month if you count every day not considering how much you played). My sisters loved it as well, even a 4 year old loved playing the second player with me:P She was very good too, noticed things I never did:? NEXT was a long wait, I went all summer without a new game(I played onlne MKwii for that time). I waited to buy Kirbys epic yarn, I had $50 dollars and I never spent it all summer:? That can be hard! But it turned out to be worth the wait, since Kirbys epic yarn was an amazing game. Sadly it wasn't a very long game, but the unique style of game made it worth it. My sisters liked it more than me, they still play it every once in a while. Then I bought Sonic Colors, which was only a month wait. I wasn't sure abot how good it would be, but I wanted to try what had been called the best sonic game, so I got it. I turned out to be AMAZING! I am now officially a sonic fan:P Great gameplay, I LOVED the wisps, good "amount" of gameplay(even more than kirbys epic yarn surprisingly), and a good story too. THEN, it was about another months wait, but I now have DKCR:D Which I got for christmas. It's also great. Graphics are excellent(almost feels like a 2.5D game the whole time), controls good(sometimes:P), a little difficult at times though. But don't worry, a little practice and you'll beat every stage;)

So in all, EVERY game I got this year was excellent, GREAT JOB NINTENDO!!! Thanks for the great year, and I hope next year will be just as good:)

Oh, and I sold my DSi on ebay to get the 3DS, It was announced a month after I bought my DSi of course:roll: But I kept it till thanksgiving, the day i sold it;)

So, I guess that's all about the new year. OH, now for what i got for christmas :D

I got DKCR, a nunchuck, tons of candy(including 3 large bags of starbust and skittles:lol: ), a disk cleaner(to fix my NSMBW disk mainly), some clothes, some tools, monopoly deal(a monopoly card game;)), and some books:)

What did you get for christmas? :)

*edit* I just made a new banner, do you like it? :D