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Another day in that same used game store

Well yesterday(Friday) I decided to call that same used game store(See previous blog) that had Pikmin 2 for $30. I had visited it a month ago and expected it to be gone by now. So, I called and checked. THEY HAD IT:shock: So I went over there first thing and got it! Yay! My sisters playing it right now behind me:P It's really fun, but I haven't got very far yet? has anyone else played Pikmin 2?

P.S. I would like to start the new union very soon,and I would like some artwork for it first(:D). BUT, I need to hold a poll for the new name, so I will send a telegram to the members of my union. So check your PM's! Once I get a name I will work as hard as I can to get the new union up and running :)

Game Gladiator- Gold!

I got my first purple(EPIC, which is one rank from legendary) emblem8) The emblem is the title of this blog. I got it for following 20 E3 games for the week of E3:lol: I didn't expect that to be so rare:P I would expect many of my friends to have this one:| Mariostar? I saw a lot of feed about you following E3 games. Did you get it?

Nintendo's E3 Conference

Okay for starters, AAAAHHHHHH!!! So excited!!!:D Wii U, funny name. But Wii is too, so will get used to it:P Anyway, I thought 6 inches was too much. well Nintendo won me over, like Aidan said. Nintendo can make anything fun;) The games on it look amazing, and great graphics! And a new super mario bros. game8)

Now for 3DS games. Woah, Super MArio looks very fun(would look great in 3D!) Mario kart, I didn't see anything that special:( Luigi's Mansion 2!! What a surprise! Looks fun. Ace Combat also looks really awesome. i love plane warfare(Why else do I like Starfox:P)

Wii games, AWESOME!!! Mario Party 9(Which I predicted8)), Kirby Wii looks so fun, Fortune Street? Weird, just looks like Mario Party:|

Wii U was a big surprise. I thought at first it wasn't a new console, just a remote. Thankfully, it is a new console. Basically a beefed up Wii console(WHICH I LOVE). Guess what. Were scared of remote price? Now there's no worries. You only need one new remote besides your Wiimotes. And that new controller I'm sure comes with the console, so no buying remotes8)

And did you see EA's big(but short) showing. That's great for Nintendo, there getting tons of 3rd party support! Battlefield 3? So cool, now Nintendo's getting the big hardcore games8)

Over all I'm very satisfied with Nintendo's conference. I think they should have went into more detail about the new console itself, but I'm sure will get that news soon.

BTW, go to!!! Every other site doesn't have all the information on that site, they don't seem to even know! Gamespot's feed was about half an hour behind:shock: I went to nintendo to watch it because of buffering and found that gamespot was 30 minutes behind!!! And we all thought Nintendo was late :lol:

Microsoft's E3 conference

A total failure! Every game centered so much around kinect that it ruined them. And would you believe they showed a Sesame Street game in the middle of it:lol: The chat room was full of people trashing MS(People can be so immature :x)

Some games would have been good, but guess what ruined it? Kinect:lol: It makes the game go into "rail" mode the whole time. It ruined many games. The only game that looked good with it was Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, which didn't even show any gameplay. Oh well, this only means Nintendo's "hardcore" console will look even better8)

A day in a used game store

So I went to a used game/video store a few days ago to see if they had anything good. Well I found a lot more than I expected(A little too much). I was looking through the Gamecube games to see if they had any old games that I've always wanted to have/play. Guess what they had? Every game I wanted! Almost. They had Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin 2(Only one copy!!!), and Mario kart Double Dash. I wanted all of them, but I'm broke and my dad would only let me borrow $20. Sadly the one I wanted most, pikmin 2, was $30! I found out that it's hard to find, and $30 is the cheapest you can ge tit for!! Darn it:x My dad was firm after a lot of begging, so no Pikmin 2:cry: But they also had Super Mario Sunshine and MKDD for only $15, so I had to choose. I chose, MKDD, mainly because I don't have any Gamecube memory cards and my sisters wanted DD. So I bought it. I'm hoping that I can get some money and go back and buy Super Mario Sunshine. I found GC memory cards on Ebay for only $3! I love Ebay8) So hopefully it won't be gone(They had 4 copies, two of which had the manuel).

But, lets go back to Pikmin 2. I found out that on Ebay, Pikmin 2 is going for $30+ for most used copies in good condition and complete with case. So, I thought that maybe I could get it and then sell it after I'm done and get my money back. That would be awesome8) I told my dad that, but that didn't change his mind. no borrowing money:x So I'm hoping I might be able to save enough before it's bought. but considering it's rare, and popular, and they only had one copy, I doubt I'll ever get to see it in my hands:( But maybe they'll have a good copy I can get on Ebay(My mom doesn't like me using her Ebay though:x) But they are announcing Pikmin 3, so i might just wait for it to come out;)

New gaming news

Okay so i was looking around and I found some exciting news about some games.

1. Mario Kart 3DS: Nintendo has stated that "it will have a ton of new features":shock: I'M SO EXCITED!!! Track editor possibly, or maybe even the special items will be back? Mario Karts my favorite game series of all tiem, I can't wait(did I say that already). And it's coming by the end of the year and theys tated a lot will be shown at E38)

2. Sonic Generations may be coming to the 3DS, which isn't too big but would be cool(shows that 3rd parties are liking Nintendo's new consoles more).

3. 3DS eshop coming June 6th, the day before E3. I can't wait to see what it's like.

4. E3E3E3!!!!

That's about all, so excited for E3. MK 3DS, SMB 3DS, Pikmin 3, "Project cafe" and possibly "Retro's" launch title?

Mario Kart almost done!

First of all for those who are wondering, this is about a Mario kart game I MADE UP. So if you clicked on my blog looking for a real Mario kart then I'm sorry, you'll just have to leave:evil: But anyway, read on if you want:D

So I'm sure many of you ahve seen my blogs about the mario kart game I've been working on, well I'm almost done:D All I have left to do is type it out on Word:| Which might have to wait until i get out of school.

Guess when I get out of school:D Come on, guess.....WHY AREN'T YOU GUESSING:x Oh, because you can't read this yet:|Not until i post it anyway. Geez, you could have told me that:roll:

Anyway, my last day of school this year is May 6th:shock: But the reason is because I didn't get spring break, or a full christmas break. And since I'm homeschooled I don't have any snow days to make up for.

Anyway, I know you guys are gonna love my Mario kart:D It took me ALL winter to make it:x The hardest part is making names, getting ideas is easy. NAMING THE VEHICLES IS HARD!!!! Much harder than you'd think:| And remember, this is "realistic". In other words, Nintendo could make this for "Project Cafe" and it would look great;) No "crazy" rediculous stuff;)

LOOK FOR MY BLOG!!! It will probably be another month or two before I get it all typed out though. But the title will be the "actual name" I made for it. Which is.....


Like it:D The name may seema ckward at first, but you'll understand when I post my blog about it;)

I'm sog lad I finished it:D I started out just making special items for each character, then it grew from their.

:shock: Did you catch that, "special items"! YES, I have brought them back. But you will have to wait for my blog to know what items I made up;) Can't you just wait:D I bet your more excited about reading it than seeing Nintendo's E3 show this year:D Or maybe not :|

Well, I guess that's all for this blog. Except, I hope everyone has a good easter :) My whole families coming over for lunch, which includes7 kids under 10 :? Oh well, It'll still be fun:)

Project Cafe

IGN has released new "supposed to be true" info on "Project Cafe". Here's what the article says:

More details of Nintendo's forthcoming console, codenamed Project Cafe aka Wii 2, have been revealed to IGN, including the system's estimated pricing, release, console design, processing architecture, and name.

According to sources with knowledge of the project, Nintendo's next console could have a retail price of anywhere between $350 and $400 based on manufacturing costs, and will ship from Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn, this October, putting the earliest possible retail release anywhere between mid-October and early November.

However, Nintendo could also opt to build up a sizable supply of the system and allocate more time for software and games development by launching in early 2012. Similarly, Nintendo could attempt to lower the retail price of the system with lower profit margins to make the price more alluring.

Since the manufacturing is taking place in Taiwan, the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan last month will not impact the console hardware as previously expected.

Additionally, IGN has learned that the system will be based on a revamped version of AMD's R700 GPU architecture, not AMD's Fusion technology as previously believed, which will, as previously reported, out perform the PlayStation 3's NVIDIA 7800GTX-based processor. Like the Xbox 360, the system's CPU will be a custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset, but the clocking speeds will be faster. The system will support 1080p output with the potential for stereoscopic 3D as well, though it has not been determined whether that will be a staple feature.

In terms of the design of the console itself, the overall size will be comparable to that of the original Xbox 360 and the system is likely to resemble a modernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

As reported last week, it will indeed utilize controllers with integrated touchscreens and be capable of streaming games to each controller, though given the power of the system, could also feasibly provide a virtualized console for each individual unit.

Finally, Nintendo is considering naming the console Stream, though it is potentially one of several names currently being vetted by the company.

We contacted Nintendo representatives, but they declined to comment on "rumors or speculation." Source

IGN's editor is claiming that this is confirmed and legitimate, read his blog.

Now this sounds correct(except for the 3D part, althoughI could see them making it "compatible" for possible later use).

I also like the name "Stream", maybe it's a reference to "streaming" the games to the controllers or "streaming" online gameplay. Who knows, but sounds like the controllers will definitely have screens. I can't wait for E3 :D