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An injured 3DS and a busy life!

Well I'm about to mail it right now anyway :P The 3D depth slider broke. It got really tough to move for about a week, and eventually wouldn't move at all. But I tried anyway, until it broke and the 3D won't adjust anymore :? Thankfully I know how the repair system works since I've sent my Wii console in before. I should have it back in about 2 weeks. And yes, it is ironic that Sebetai's broke at the same time XD

There's always a chance it could need replaced so I wrote everyone's friend codes down. If it does get replaced then I'll need to give everyone my new friend code, so I might post a blog on that later ;)

And for my friends:

My life? Oh thanks for asking! It's doing good, but it's busy. Busy with what? I don't really know :? Well for one, school :P Two, my birthday was tuesday :D Yep I'm 17! Oh my gosh, one more year till I'm an adult *faints* WAIT! That's no reason to faint :x I think I just had too much sugar :D(As you can probably tell) No I didn't, that was yesterday! I had too much of my birthday ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip. Yum yum yum ;) How's everyone else? And Happy belated Birthday Aidan. Sorry I missed it! Maybe we can have a Mario Kart 7 game night after I get my 3DS back :D

I've been playing tons of Fire Emblem the past few weeks. I was trying to go through the entire game and win all 43 characters without losing one. I won it about 5 times and never accomplished my goal :( But I'll eventually do it! It's a fun game for an RPG. :o Yep I said it, I LIKE AN RPG!!! It's really fun, too bad the new games don't look nearly as good. I've also been playing Fluidity, Mario Party 2, and Mario and Sonic London Olympics lately. The first 2 I got from Club Nintendo for free, finally something worth spending coins on! Oh and I'm also playing through Metroid Fusion. Once I get my 3DS back I plan on finishing it, but it can get really confusing at times. You almost need a guide to get through it.

Well that's all I got to say. Thanks for reading!

"It's a me, Mario-nin-freak!"

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on much, busy life :x But, I just got a new laptop :D Which means??? It means I should be able to get on a little more now. My life is still busy, but not quite as busy as it was.

Guess what we did yesterday? You'd never guess, we put the Christmas tree up:x My sisters wanted to so we did:? I know it's early, but it does put you into the spirit of things(Which also puts mom into the "it's time to shop" spirit ;)).

I'm asking for both Mario Kart 7 and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games for Christmas. I always thought the Mario & Sonic games looked fun, but not until now did I think the games would be worth the money.

I've also decided to skip Super Mario 3D Land:cry: Why? One, I don't have money after buying my laptop. Two, I'm gonna save money for Mario Kart 7 anyway, If I can buy it on day one then I will! It looks really good, but I hope there's more to it than the Japanese website is showing. It only shows 16 characters:? Hope that line-up gets bigger! That would mean they got rid of over 10 characters from Mario Kart Wii :?

My life? Right now I'm not doing any gaming, but I am working on my Mario Kart Triple Dash idea though! After I get Mario Kart 7 I'm going to update it, and try to get it out quick. Why? No big reason, except Nintendo just revealed that there starting work on Mario Kart Wii U :o Gotta get my ideas to them in time! They can't make it without me:evil:

So, how's everyone else? Hope your all fine :)

P.S. I made a new blog header for Kirby's Return to Dreamland :D Like it?

Some Mario Kart 7 pictures sure to excite you!

Leaf Item!

7 Item? Looks like that's where the name comes from ;)

Bianco hills track!!!

Well everyone got their wish. The Spiny Shell is now stripped of it's wings and won't be hitting you from above anymore:P

And what do I see in the background? :o It's Rosalina's Observatory and her home planet. This track is seen earlier in the trailer showing a couple of the "domes" from the Observatory on another part of the track. It's evidentally a winter themed track with a SMG themed mixed in as well :D

Who's as excited as I am for Mario Kart 7!!!!!!

Going back to school

I'm going back to school tomorrow:cry: I probably won't be on as much anymore, but I'll try:) I have so much to blog about, but I have to get off right now:x I'll try to write a big blog soon:P

Successful game night!

Well the game night went very well, and the turnout was great! It was fun playing a 6 player game and knowing everyone there:P Those who were there:


It was lots of fun, and I recorded a few matches and I will be uploading them soon8) I'll let you all know when I do upload them;)

Thanks to all who came! It was a lot of fun:)

Game Night final date--Pleae read

I have decided on the official date and time for the game night based on what everyone gave me. The date will be this coming thursday(August 4th), from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM EST. Here's the list of reservation, which aren't all confirmations.

1. mario-nin-freak(EST)
2. sebetai (EST)
3. Giratina98 (EST)
4. GamerofMario1 (EST)
5. osciel_ben (Arizona)
6. Courtney817 (EST)
7. xXShortroundXx(I need your FC!)
8. stayman_jacobi(EST)

My friend code is 4468-8388-7968. I will be sending out PM's to everyone who has reserved a spot, and make sure that I have everyone's FC's. If you have not reserved a spot, and you want to join us, just either comment on this blog or send me a PM including your Mario Kart Wii friend code, your time zone so I can make sure everyone knows what time to come, and you will need to register my Mario Kart wii friend code posted above.

If you want to come, but I don't get your FC, then just put mine in and see if it shows that I'm online:P I think that you can try to add me even if I don't get your FC but I've never tried it.

See you all there :)

Game Night!!! Everyone's invited!

Hello fellow members of Gamespot, I am going to be holding a game night on either the first or second week of August! The game night is going to be officially the "Nintendo Gamers' Club game night", but anyone is welcome to come;) I have 10 spots open, and we will be playing "Mario Kart Wii". I will host the room, so please register me as a friend and make sure I also get your FC;) My FC is: 4468-8388-7968. Please let me know by the end of the week what times work best for you, and any times you cannot come! I cannot do it on the following times: On Sundays, any weekday after 6:00, and during the morning on Monday. The best time for me is the afternoon on a weekday, but Saturday might "possibly" work, depends on whether my dad would would want me to work with him or not(He is very unpredictable, so I'd prefer it not being on Saturday!).

AND YOU MUST TELL ME WHICH STATE YOU LIVE IN, OR ATLEAST YOUR TIME ZONE! When I decide a time, I will need everyone's time zone!

Reserved spots:

1. mario-nin-freak
2. sebetai
3. Giratina(Not confirmed)

I would like this list atleast HALF FULL by August 1st, so please tell me times that work for you before that date;) I will be gone on vacation the next three days, so when I get back I will decide the time and day based on what everyone can do, I'll do my best to make it a time everyone can join but I make no promises!

The Nintendo Gamers Club

My new union, the "Nintendo Gamers Club", is now up and running! I plan on making one of the funnest unions around! If anyone want to check it out just go here. I'd love to get more members :)

My new nephew and my new union!

Well guess what happened on July 4th? I wake up to my mom saying that my sisters in the hospital having her baby! We had joked about here having it on July 4th, but it wasn't expected! We were at the hospital almost all day, but it was worth it to see Noah :D


That's my dad holding him, he's so cute:) And with an easy to remember Birthday too:P We got home around 10:00 and we went on top of our roof to watch fireworks:P We saw a few, but we heard TONS of popping and banging all the way past midnight! My cats didn't care though.

Oh, and the new union will be called:

Nintendo Gamers' Club

I'm in need of an avatar and banner. If any of you want to start work on some artwork I might have a contest:D But the new union isn't too far away. I have all the important threads copied into Word documents and I should have it up soon;)

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, I sure did:)