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Hello again!

Too much other stuff to do, but I'm no back for good!

Last month I drolled all month with Mario and Sonic at the Olympics DS and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity coming out.

This month? SEGA Superstars Tennis! :D

I'm Back!

I'm back! After deleting the 18 messages I got, I decided to put a new blog entry! lolololololooloolollollo! Anyway, I got a new Sonic t-shirt, FOR FREE! (Had £10 on my GAME reward card) and I'm adding my Xbox Gamertag after Boxing Day! See you all soon! Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Sonic!

Where I'll be tommorow.

Dear friends.

I'm going to Preston to meet my mum's friend, cause it's his b/day. I'm going with my mum (obviously), my sis AND my 14 year old cousin (and she's a girl as well). Anyway I might do a podcast there and I'll be back on Sunday!

Carry On Gaming! (No, that's not a Carry On movie)

marcustheman222 AKA danday351 AKA sonicfan234


Sorry that I havent been on for over a week! But I'm back! And I'll be reviewing Sonic Rush Adventure! Also, I'm getting it in a couple of days time!

Yay? I think not!

One: I'm back to school.

Two: My sis is getting a new DS game (which I might review!)

Three: Why does a bulky PS2 need some much tat for online play?

Four: Does your english teacher call a book, a 'private reader'? I think not!

Five: Sonic Gems Collection and I would have completed my PS2 Sonic games, until Winter 2008 when Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity comes.

That's it.


It's now the final day of my summer holiday. Bugger! Well, it was fun while it lasted. The dreaded school awaits me tommorow! But I'll be in Year 9, like that'll be fun.

The worst month has come....

Out of all them months in 2007, September is the worst. Even June and July weren't that bad compared to September. For those of you that dont know what happened in June and July in Britian, rain, lots and lots of rain. Anyway, 4 more days and I'm back to John of Gaunt. So I won't be online at 11:00 am, maybe 4:00pm odd. Anyway, keep it real! marcustheman222!


Time goes by so fast! It's only until 5th until I go back to school! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! etc. I will tell you my lessons when I get them. Oh, what a world!

marcustheman222 AKA DMPV and DV. The Brit is back in town.

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