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Level: 28 (85%)
Rank: Bionic Commando
Points: 777736

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  • AfterHours VIP

    Everyone could tune in to watch GameSpot After Hours on October 14, 2006, but a highly exclusive group of dedicated GameSpot visitors was cordially invited to be there in person.

  • Execution Style

    We're not here to sell cookies. This talented player participated in Capital Punishment, GameSpot's Gears of War tournament. Rev up your chainsaw and arm your boomshot, because you wouldn't want to meet this user in a dark sewer.

  • Readers' Choice 2007 Chooser

    Official Participant in 2007 Readers' Choice Awards. In a year that could only be rivaled by 1998, this user made their voice heard in GameSpot's 12th-annual Readers' Choice Awards. . . Now known as "Best of."

  • Virtually There: E3 2008 Nintendo & Sony Conferences

    Virtually There: E3 2008 Nintendo & Sony Conferences For tuning into GameSpot's E3 2008 live broadcast of both the Sony press conference and the Nintendo press conference on Tuesday, July 15.