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Oh hai peeps.

Why hello there, I wanna try and get into the forums here and to update my profile some-what so I'll be trying to add all the games I own/have played and what not - this'll be somewhat easier as I've got a list already set up somewhere else so.... yes, I am that boring.

Other than that, not doing much!

Guild Wars 2 Beta Videos

Hello everyone, I've started making a few videos on the mechanics of Guild Wars 2 as I found that alot of places don't go into specfics about many things rather than just give a rough description.

If you want to see the videos or want to know something more about GW2 check out my Youtube Channel for new videos and such and so on, I'll be trying to get videos out every day or two.

Current Videos:
Starting Area(s) & City -
Level Scaling -

YT Playlist -

Achievement Goals 3

Well, I managed all the achievements in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero which means one game down on the list -_-'

I'm pretty worn out on the Xbox at the moment so not bothered about grinding for these achievements atm.

Will be back on track hopefully next month.

Achievement Goals 2

Right well, The games 1 to 5 got tedious quick!

Anywho I've been giving a play of a fairly unsung game called 'Warriors: Legends of Troy' which is a pretty basic hack 'n' slash with... well an alright plot I suppose - Its all mythos and such of the Greek's and Trojan's

As far as gameplay goes its alright and I'll think about adding it to the list.

Also I'm adding Halo Anniversary to the list as I'm TWO achievments off from getting them all and both are very possible but very time consuming as well, Fingers crossed.

1. Sonic Generations (40 Gained / 9 Left)
2. Worms (8 Gained / 12 Left)
3. Doritos Crash Course (5 Gained / 12 Left)
4. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (34 Gained / 10 Left)
5. Alone in the Dark (48 Gained / 1 Left)
6. Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary (42 Gained / 2 Left)

I'll keep working on the others untill next month but... ugh, I think I've just about had enough of AitD5.

Achievement Goals #1.5

Ugh, Alone in the Dark's achievment "Handyman Carnby" has burned me out... I fail to get the achievment no matter which combos I try and you want to know the worst part?

Its the last achievment I need before I can put that damn game to rest, how horribly irritating I also plan on selling alot of the games once I get each achievment as not to over-stock myself with a bunch of games that I might never play again and don't get me wrong I enjoyed Alone in the Dark (at least before the two endings) and the same goes for the other games that I consider to do this to but they're replay value is gone and the achievments are usually the only reason I'm playng it again.

A note on the other achievments, I think I'll get back to Sonic Generations and the other smaller games but F$^"£ the doritos challange for now.

I'm going to keep trying to get these achievments and I have about two'ish more weeks to get as much as possible, we'll see how it all goes but keep in mind that I'm also playing a couple MMO's alongside this and its taken more priority than this, so... yeah.

Achievement Goals #1

This will basically be me summerising what games I need to get achievement's for and what I need to finish up this time is:

1. Sonic Generations (40 Gained / 9 Left)
2. Worms (8 Gained / 12 Left)
3. Doritos Crash Course (5 Gained / 12 Left)
4. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (34 Gained / 10 Left)
5. Alone in the Dark (48 Gained / 1 Left)

There are certainly MORE games that I want to finish up but these come to mind seeing as their rather easy.

I'll update this Every month me-thinks on the 6th it would seem as thats when I've started this one.

Added AitD5, as I'm only one achievement off :P talk about de-railing myself.

SOPA/PIPA and general piracy

Hey all and any I'd like to talk about the personal effect of SOPA and PIPA and NOT in the way it changes websites that review and such but more (as I said) in a peronsal way.

After seeing alot of my favorite websites getting themselves ready to face off agienst their governers to stop these bills being passed I've realised that alot of my own actions on the web have helped create such ignorant bills and probably many others who read this have to.

I'm willing to say that yes, I've pirated games plenty of times new or old and the same goes for movies and music but then people do this all the time and I'm beginning to see why that really isn't a good enough reason to do the same, A mixture of things has let me come to this conclusion getting slightly older and taking a step back and looking at how I game.

A large sum of the games I'd downloaded were things I was interested slightly in but not enough to really make me to bothered and it feels great to be able to download any new release on a whim but I never got to much joy out of the games themselves because I was just wasting my time on stuff I didn't care to much about so it ended up being pointless waiting ages for them to download. Another reason is that I can see now that people passing these laws agienst piracy don't know jack about how the internet works and would blindly let their bills acuse legitimate people (unlike myself) of doing what I was doing.

Piracy won't stop just because people ask, I understand that and it certainly won't stop if SOPA or PIPA is past that would be heavily underestimating people's ability to sneak past these things so don't get the wrong idea I'm not asking anyone to stop I'm just saying how it has effected my opinion of my own piracy.

Now! music... This one is tricky because basically everyone pirates music from youtube or where-ever but then its hard to say with this one and even harder not to be a hypocrite as well, I can garuntee that I will not stop downloading music when it suits me but I can also garuntee that if I enjoy the artist I will buy at least one album that I enjoy and this applies (I'd assume) to many others.

Finally movies, Its hard to know were to stand on this because frankly it really isn't a black and white choice if I've ever downloaded movies its mostly old ones I never watched or something I never got round to seeing in Cinema which is basically what everyone else does. Like games its hard to know with some if you'll really enjoy the movie or not and if that is the case (with a game or a movie) I'd suggest just leaving it and finding something you know you'll enjoy.

In summery I'm going to stop downloading games and probably movies to as the freedom to get any of them I want has dulled my care for the ones I actually enjoy which is strange but true, music on the other hand is... questionable I'm unsure where I will go with this as it feels very different to downloading movies and games.

I know this wasn't really that greatly about SOPA or PIPA but it as well as muturing a bit more (I suppose?) has given me a different outlook on piracy and these bills were the final push it would seem to stop pirating and start limiting myself again which sounds bad but its not, think of it like this:
I'd rather have the things I enjoy for a price then have everything for free and not enjoy it.

Thanks for reading ^^/

Guild Wars 2 and the descent of WoW into Panda-monium (ah-ha... ugh..)

Second blog post (yeahhhh~)

Anyway, GUILD WARS 2 holy hell it's immensely-premenstrualy?-stupendously awesome-sauce.

As you may well of gathered from that I'm oh-so mildly a fan(boy) for Guild Wars 2 despite being a new comer to the original which lets be honest doesn't really mean to much with the difference in the two games but to the point, I'll be playing Guild Wars (and the Eye of the North expansion) until the release of GW2 mainly getting my first character to level 20 and attaining as many of the points for the Hall of Monuments as possible (me wants some extra lootings for my newbie GW2 characters)

So if you're playing GW at the moment and are... bored/low level/farming HoM stuff/transsexual/wait what?/looking for a newbie to pick on then yeah, Just whisper my character, his name (and this is genius) is Marc Warner (Classic, no?)

On to World Of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria (... /cry)

Right well I already did a video with my thoughts on this as I joined Gomulee and Skavau (I'll give links to their respective channels and the video) but allow me to briefly go over my thoughts on everything WoW.

Honestly I can't find a justifiable reason as to why I bothered playing it, now that I look back, I was paying money to bore myself to death doing daily's, weekly's and dungeons (As well as the odd achievement farming when EXTREMLY BORED) and now that I say it to myself I really feel as if the game was a job rather then a pass-time activity for you know... entertainment.

The game had its moments but they were far and few and not worth the money which could of either been spent on a game more enjoyable or whatever else I enjoy?

The only reason I would never change the fact of me playing World of Warcraft is because of the people I've befriended on it and honestly its the only good reason to play, If you can find the right people then the game can become greatly fun and although this WILL and did prove difficult it can be achieved but it doesn't make the game any better granted its slightly more enjoyable with friends to trudge through the boring chores with but in the end the game destroys itself by being so.. god.. damn... boring.

Now, Mists of Pandaria - I guarantee that you've read everything about this already and have heard almost every opinion on it and I won't lie, Mine is the same as most opposed to MoP and for good reason. I won't get into the smaller details because that's all in the video I mentioned prior but I will say that if Blizzard think its ok to have an expansion that people disliked a lot and then release an expansion that is created from what was originally a joke then they have become just that, There is only so long a player base will take stuk' and I hope many WoW players see how badly they're being played with this.

So yeah thats all, I hope that a few more people will start seeing these blog posts as I'd like to use it as a medium to vent my own thoughts on games, movies and the like, we'll see I suppose.

Oh and have a great new year, I know I will! (Job seekers ftw!)

Mists of Pandaria Discussion-
(It's a three part video so be warned with what your getting into ;) I'd suggest leaving it on in the background will browsing there really is little point in watching us sit, but try to listen xD I know it's difficult)
Oh and I'm the chubby long-haired gimpy guy on the left.

(Ewfr)'Gomulee's YT Channel-
Skavau's YT Channel-
My YT Channel-

Six year member, Seven year member in three days.

::: My First Blog Entry :::

Six year member, Seven year member in three days.

Hi there, I'm marc1k1... or as this account is called 'marco1k1' I was ten years old when I first made this account and I haven't actually used it all that much, In fact if you look I made another account just last year! probably forgetting I even had this one, as I commonly do.

I'm happy to see an account of mine thats so old however! I have a great deal of nostalgia for when the inter-ma-nets was a magical place for my child-like brain (the brain is the same but the internet got boring)

Honestly, I've progressed a lot since 2004 as in I've gotten seven years older am now looking for job rather then just **** about hating school and actually have a girlfriend, so lifes looking up and as pre-celebration (of which I will share with all of the.. ehem, two people ((if I'm lucky)) that stumble across my page by accient) I would like to raise a toast with my imaginary internet glass of wine or any other assortment of celebatory drinks.


Any way, Hoorah, member for six years, barley even knew it and all that guff.