About marco1k1

Hey all I'm Marc, commonly named Marc1k1 on the interwebs.

As you can see I'm called Marco1k1 on here for reason that I don't know, somebody else probably had Marc1k1 at the time... hell it might of been me just and I just forgot the password at the time or something ridiculous like that.

You can probably tell by the fact I'm a member of this site that I like games, I've basically been playing them all my life and its safe to say it's my main hobby, however I have and do occasionally dabble in other things such as...

  • Animation
  • Drawing
  • Game Development
  • Playing Guitar
  • Video Editing

What I will say is that I'm on a level of between shit and kind of alright at all of the above, thanks to my oh so lovely attention span. So basically I've smeared my creations over the internet in a variety of ways all of which being mostly unsuccessful but in the random off chance you both got this far into reading this and you are interested, here's some linkie-links to such content:

Youtube Account

(Updated fairly frequently)

DeviantArt Account

(Only occasional image uploads)