About maniamsmart

Hey everyone,

I've been a Gamespot member for a long time now, and I loved it here back when unions where still a thing, in fact I think I joined Gamespot when unions could even still level up. Anyhow, it's just been a long time, and I've made so many friends on here. However, once unions were taken away, I felt like all those friends disappeared. While most of the good time on Gamespot are now gone, I still like this site for all my gaming news, and will occasionally post here and there on the forums. I am a major fan of Final Fantasy, and love the new Final Fantasy X Remastered version. I also enjoy shooters, sports games, and any other good RPG's. I am really into the knights, and magical realm of gaming, hence my love for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and such as well. I am a big fan of Eminem too, and know all of his songs by heart. Lastly, I am majoring in Computer Science at FIU for software development and hoping to have a great lfe ahead of me with my fiance.

Thanks for reading and if you'd like to add me on the PSN my username is echo2.