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The adrenaline is going through my veins right now.....

.....because I just won possibly the most awesome and rare item on eBay about ten minutes ago! Lo and behold the Tekken 5 Press Kit!!

The awesome art on the front of the folding case and the front of the kimono-like shroud the whole kit is wrapped in:

The front and back of the folding cardboard inside section:

The game disc and the front of the manual:

The bonus press disc (filled with the making ofs, screenshots, videos and information that's used in websites like Gamespot's reviews) and the back of the manual art:

Finally, the back of the kit when packed away. It's like a wrap around shroud with a clip to keep it nice and secure:

It all started a week ago when I was playing Tekken 3 on my sisters trusty 10-year-old PS1 (from our childhood. Soon she'll have the PS2 when I get my PS3). It was fantastic for a PS1 game and so I decided to check eBay for any copies of Tekken 5, which fans claim to be the best of the PS2 versions. I was scouting the listings when the words "Ultra Rare" caught my eyes. Having been accustomed to these words all too well over the past few years (I guess I could call myself a special edition collector since my house is full of rare gaming trinkets like Kojima and Shinkawa signed MGS3s and a mountain of special tin boxed games), I clicked the link.

I found myself watching it for a week like a ninja in the shadows. But today, it was time to strike. The intense wait of the last two minues were making me sweat and my heart was in my mouth. Watching all the under ten feedback noobs bidding was hilarious though! One guy bid about five times in a row since he obviously kept changing his mind! But the joking was over now. Having ammassed about 20 bids, I struck with a bid of roughly $30 in a currency conversion (I am not of your world). The crowd panicked since only 22 seconds were left. I watched and laughed as the lowest bidder below me of about $15 struggled to match my colossal offer. He panicked and quicly bid a bit higher but still it was too little money and too little time. Tekken 5 was mine.

I soon came to terms with just how rare this item is. A quick internet search revealed close to nothing except for some info about how it and the PSP's Dark Ressurection are sent to members of the press to be reviewed. Barely a few hundred exist in the world and since this is in apparent mint condition, I am one very, very, very, very happy customer. Well, this has been my epic struggle but in the end I pulled it out ("just like at the movie theatre. Wooohh!" - something for the Futurama fans). Now for the delivery waiting period and going back to bidding on more stuff like Final Fantasy bracelets, MGS2 playing cards and the DMC3 collector's sleeve. Peace out!

But before I go, please tell me any of your interesting eBay stories or of any awesome and rare purchases you might have made....


I made my first user video today.....

 Here it is in all it's glory (or lack of). Please tell me it's good! :cry:


The song in the background is 'Shoot the Runner' by Kasabian. I just decided to throw something together with Windows Movie Maker using the GDC 2006 footage mixed in with some original TGS 2005 footage (which I later learned was included in the GDC 2006 video too - dammit!). Well anyway, I liked the way it turned out in the end. The music just seemed so appropriate in certain areas which I thought was nice. I advise you to crank up the volume to the max in order to fully appreciate my balancing between FX and the added music track. Enjoy! :D

......please! :cry:

Shopping frenzy!

                                                                                                                                             I've recently bought a stack of new games and pre-ordered some others. Some are rare, some are instant classics and some are just plain fun.....

Games I bought....

I fancied this game called Atelier Iris 2 since i've heard a few good things about it from RPG nuts so I just decided to check it out. Plus you get this awesome premium box with it that includes a big SOCOM-style case, a figurine, an 8-inch musical statuette (!) an art card and the soundtrack. :o

Games I pre-ordered...

I pre-ordered Disgaea 2. Okay, so I haven't even played the first but I started reading up on it a few weeks ago and I really wanted it. After seeing this package which includes the game, its soundtrack and a 90 page Disgaea art book, made me yet another Koei games offer I can't refuse...damn you Game, my pockets are empty! :cry:

Just came out a couple of days ago here in Europe so i'm waiting for my pre-order to be filled and arrive.....

Games for Christmas...

The good old Christmas selection for me to revel in over the holiday season. These have only just hit Europe (KH2 was delayed as was Yakuza and the DMC3: Special Edition) so i'll need to check them out since they all look so good. Unfortunately God of War 2 is Q1 2007 so I have to wait and FFXII is also Q1 - as always us Europeans have to wait a lot longer for good games. And Americans moan that we get all the extras? :roll: