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WALL-E is honestly my movie of the year for 2008...


So last night, I decided to go watch WALL-E since I am a really big fan of Pixar movies. I find all of their movies to be so good since they bring all the characters they create to life. They make them so real and make it so easily to relate and understand them. Guess what? I wasn't left disapppointed.

The story was pretty good to be honest. It's more of a love story between WALL-E and EVE more than anything. There is another plot within the movie, but i won't give that away. Even though it is not heavily concentrated in this area, i found the story to be interesting and appealing to me. But this isn't where the movie shines. It truly shines in the animation and characterizations that Pixar does with the robots. That is what makes the movie what it is.

So far, i think this is Pixar's best work as far as animation goes. So much detail is given and the environments look truly amazing. I believe it is their best work. Especially during after WALL-E makes his trip into outer space. That is when i loved seeing the artwork that was given into the atmosphere. Animation in one simple word, Amazing.

Now this is the part, where the movie shines. The characterizations of the robots. Even when the movie has barely any dialogue during the first half of the movie, i was still hooked and WALL-E's character had grabbed my attention. Who would have thunk it, a Robot showing emotions. They were able to convey so many emotions from WALL-E and EVE that you couldn't help and feel for them, and they are robots too. That is why i found this movie to be amazing. With just a couple of sounds, and animations, they were able to tell so much about the robots and their interactions. This film is for all ages. Kids will love it. I'm 18 and i loved it. I know Dark Knight is coming this summer, but i think i will just like this movie more than Dark Knight.

This film is WIN. 10/10

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

So i just wanted to make my first blog entry about one of my faourite albums of all time. Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. delves deeper into more of a story esque and deeper album from his previous effort, Food & Liquour.

I just want to mention, the reason i like Lupe Fiasco, is because he actually has things to talk about. The topics of his song content is really what just grabs me and makes me listen. All of that mainstream and radio stuff like 50 Cent just doesn't cut it for me. I like to hear songs that have content and something worthwhile to say. And Lupe Fiasco fits that description.

I'm going to talk about the standout tracks on his album, which are a must-listen.

Go Go Gadget Flow: Great beat from Soundtrakk who produces most of his album. Lupe Fiasco just showcases his flow on this track and how he can switch up. It was a nice change for once to be able to see some versatility in his delivery.

The Coolest: Another great song. Here he talks about one his 3 created characters for his album which he contructs his album around. He talks about the story of The Coolest being reincarnated and coming back from the dead.

Hip-Hop Saved My Life: My favourite track out of the whole album. Love the feel and story. It's about an up-and-comer rapper who tries to earn money in order to do things he needs to do. Such as provide for his family, and giving back to his relatives. Like the story around it and how he shifts it from verse to verse.

Streets on Fire: Good song. The Streets is another character which he represents by all the bad things in society, such as dieseases, violence and all of the things that make a community dreadful.

Little Weapon: Love this song...There are just too many to count. Song discusses about how little children are able to get their hands on weapons and use them. The last verse by Bishop G also makes reference to violence that stems from video games. And me being a big video gamer, was able to relate to it, because i've heard of stories where kids become easily influenced by things they see on tv. He says things like,

"Imagine if i had to console, the family's of those slayed i slain on game consoles, I aim i hold, right trigger to squeeze, press up and Y, one less n**** breath

Gotta Eat: Made me laugh the first time i heard it. Lupe raps from the perspective of a hamburger and how unhealthy it becomes which leads to diabetes. Creative but odd at the same time.

Other Songs that are worth noting, Superstar, Paris, Tokyo, Put You On Game, Dumb It Down

Overall, im satisfied by Lupe's efforts. He shows great improvement over his previous album and i personally love this one. Probably one of my favourites of all time. If any of you out there are Rap fans, i suggest you pick up his CD. It really is worth your money.