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mag_sithlord Blog

September 2013


Wow, I can't believe I am writing a blog entry.  Well, let's see, after I finished Gears of War 3 back in March '13, I was burned out.  I played it for 1yr straight, logging over 1000 hrs., and I guess I was burned out.

Since then, I have been trying to catch up on other games without success. 

Xbox360: GTA IV, Alan Wake, Dishonored, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dragon Origins, Hitman Absolution, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Max Payne3, The Darkness II, SSX and Oblivion.

PS3: MetalSolidGear4, Uncharted 3, Journey, God of War Saga.

Back in South America - Dec 2010

Hello, I am happy to report that I am back in Lima after visiting family in the US.

For those that I just met, I moved back to Lima a few years back after living almost my whole life in the US.

Also, I finally got my full HD set up as well as a pair if turtle beaches xA11.

Even more exciting news, I got the new PS3 a few days ago!!! I have never played in one, don't have any "non on-line" friends that own one, in fact I have never seen how it works once you are in the network.

Unfortunately, it came with a game I don't want and I am going to exchange it. I am not sure what to get, since most of the new games I have them on the 360 already. (see game collection)

If anybody has a suggestion I would appreciate it! These are a few I thought would be a good start:

  • Metal solid Gear 4
  • Uncharted 2
  • God of War 3
  • Heavy Rain

Hello from OR, USA


It´s been awhile since my last blog...I got back in the US 4 days ago..It´s been an interesting year. Made lots of friends on XBX Live and spent 1/2 of the yr playing COD 4, WAW & MW 2 multilplayer...being a noob, I still haven´t been able to rank 70 in any of them or get the top weapons...

Anyway, I´ll be in the US 6mo and then I will go back south again for another warm winter. Cheers and game on!

Hello from S.America!

Well I am in Lima, Peru. I got here last week, and I wasn't planning on it....Oh well, at least I got DSL, and HD American cable,and thank god for the CW channel!!

The good news, is that I brought my 360, and works fine I am happy abt that....

Anyway, I just finished Prince of Persia and I thought it was a beautiful game, not as good as the others, even the Warrior one (well, maybe not) but I thought the spheres were like (WHAT????)

Anyway, the Prince didn't disappoint, but I hope that if there's a next one, let's not reinvent the wheel please, like some people say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"....

Cheers! As always, if any of yous need help with achievements in any of similar games, like I KNOW I DO, pls send me a message!

I got my 360 FINALLY!!

Well, it took me awhile, but I am finally back inthe states, and I finally got my xbox 360 with LIVE capabilities!!! Man, I never thought that hearing high speed internet would make me giddy!! So, I hope to play and make friends!!!