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Let's Save System Wars!!!

I've been a member since September 29 of 2007 according to my profile, a little bite more than that if you count the time i was a lurker due to my lack of Internet at my house, since then i've been a fan of the forums, they were alwyas full of people, there was a lot of activity, it truly seemed like a great place so when i decided to join i inmediately began to post in most of the forums, however, there was a place i liked the most...System Wars!

It was a fun place where people discussed about their favorite games, consoles, companies all that while bashing the other companies, it was fun...yet restrictive, but that didn't stop me from spending most of my time in that place, there were some really great guys, some really great discussions and some really great threads.

However over the curse of the years i've seen a lot of guys been banned thanks to SW, the Terms of Use were pretty ambiguous at times, hell i remember being suspended a few months ago because i "insulted" an hypothethical guy in a hypothetical scenario, so of course people wanted a change, a true change in the forum.

This change was a reality not too long ago when finally GS decided to make SW almost free from the usual rules in the site, now you can insult, you can call names, you can bash and can also be a big troll.

So of course this happened:


Why is this pic so important? well, check the name of the creator, abonsabo, probably the most infamous troll i've seen in a long, long time in SW; And you know what guys? he won, he marked the forum forever, now all you see are low level users posting troll threads:



And God...The arguments:


BTW, that is from our friend ForzaGearsFace...

Anyway, however, in the end...we are the ones to blame...seriously guys is OUR fault, we always answer to such a lame troll attempts like if it really mattered at all, like if the troll would argue with us, would bring valid points; but of course not, he is a damn TROLL!!!

Most of the time this happens in SW:


Yes, the troll wins...and the forum loses.

Everyday i see less and less serious users in SW, to name a few, i haven't seen Charizard in a while, who is Charizard? one of the few Sheep remaining in GS, he still post once in a while, mostly on sales threads, but he is definitely not as participative as he was...why? i guess he is tired of the endless troll threads, and can you blame him?

If this keeps going SW will lose all the "serious" audience, no more debates, no more discussions (good discussion) no more funny threads, nothing, just boring trolling threads and the same guys who always try to argue with the trolls.

But we can do something about it, we can Save SW!!!

  1. For the Love of Good Guys, let an obvious troll thread DIE, how many times such a lame thread gets 5+ pages of discussion of nothing, is frustrating to see this trolls winning so easy, let's be smart guys, just let the thread die.
  2. This! Let's make noice, let's post in other forums, let's post in GS videos, let's post in Fuse...we want our Minimum Level Requirment to create threads.

Because, really, SW is going to hell if remains the same, honestly, i'm getting bored of it and i freaking loved SW it was such a fun place (it still is at times), and i would hate to see it ruined only because some guys with too much free time on their hands decided to mess with, i'm going to give it a few months, i mean E3 is coming and all, so things usually get really fun in the forum but if GS and the comunity does nothing for SW...i might have to leave the forum i love so much.

My thoughts on Puella Magi Madoka Magica Ending

I'm going to say it right away, I think that Puella Magi Madoka is easily one of the best Animes ever created and it is, with no doubt one of my all time favorite Animes, for me is on the same level as Elfen Lied, Ultimate Hellsing, Clannad and of course, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (still my all time favorite Anime) now with that being said I think that I felt a little bit disappointed with the Ending, or better said, the resolution of the plot.

Now, I could have talked about the entire series, but I had so many things to say about this Anime that it could result into a very large blog divided into several parts, and since I have lousy experiences with big blogs I decided to talk only about the ending and some other things so I will maintain this short and concrete.

Now, before we continue a little warning, this will contain Spoilers, lots of Spoilers, it will ruin the series for you, if you haven't watched and have the slightest interest in Anime, close this Blog and go watch it right now, after that come back and share your thoughts, I strongly recommend you to watch it instead of ruining it with Spoilers, I'm going to put a cute image so you don't feel the need to read anything by accident…who am I kidding, I like the image…

puella magi

Once again I have to tell you that this will ruin the series since this is very heavy on spoilers.

The Final chapter start with the dangerous witch Walpurgis Night defeating the last Puella Magi alive, however Madoka has finally decided that she will become a Puella Magi despite Homura's warnings, it seems that Madoka has found a way to save all the Puella Magi with her wish, which it is to erase by herself every which that have ever existed before they have the chance to even born, in other words, she will prevent that Puella Magis became witches.

This results into a pretty cool scene with Madoka freeing all the Puella Magis as well as defeat an incredible source of evil energy, however, here the ending takes a weird twist because Madokas is now an omnipotent being, in other words, Madokas has became God…really? God? Ok I guess…then, as a resolution of all the Puella Magi vs. Witch in order to get energy for the universe issue (don't ask) she reboots the entire Universe…again, really? So she became God and rearranges the universe…c'mon, really? I don't know, I guess that I felt this resolution as kind of cheap, like ok everything is pretty messed, let's reboot everything and start a new universe…

Next, we have a touching scene with Madoka saying goodbye to Homura, and this time the scene feels forced, not because of the goodbye, that was very touching however I didn't like that they were practically telling us that we have to feel bad for Madoka, and they succeeded, we feel bad for her but we shouldn't, I mean she is God, she is Omnipotent, yes I guess her fate it's sad as she has to leave this world as well as "fight" every witch for all the eternity, but again she is God I'm sure she will be fine yet they are trying to make us feel sad for her… and again I think that we shouldn't.

How ironic that the next scene which is probably my favorite in the entire series is the result of my least favorite aspect of the series (Goddess Madoka). We see Madoka and Sayaka in a theater hearing Kyosuke playing the violin for the last time in some sort of audition and I freaking love this scene, actually it almost made me shed a tear, first of all, I would like to say that Sayaka was my absolute favorite girl and that's saying a lot since we have such an amazing cast but she was so real and yet so tragic she deserved better, anyway, both girls are talking and I love their conversation because, like I said it feels so real, they are best friends and you can tell that by the way they talk to each other, it's so casual even after everything that has happened by now, Sayaka is like "it seems that I caused a lot of problems" and Madoka is like "I had to erase everything to save you" and this is what friends do, they save you when you need them, even if Homura and Madoka had a very special friendship, Sayaka and Madoka had a much more strong bond and I feel this is such a touching and sweet scene that sums the way this Anime makes you feel, yes it is sad but also really memorable and while we all know that Sayaka was way too good for that guy, it makes you feel happy to know that she heard him for the last time before going with Madoka and hey, at least they'll be together.


The next scene show us that Mami and Kyoko are alive, and hell yeah, they rock so they deserve to be alive, Homura which it is the only one who remembers Madoka realizes of what she did and of course she cannot avoid to shed a tear for her lost friend and this scene is pretty good, we found out that Puella Magis still need to fight, but I like to think that this time they will fight to truly protect Mankind instead of fight because they were deceived by Kyuby in order to become witches, also to note, Sayaka has recently died in battle but I like to think that Madoka just gave her a much more heroic death in front of her partners instead of dying as a witch.

We are almost done by now, only a few more scenes left; Now We see Homura talking with Madoka's family and again the scene feels forced, mainly because we didn't see much of Madoka's family for us to really care, yet somehow and like many other scenes, this one works pretty good too, it is touching, nostalgic and sad, specially the scene with the little brother because it makes you think about Madoka playing with him even if she is a "superior being" and all, yep, she really is a cutie since even as a Goddess she has the time to play with her little brother.

The last scene show us Homura talking with Kyubi and we finally learn about the new treats the Puella Magi are facing, however this time, both Kyubi and the Puella Magi have a good relationship, and we see Homura decided to protect the new World that Madoka has created. FIN

Well, we still have some sort of epilogue after the credits, a scene that has created some debate among fans, we see Homura fighting some demons and well, in my opinion, this is nothing else than just a reminder of the constant struggle of the Puella Magi and how Madoka will always be there to support them in the battlefield, nothing else, nothing more.

And that's the ending of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and it was kind of disappointing because of the resolution of the plot, but even with this I still think it was a very good ending and the key moments worked pretty well, specially that amazing theater scene with Sayaka, anyway I consider this show as one of my all time favorite Animes, personally I'll score this show with a 9.0 maybe, just maybe a 9.5 and I have to say I almost gave it a 10 (in my books only Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood has it) however I think that the resolution was kind of cheap, also, there were some plot holes in chapter 10 and even if Homura was badass she was also kind of dumb by not protecting the team and only focusing on Madoka, thus lowering the score I had for the series until chapter 9.

Bottom line, I really liked this show, I don't watch that many Anime like I used to but I still like to sit every once in a while to watch something that will shock me and Puella Magi didn't disappoint, it has so many shocking moments, so many sad stories and also so many memorable moments, it left me heartbroken (episode 8 ) it left me shocked (episode 10), etc, the cast is pretty damn good and overall while it left me with a bittersweet feeling it also left me with a "damn, this was really good" face. I cannot do anything else than recommend this show to anyone, anyone who has an interest in Anime, is very deep, very touching but more important I think is different, and that's something to be appreciated.

Worst Feeling EVER in Gaming.


Yep, the most terrifying thing a gamer can experience.

So, after a hard day at work i was ready to go to the store for my brand new copy of Metroid Other M, but tragedy hit when i got home and realize the game is a double layer disc and my old Wii lens refuse to play it.

Man, is such a low blow, i've been having problems with my lens lately with SSBB, the weird thing is that Metroid Prime Trilogy works fine, sadly, either SSBB and even worst Other M won't work.

So yeah, this is no doubt the worst experience a gamer could feel, to buy a new and long awaited game (my most hyped game of the year) and not been able to play it.



Well, i've been playing the game since a couple of weeks now, if anyone have the same problem, you just have to clean the lens, i have some videos that show you how to do dissassemble your Wii if you don't have the official kit from Nintendo, is not really that hard as long as you have some basic knowledge.

Anyway, hope i can help anyone with this problem, because, trust me, is the worst feeling as a gamer.

My all time list of Games that i've played. Part 2

Ok, so back to bussines, let's keep with the list, now i'm gonna put SNES titles.


Crono Trigger (My favorite)

Super Metroid
Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Yoshi's Island
Super Mario World
Megaman X
Megaman 7 *
Megaman X2
DKC3 *
TMNT IV, Turtles in Time
TMNT Tournament Fighters *
Secret of Mana
Super Mario RPG
The Adventures of Batman and Robin
Batman Forever *
Batman Returns *
Lost Vikings *
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Magical Quest
Super Street Figther II *
Street Fighter II Turbo
Fatal Fury II Special *
World Heroes 2 *
Super Punch Out
Zombies Ate my Neighbors
Power Rangers Figthing Edition *
ISSS De Luxe
Tiny Toons Adventures
Tetris Attack
Robocop *
Super Return of the Jedi *
Super Castlevania IV
Castlevania Dracula X *
StarFox *
Looney Tunes B-Ball *
Super Mario Kart
Super Turrican *
Lufia II *
Earthworm Jim 2 *
Killer Instinct
Mortal Kombat *
Mortal Kombat 2
Ultimate Mortal Kombat *
Power Rangers the Movie
Prince of Persia *
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
Pit Fighter *
Alien vs Predator *
Megaman Soccer *
Marvel Super Heroes War of the Games
X-Men Mutant Apocalypse*
Super Gouls 'n Ghost*
Kirby Super Star
Kirby Dream Land 3*
Contra III *
Super Battletoads
Ken Griffey Jr. *
Joe and Mac *
Biker Mice Form Mars *
Death and Return of Superman *
Dracula *
Breath of Fire II *
Pawns of Fury *
Clayfighter *
Daffy Duck *
Darius Twin *
Super Twin Bee *
Aladdin *
Top Gear 2 *
True Lies *
U.N Squadron

...And Demon's Crest.

I think that's all, for now.

20 Years as a Gamer and counting, a life full of games

Well, i'm turning 24 this friday, i remember that way back in 1989 i loved to play with an old Atari 2600, there is when i got hooked to this, from that point, i've been gaming every single year, from NES to Arcades to PS3, a life full of games, so i wanted to make a list of every single game i have played, at least the ones that i remember, from the ones borrowed, to the ones that i lost, to the ones i rented and of course, the ones i still have, so if you have time, please check my all time games list, here we go.

Atari 2600

Moon Patrol (my favorite)
Front Line
Dig Dug

There must be others, but i can't find the box were they are, i'll put them later.

NES My first console (the Atari wasn't mine, it was my uncle's)

Super Mario Bros 3 (My favorite one)
Duck Hunt
TMNT II The Arcade Game
TMNT The Manhattan Project
Batman: Return of the Joker
The Little Mermaid
Duck Tales *
G.I. Joe *
Punch Out
Rad Racer II
Knight Rider *
Super C
Double Dragon *
Double Dragon II
Double Dragon III
Al Unser Jr.
Double Dribble
Captain Tsubasa
Megaman 5
Gyrus *
Castlevania *
Castlevania III *
Solomon's Key *
Spider Man: Return of Sinister Six *
The Lion King *
Prince of Persia
10 Yard Fight *
Tecmo Super Bowl *
Total Recall *
Migthy Final fight
Bad Dudes *
Battletoads *
Tiny Toons Adventure
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers *
Chip and Dale REscue Rangers II
Clu Clu Land *
City Connection
Hogan's Alley
Wild Gunman
Predator *
Skate or Die *
Captain America and the Advengers
Kid Icarus
Super Mario Bros 2
Kirby's Adventure
Kung Fu
Legend of Kage
The Goonies
Tecmo Wrestling
Mach Rider
Ice Climber
Excite Bike
Megaman 3
Ninja Gaiden II *
Tetris II
Dr. Mario *
Blade Steel *
James Bond Jr *
Superman *
Adventure Island
BaseWars *
Magic Johnson Fast Break
The Empire Strikes Back
The Flinstones: The Rescue of Dino
Karate Kid
Galaga *
Bart vs The World *
Bart vs The Space Mutants *
Magmax *
Metal Gear
Othello *
Yo Noid *
Xevious *
Star Force
Top Gun II
Tiger Hell *
Snow Brothers *
Monster in my Pocket *
Shatterhand *
Snow Brothers *
Bird vs Jordan *
Jurasik Park *
Track and Field *
Ballon Fighter
Section Z *
Twin Bee
DK Jr.
1942 *
Spelunker *
Darkwing Duck *
Road Fighter *
Star Tropics *
Urban Champion

...And Super Mario Bros

Wow, i think that's about it, there were a lot of NES games, at least that's what i remember and of course what i still have, now to be fair, there were a lot of games in that time that i have in the Famicom version, like Captain Tsubasa, also, there were some of them too that they come in one cartridge, like Soccer and Double Dribble, now i realize that it was wrong to buy them like that, but please, have in mind that i was a kid who wanted to play games, didn't matter shape, price or even quality.

BTW, the meaning of the * is that i currently don't have the game anymore, maybe i lost it, someone borrowed to me, or it was just a rent.

Also, if someone find a wrong name, or something wrong on my grammar, please let me know in the comments.

One last thing, i will edit this later to put if a finish the game or not. Next time i will put a list for SNES, GB, N64, PSOne, etc, etc, etc.

My Top 10, all time favorite Anime/Manga girls. (Part 2)

This is the second part of my list, hope you guys enjoy it and share a comment, also i would like to say that if there are any mistakes in my expressions or my grammar, please let me know, because as a non English speaker is a great way to learn and improve, so let's start.

5.- Akiha Tohno from Tuskihime

Probably the least know character in my entire list, Akiha is a character from the manga Tsukihime, there is also an Anime, but to be honest, i didn't like her much there, i mean, she has the same personality, but she doesn't display her powers, so once again, i'm going with the Manga version.

I know this manga because of the game Melty Blood Act Cadenza, some friend import it because he was a huge fan of the Anime, anyway, the game is great, is a figthing game, think about Darkstalker in terms of gameplay, and Akiha is my favorite and best character, so i really like the game and i have to know more about the characters and like i say, the Anime is good but not that good, so i went for the Manga and i found it a lot better.

Akiha is the current heir leader of the Tohno family, a wealthy family that has a little peculiarity, they have demonic blood trough their veins, so in order to display those powers she needs the human heat, and the best way to obtain this is drinking human blood, now, that's cool, specially when she drinks it from her hot young maid and this may sound ecchi, but is not at all.

Let's talk about her personality, she is a kind and nice girl, a little bit though with her brother, nevertheless she loves him, maybe too much for her own sake, but what i really liker from her is that she is like this refined lady, but when she or somebody she cares is in danger she shows her powers at full, and she kicks ass, maybe that's why i like her so much, her power is so cool, and i love her design too, a dark haired girl, but when she is serious, her hair turn red like blood, she goes from sweet and kind to a fierce fight.

akiha akiha1

I love her hair turning from black to red.

4.- Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

One of the reasons of why Konata is in number 6, this girl from Soul Eater is one of my new favorite girls, the show is great, and i can't wait to finish the Anime to start reading the manga.

Let's describe her design, she is a skinny young girl (14 years old i think) wearing a school skirt and a black long coat, pretty cool looking design if you ask me, also her main weapon is a Scythe, yep, a scythe, that's even more cool, you dont see in Animes this kind of weapon to often, it's different from your usual sword wielders, and the action sequences with her weapon are really well done.

Maka is a meister, a meister is a term used in the series to describe a person who has a weapon with a soul, she is a student from Shibuesen, a school to teach young meister how to hunt persons with evil souls, so, Maka and her weapon, Soul Eater have to hunt 99 souls and 1 witch soul to become an ultimate weapon, and of course, Maka could become a recognized meister just like her mother, which she highly admires.

What i like about Maka besides her design and her fight ****is of course her personality, at first she is a confident student, very smart by the way, willing to face the dangers of her mission, but after a dangerous mission that almost cost his weapon life she start to feel insecure and scared that because of her another accident could happen, so she propose herself to become a stronger person facing her fears and overcoming them.

One more thing that i like its her humor, Soul Eater is a very comical show, it mix action and jokes too often, more than most shows were they are too serious or too comical, Soul Eater is like 50-50, and i have to tell you, that the comical aspect works really good, and with Maka its not the exception, when Maka have funny moments like the Maka Chop she is not annoying at all, like for example Sakura Haruno, instead she is fun to watch, her voice, her expressions, her faces, they are all really good, and that make her a really likable character. Almost forgot, her seiyu is great, i read that is her first job, but she did an incredible job, really, really good job, IMO since Aya Hirano's Konata, i haven't heard such a great job, she can say funny lines and dramatic ones and you really believe her, that's why i like so much Maka Albarn.

Maka maka1

In my opinion she is a great character and her relationship with her weapon is highly enjoyable.

3.- Inoue Orihime from Bleach

What a huge surprise was this character for me, first i just wanna say that Bleach is another series i'm recently watching/reading, and even though i knew about some of it's characters i honestly believe that Orihime was just the sex symbol of the series, thank God she is not.

Orihime may look like your typical Anime bimbo huge breasted girl, but she is way more than that, at first she is like this dumb girl in love with Ichigo, then when her brother attacks her, she shows some more of her personality, she shows a more serious and responsible attitude, even in this point, she still looks like a second character with major role here and there, specially with her changing personalities, sometimes she is really eccentric, sometimes she is a clueless weirdo, and sometimes she is like the most intelligent person, then she develop her powers, and that's where you realize that she is more than just a bimbo, she is a great character, she is a main character after all, from here, you just have to watch her evolution, slow, sure, but she is really trying to improve.

Then, and thanks to her new powers she cannot avoid to feel weak in comparison to the other members of her team, and even when she tries and tries, she is not as strong as she would love to be, and because of that, Ichigo needs to save her sometimes, and this make her special too, because she is like a modern lady in distress, i mean, today we have characters like Maka or Lucy, so strong and independents, but Orihime sometimes is a girl who needs to be save and i dont know why, but i like that, so, because of her clever design, her good seiyu, and her evolution and her multiple personalities it's why i like Orihime so much.


I love how she goes from serious to funny to almost anything.

2.- Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion

The most complex character in my list without a doubt, first, this Anime show me, no, let's say that proves me that Anime is not only for children, in the 90's there were so few Animes here in Mexico, like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Mazinger, Escaflowne, etc, and there were good, really good, but it seems that all the Anime was like that, later, in a manga convention i found this series, Evangelion, and wow, here is when i realized that Anime can be a way to show and transmit emotions, deep emotions, and with it's characters you have 3 different complex persons, and my favorite one was Asuka.

If you are a fan of Anime in general, is almost sure that you know who Asuka is, and what she represents as one of the most tragic characters ever, so i'm just gonna give a quick description and of course, why i like her.

Asuka is the pilot of the Evangelion Unit-02, she has a difficult temper, she is a proud girl, very proud, she feels superior and had a bad temper, she can make you feel scum, yet, you have to admire her because she seems a very confident person, but what a shock, this brutal personality is just a wall to hide her true personality she is just an insecure and vulnerable girl, thanks to a heavy trauma when she was a little girl, what happened? well, her mother went crazy thanks to an experiment and later she kill herself and Asuka was the one who found her, pretty heavy right.

Through the series her relationships with all the characters are really complicated, specially with Shinji, they have a Love - Hate relationship, in reality, deep inside she loves him, but thanks to all her traumas and superior complex Asuka is unable to open herself, she is just like a wall, she can't be in touch with her feelings and that's just sad, a proud girl who inside is just a little girl that want's love, but is unable to accept it or search it. Thankfully, she seems to have a happy ending...well, kind of, at least is better than others and i love how in the movie she regains all her confidence, and even by the very first time she seems truly happy, at least for a brief moment.

Both her design and seiyu are really good, she is a redhead girl with a cute face, and her voice represents it very well, also, i love how her seiyu speaks German very fluid.

Asuka is definitely one of my most memorable fictional characters ever, not only in Anime but in fiction too, and she was my number 1 girl until recently, too bad she is number 2 now.


She is disturb, really disturb in such a sad way that you can't stop feeling sorry for her and yet, you have to admire her courage and determination to prove the world she is just superior to anyone else.

1.- Suzumiya Haruhi from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Finally, my number 1 character, my favorite Anime girl ever, Haruhi, yep, predictable? maybe, but she has merits, she is the most original character i have seen in a while, she looks like an ordinary girl, but she is really complex and eccentric and at the same time, she just looks like a spoiled girl, but besides that, she is also a God...? if you haven't watch the series, you should.

Anyway, just like Asuka, Konata and maybe Orihime, if you are an Anime fan, chances are that you know this character very well, anyway, i'm going to describe her.

Haruhi has the power to destroy, create or manipulate the world according to her emotions...wait what? yep, she is not an ordinary girl, nevertheless, she doesn't know about her powers. so the members of her club, The Brigade SOS, need to maintain Haruhi happy and entertained so she dont destroy the world, bizarre isn't?, i mean, the whole idea that a teenager girl full of volatile emotions can destroy the world just because she is sad is frightening and fun of course.

Like all the characters in my list, Haruhi has a deep story, she was a little girl proud of her own existence, until, in a Baseball game she realized that she was so insignificant to the world that she though, what's the meaning of my existance if no one ever notice me, from there she start to search something more in the world, Aliens, Time Travelers, etc, anything to help her discover that life is not meaningless, oddly enough, when she reaches the institute her God like powers awake, maybe because she finally find someone who might think just like her.

Like i already said, her powers react to her own feelings, and that's a huge problem because her personality is so strange, she can be nice and all, or a really mean girl, even worst, she may be in loved with Kyon and he has a strong, to strong maybe, friendship with Mikuru, so Haruhi get's really jealous in this situations putting the world in danger if Haruhi doesn't get happy soon, and this creates some interesting moments.

Also she shows an evolution, while at first she may be antisocial as she come in contact with Kyon, she is more open to her true feelings, she is competitive and eccentric, hyperactive and full of energy, yet, really antisocial but more and more often she comes to realize that whenever she does something right, people thank her and appreciate her, making notorious changes in her, she is also really funny and persevering, she won't stop until she get's what she wants.

I almost forget, her design and Seiyu, well, she is a gorgeous character, nice face, nice expressions, nice humor and of course a sexy image, and let's not forget who her Seiyu is, Aya Hirano, yep, the third character in my list voiced by her, and like always, she does and incredible job as Haruhi, you almost can feel the energy in her lines, anyway, Haruhi is just the full packet, she has a nice design, she is powerful, really powerful, she is funny, eccentric, i mean, she has a lot of personalities, and yet, she can be such a nice and tender girl, never forgetting that she is in the end, a schoolgirl who wants to find her way in the world but, when she is upset, she can turn the hole world into ashes, and i love that, just like i love the Anime, and for all this reasons, Suzumiya Haruhi is my favorite Anime girl ever.


She is just so over the top in everything, and yet, so likable, that it has to be my number 1.

So there you go my list, hope you enjoy this and i hope you share a comment too.