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It's scrambling my brain!
Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick Tock!
Man it's driving me insane!

The Sunrise

As the early morning breaks,
Not one stirred,yet not awake,
Cockerels all around are crowing,
Sleeping inhabitants without knowing.

I myself in my own leisure,
Is sitting here admiring God's pleasures,
The tiny specks of orange just beyond the clouds,
The faintly orange bleams bursting out.

As I look upon the horizon,
I have yet to see the morning's reason,
As the birds tweet and flutter about,
I wonder patiently when's it coming out.

Ah ha!I finally see a glow of fire,
But quickly over shadowed by a cloud,
Not letting that damper my desire,
I said encouraging myself aloud.

The clouds are drifting now, to reveal the sky a blaze,
Me in my corner dumbfounded and amazed,
The glow is slowly but surely peeking through,
To show off its bright yellow hue.

There it is smiling upon me,
Bright,blinding and clear as can be,
God's creations one can never despise,
For I am in awe at the beautiful Sunrise.

Facts Of Life

Never been this happy, wish I could feel this way for as long as life will permit me. Just hope that circumstances change for the better, life can always be better. I'll wait this phase out as well, hopefully i can come out on top