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Yipeeeee!!!! CoD: Modern Warfare 2

10:56 AM MNL

The sun is high as in damn it's hot outside the office!:twisted: I just bought Modern Warfare 2. I'm about to finish Bad Company 2 as my previous post says. But then again, it don't mind the sun as long as I get my hands on this game. whew..:P

Bad Company Update

It's around 10:30PM here in Manila. I'm almost finished playing the single player mode for this game. Just 3 more missions and I'm done. So far, game is great. Amazing voice acting. Great effects. We'll wrap this up tomorrow. :)

Bad Company and DA: Awakenings First Impression

Good day everyone!

So, I started playing this game yesterday along with Dragon Age: Awakenings. The game is pretty solid in terms of graphics and effects. The dialogues were awesome, it's like watching a war movie.

As for DA: Awakenings, graphics is still at par with the original game. There are some problems with the sound quality. I'm not sure if it's with my sound card or a bug in the game. I haven't played this game much so I don't have enough details on the story yet.

I'll try to make a reviewfor thisgamesas soon as I finish it. Which I don't know when.:D

Assasins Creed II

So this is my first blog ever... please be kind if you will make comments..:)

I just watched the video review of Assassin's Creed II and I'm a big fan of the game. I haven't played the game though but I'm pretty sure that it's a great one just like the first game of the series. What I don't like is the way this new copy protection Ubisoft is implementing. I don't blame them, I mean this is actually a good way of fighting piracy. But it's also kind of too much. I mean I'm from PI and games here costs at around PHP 2,000.00 or roughly around$ 30 and cheapest would be around PHP 1,000.00. Gameshere are expensive, and some of us don't have internet connection. Sadly it is true and some here even uses dial-up most especially in the province. To me, this copy protection is good but Ubisoft should have think about those who does not have a good internet connection.

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