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Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #7

So far on my countdown of my top ten favorite animated series, we've seen ninja, a duo that wasn't quite right for television, so what exactly could be next on the list? Well, originally I had only intended for this list to consist of cartoons, but I felt bad at excluding anime, so this list will have a few anime mixed in and the next one on my countdown is an anime and quite a good one at that. It started off with a series on Cartoon Network and got reworked into another series that followed closer to it's manga counterpart, I proudly present number seven on my countdown:

#7 Fullmetal Alchemist

Surprised much? Well, you really shouldn't be since I consider Fullmetal Alchemist to be another one of my favorite anime and manga series around, I dare say it rivals even that of another anime that will show up later on my list, but we'll save that for another time. I actually started off with Fullmetal Alchemist on the anime that premiered on Cartoon Network before they replaced the anime block with other shows. I will admit at first, I wasn't a really big fan of the series since I was young at the time and didn't take the time to learn about the characters and the story.

Other kids in high school started watching the series too and we all had a common interest in the series, so I decided to give the series more thought and started paying attention to it more. I was glad that I did since the series is probably one of the more well adapted manga to anime and despite the first series having fillers, I thought they fit in quite well and didn't take away from the overall plot of the series. Ed and Al got the most focus, but they had a strong supporting cast of characters and the series did well to balance out humor, romance, and action which some series can't really do that well.

The series was popular enough to be remade into another series that stuck closer to it's manga counterpart entitled Brotherhood which was just as good as the original series and despite it being more faithful to the manga, I consider both series equally great. I'm also kinda guilty for not reading the manga until I had finished the original series and despite this, it never changed my opinion on the series. It's still one of my favorite anime and manga series around. I'd definitely recommend the series to anyone since it's easy to get into and once you do, you'll be hooked.

Of course you're always going to have people that say the series isn't anything special, but to me the series and the manga had enough of an impact on me to further my interest in anime and manga in general and for that I really can't deny the series a spot on my countdown, but it just fell short of getting higher on my list because there's some shows I hold in higher regard, still Fullmetal Alchemist is one of those series that stuck out in my head as well done.

Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #8

Another day, another number to add to my countdown of my top ten favorite animated series. This time around number eight is a series that not even my parents wanted me watching, but they considered it quite sadistic and dark. As a kid I didn't know any better and continued to watch the series despite my parents always telling me to turn it off, it wasn't until I got older and realized just how sick and demented the series is and I'm proud that it made it onto my list, anyway here's number eight on my countdown:

#8 The Ren And Stimpy Show

Now a lot of people will tell you that supposedly South Park was the cartoon that started it all with the hidden jokes and being quite disturbing at times, but to those people I say bull**** since Ren and Stimpy was the original and paved the way for the likes of South Park and Family Guy, hell I'll even go as far to say that the jokes in Ren and Stimpy are far superior than their lame jokes. When I was a child watching Nick was always a daily part of my life and they had some of the best cartoons on. For some reason Ren and Stimpy was always the black sheep of the Nick cartoons since parents always said there was something wrong with it and how disturbing it was.

As I pointed out earlier, as a kid I watched Ren and Stimpy and thought of it as any other kids show. It was hilarious and the jokes were always spot on I thought, but one episode in particular I watched made my mother turn it off. It was the episode "Stimpy's Fan Club" where Ren is sits at the edge of the bed and talks about doing something to Stimpy. As a child I never understood what Ren was talking about, but years later when I watched it, I finally realized that Ren was talking about ways to off Stimpy. All I had to say about that was damn.

Many people after that would be turned off by the series when they realized that, but not for me. It actually got me more interested in the series and I came to an understanding years later that series creator John K was brilliant in the way he executed the earlier episodes of Ren and Stimpy, but later seasons lacked what he had put into them and yet they still had some of that magic with the hiddensex jokes in episodes and how Ren was always about to snap, but for me, it was what made the series unique and quite enjoyable.

A lot of people may have not liked the series because of it's sometimes more mature humor when it was suppose to be a kids show, but for it's time Ren and Stimpy stuck out as one of the cartoons that tried to do things differently and succeeded until John K was fired from the show and after that the show lost it's edge, but still it had a charm that I enjoyed and for that it earns itself a spot on my countdown. Now get to commenting you eddiots! :P

Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #9

Instead of waiting a whole month for the next number on my countdown, I thought it would be best to add a new number to the countdown every two to three days so you won't have to wait as long and I was very surprised by the reaction to having Naruto and Naruto Shippuden as number ten on my countdown, I thought for sure it would make a few people mad because of how low it was on the list, but I'm pleased by the positive reaction and I know number nine will definitely get some more positive reaction since it's more well known. ;)

How can I explain what number nine on the countdown is without giving too much away? Well, let's see, they were popular during the 90s and had a long running series that spanned 193 episodes and the theme to the series is probably one of the best know to older audiences and I consider them to be more ninja than a certain blonde haired ninja, they are:

#9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Making their way onto the countdown is none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Unlike a lot of other series, I always had fond memories of the turtles. Always getting up every Saturday morning to watch them on CBS, boy those were the days and it was the longest running Saturday morning cartoon series with 193 episodes total, it's too bad that half of the episodes are out of order on the DVD releases, but what DVD releases I do have, I enjoy them all. It's also interesting to note that in other countries, mainly Europe that the original 1987 series was referred to as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. I don't know what it was, but at the time Europe had a strict policy that didn't allow certain shows with ninja in the title and the series had to be altered including the main theme and Michelangelo's nunchucks were also censored which eventually forced the series to switch his weapon to a grapple hook, lame!

As you know TMNT was based on the comic books of the same name from Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird which were actually pretty dark and had the turtles off most of the foot clan during the early days of the Mirage comics. After wanting to do a series based on the comics, Playmates altered the story so that the turtles were more fun loving and not the killing machines they were suppose to be, the 2003 series is more faithful to the comics, but I still prefer the fun loving turtles since I grew up on them.

It wasn't until I was a teenager that I discovered the turtles were darker and had comics before the 1987 series started and interested I found a few sites that offered scans of the original comics and boy I was quite impressed with what the turtles originally were. Despite this revelation of knowing they had a dark tone to them, I still owe a lot to the original 1987 series since it was one of the first cartoons I watched as a kid and started my craze with pizza.

Unfortunately despite the good the turtles did for me, they couldn't make it further up my list because all good things must end and for the turtles that came with the later seasons trying to force a darker tone on the series and it didn't work, but I will always remember the turtles for their fun loving personalities and for that, they secure themselves a spot on my countdown. Turtle power!

Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #10

Greetings everyone! I know it's almost been a whole month since my last blog, but I've had my reasons for not blogging mainly to do with nothing to blog about and trying to figure out how I'll get this countdown of my favorite animated shows. It was a lot of thinking on my part, but I finally got it narrowed down to ten shows. These ten shows stand atop my list as some of my favorite animated shows around. So without further ado, let's get into number ten which might be a surprise for quite a few people.

This show is kinda hard to explain since it has fans and many of them are die hard, but for me the anime just isn't as good as the manga, but the series still does have some appeal, I give you number ten on my countdown:

#10 Naruto & Naruto Shippuden

There's always a lot of love and hate for Naruto, it started out good, but unfortunately like most shonen manga, it now suffers from the typical plots and many people think the series and the manga should have been done by now. Although being a fan of the series I usually defend my favorite series, but this time I've really got to agree with a lot of people. Clocking in at over 440 episodes including Shippuden the anime of Naruto has been running for a while now and frankly, it's getting quite annoying now thanks in part to countless fillers and incorrect portrayal of characters.

Despite all the negative comments about the series, the series has actually been great in a few parts and shows that with good writing it can be taken seriously. The comedic bits always tend to be great, but sometimes they seem to be forced. I admit that I really didn't get into the series until some years ago when I started at the beginning, but as of late my interest in the series has been waning and with all the other shows that are much better on my list, I couldn't see it any higher than number ten.

I believe that the series could have been done better in the right hands, but that's just my opinion. Overall though Naruto secures a place on the countdown because it's an interesting anime that has it's bright moments, but those are just overshadowed by unnecessary things. Be on the lookout for number nine in a few days or when I feel like it. :P

Gentlemen, I Bring You...

MORE CORN! This time shall be different, but wait I lied, it's not different at all! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! :P

Sorry for not making a blog in almost a month everyone, but I've been lazy and haven't felt like blogging since I haven't had anything good to talk about, but I felt it was time to make another blog to let everyone know that I'm still alive and well, unlike a lot of other Gamespotters that have seemed to unexpectedly quit the site. It's always a sad thing to see people leave Gamespot, but they have their reasons and I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors, but as for me, I'm not going anyway, at least not right now since I've still got things to do here on Gamespot. So don't expect to see me unexpectedly quit, I'm still here. :)

So far it's been one hell of a summer hasn't it? A lot of surprises that have been good and most for worst, but you can't let those little things get in your way, you just have to push past them and see the bigger picture, which is something I'm doing right now. As many of you know, things have not be going that good for me at home and finally I've had the last straw with my father and I plan to move out sometime within the next few months and strike out on my own, I just can't take anymore of his crap. There's only so much I can take before the crap hits the fan and it's been way past that for sometime now. I don't have any regrets either once I leave, it's better for me and I can definitely do without the unnecessary stress.

As far as gaming, I've been busy quite lately with Red Dead Redemption and as you can tell from my theme which was made by Ultimate_Kunai once again, thanks once again, I'm into the game and I'm so close to beating it with 100 percent since I want this too be the first game I platinum and thanks to some help from Thug2Wasteland in co-op missions I'm that much closer to beating the game. I'm also busy with two other games I bought this last week, that being The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction which are both great games, but it's just too bad the both of them don't support trophies, otherwise I'm enjoying both games to the fullest. :D

Before I close this blog, I also mentioned at the beginning of June that I was going to do another top ten countdown and after much debate I've decided that it's going to be based on the ten top shows I've watched. Originally I was only going to inculde just cartoons in this countdown, but it's only fair if I included anime in the list too to draw some more interest in the countdown, so be on the lookiut for the first of the ten part blog series sometime next week, it's going to be exciting counting down my favorite animated shows.

That's all for now folks, I'll see you next blog! :D

Funny gif for this blog:

Recent Purchases: End Of The Month Goods

Behold! I have made another blog before the end of June and it has to do with recent purchases I have made!

Originally I never did have any interest in the original Darksiders game, but after reading Game Infomer's July issue that featured Darksiders II as it's cover story, I decided to give the game a try and I'm quite impressed with the game, it's not as bad as I thought, but it heavy borrows from a lot of other games, but still I'm having fun with the game. :)

I played the original Dead Space and thought it was pretty good, but I just didn't like it because of the fact that Issac didn't talk and had no personality, but the second game is much better than the first game in leaps and bounds. Issac finally talks and has a personality albeit a shallow one, but the combat is more involved this time around and I really wished the story didn't fall flat on it's face halfway through the game, but otherwise it's still a great game.

No, you're not seeing things, I've actually included an anime purchase this time around and it has to do with one of my favorite series around, Full Metal Panic! Originally I had the series on DVD, but after watching it so much I wore out the DVDs and they didn't work that well, so I decided to go with the Blu-Ray version of the first season and I've gotta say, it's still as great as ever and the picture quality is quite awesome, especially on an HDTV. :P

If you remember I mentioned Beast Wars a couple of blogs ago and how I started watching the series again and I was happy to hear that Shout Factory was releasing the seasons on DVD, so being the fan that I am, I bought season one and I've got to say I'm not disappointed, it's still a great series and I'm looking forward to when they release season two and three on DVD as well.

If you guys know me well enough by now, I usually can't go that often without mention our favorite blue hedgehog and his ongoing comic series which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sonic by doing a three part episode in which Sonic goes through the first three games and develop it into a story arc, it's quite cool and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

I've bought at least two Halo novels and they've given some pretty cool insight into what the Halo universe is and I decided to pick up Ghosts Of Onyx since I've enjoyed the last two novels from Eric Nylund and although this isn't as strong as The Fall Of Reach or First Strike, it's still a great book and explains what happens to the rest of the Spartans.

Usually I'm not one for listening to techno music, but after a friend convinced me to listen to Daft Punk, they've made a fan out of me. I've gotta say their Discovery album is quite good and my favorite song off the album so far is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. I've definitely got to check out some more of their stuff now.

Well, that's all for my recent purchases and I've been thinking about doing another top ten which I also mentioned a few blogs ago and I think I'll base it on the top ten best cartoons or perhaps something different, I'm still brainstorming for ideas right now. Anyway, I'll see you on the forums and in the unions like usual! ;)

Duke Nukem Forever Impressions

Yesterday marked the release of the long awaited return of Duke Nukem and unfortunately it's twelve year development cycle didn't do the game any favors as so far it's scored severely low on a lot of sites and even Gamespot has only given the game a 3.0? Honestly I thought they could have given the game a better score, but that's just there opinion. On the other hand I have a better opinion of the game and I want to share my honest thoughts on how the game is.

As Duke would put it, most of those review sites can go suck it down! Honestly I don't know what's wrong with them. Sure the game plays like most other first person shooters of today and Duke can only carry two weapons at once and he has a recharging health meter via Halo, but it's the small touches of the game that set it apart from most of the cookie cutter first person shooters of today.

Right away you're treated to some good old Duke Nukem humor as Duke reliefs himself in the nearest urine in the beginning scene. It caught me off guard at first, but it was hilarious and it's good to see the humor that was in Duke Nukem 3D in full force here with such feats as microwaving rats for an ego boost, punching out a whiny actor because Duke hogged the spotlight and he thinks he deserved it more, but my most favorite moment so far was after defeating one of the bosses you're treated to a hilarious moment where Duke actually finishes him off by punching him in the junk.

Yes, the humor maybe stupid sometimes, but it has that certain appeal most fans of the original game will enjoy and let's not forget Duke's one liners which as still awesome and made him crack up during some fights because of how random they were. I didn't find anything wrong with besides the graphics sometimes glitching here and there and I give thanks to Randy Pitchfork and the guys at Gearbox for finally making the game a reality.

Overall, I can see why some people don't like it because of the graphics and long load times, but overall I enjoyed the game because of it's appeal to the older fans and how Duke always acts cool while under pressure. He's still got it even after twelve years and I'm glad to see him back finally. I'm enjoying the game and that's all that matters to me and the rest of the Duke fans out there. :D

A solid effort despite what the critics say

Gentlemen, Behold!


Joking aside, it's been close to yet another month since I last made a blog and that had to do with what I had purchased, which was a bunch of PS3 games and I've been enjoying them, but I really wanted to make a more personal blog and tell you how I've been doing since my last update.

College & Life

Most everything at home has been going great for me, but there's still an air of uneasiness between me and my father since he still thinks I should leave home soon, but certain things prevent me for doing so since I still don't have a job yet and I've been trying my hardest to find one and the way the economy is right now doesn't help things, but I'm not about to give up hope just yet. I know I can find a job somewhere even if I have to move out of California to do so.

Things have also gotten better between me and my friends, some of you may remember what happened last year and how he betrayed my trust and just earlier in the year we rekindled what friendship we had, I still don't trust him that much, but things are going along smoothly and with him leaving at the end of June to go up North, I hate to admit it, but I'll miss him. He kept things interesting when I was around him and I'll be able to fill in that gap with the company of my other friends and everyone on here. :)

College is whining down for me, I'm in the last week of my spring semester and the thing that most of us fear when we're in school is coming up quickly... finals! *shrieks like little girl* :P

I know it's something we all stress over, but I'm keeping my cool since I know I'll do good on my finals and the best part at least is that I've only got three finals to take, but they're still going to be hard, wish me luck everyone! :D

Games & Television

As you can see from my last blog, I've been gaming a lot lately and with the purchases that I made, I've been keeping busy with all of the games. I've made some great progress in God Of War Collection and Prince Of Persia Trilogy as I've about wrapped up both games and just need a few more trophies to get the platinum in each games. As for the other games, I've been slowly progressing in them and gaining the trophies.

If you couldn't already tell by my theme which was made by Ultimate_Kunai, thanks again! I'm hyped for Duke Nukem Forever which is not too far off from release date. I've talked to a few people that are doubting if the game will be good, but I'm keeping my hopes up since I know it will be worth the wait and besides it will be a nice change of pace from the other games out there. :P

As far as watching any television, I really haven't been watching that much anime or shows since I really haven't found anything interesting lately, but one show I've been watching this past week has been a little show called Beast Wars. Now some of you may not know what Beast Wars is, but it's the sequel to the first generation of Transformers. When I was young, I dissed the show saying it was just another generic Transformers show trying to live off the fame of G1, but now that I've gotten older, I can really appreciate how great the show is and I'd definitely say it's worthy of being called the sequel to G1. Anyone that's a fan of Transformers should check out the series. :D

Well, that's all I have to report for now. My next blog will probably be my impressions on how Duke Nukem Forever is and after that I'll probably start another countdown once again, not to sure what it will be, but I'm keeping it secret for now.

And now to end this blog, I leave you with a random gif:

See you on the boards and unions! :P

Recent Purchases: Dragons Of Steel, Undead Cowboys and More!

I know, it's been close to a month since I last made a blog, but I've been busy with college so it makes it hard to blog and besides I really didn't have much to blog about over the last month, but enough with that mumbo jumbo, you're here to see what I've purchases, so let's get to it! :D

First off I've got to tell you video games have been the thing for me in the last month and I've purchased qutie a few of them over the last month to better my PS3 collection starting off with:

Duke Nukem Forever

That's right! After months of debating among myself wherever I should get Duke Nukem Forever or not, I finally decided to say screw it and put some money down on the game since it seems to promise a lot and I definitely liked what I saw from the trailers, so I'll find out on June 14 wherever it was money well spend, but this next game was definitely worth the money I put down on it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I really enjoyed Oblivion and it was a no brainer to put some money down on Skyrim since the trailer they showed was awesome and what's not to like about a game that allows you endlessly wander the wilderness and look for stuff? Anyway, I'm looking forward to the release date of November 11 for Skyrim which isn't coming fast enough! :cry:

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare

Technically only Red Dead Redemption is the only game on this list that isn't new since I had the game on Xbox 360, but we all know what happened there and since one of my friends has been bugging me to get both games, I finally gave in and got both games on the PS3 and they're well worth the money since they're providing hours of awesomeness and it's going to be cool to play some multiplayer once I get a better hang of the PS3 controls.

Prince Of Persia Trilogy

After the newer Prince Of Persia titles, I felt like I had been screwed out of my money, but needless to say, I've only been a fan of the original trilogy of games and when I saw that all three of them had been remastered in HD with trophies I had to buy it since it includes my favorite of the trilogy, Warrior Within, definitely worth the thirty dollars I paid for it and easy trophies as an added bonus. :D

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition

I originally wasn't going to buy Dragon Age: Origins because I had bought another RPG a friend recommended me and to keep it short, I regretted it since the game sucked and wasn't what I wanted out of it, so I immediately when back to Gamestop and bought Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age and I can say that just after an hour of playing, it hooked me and I was glad to trade in that other game for this one.

God Of War Collection

I originally owned both God Of War games on the PS2, but lost them when I moved away from home for a little while and I was also quite sad that the PS3 didn't support both games, but I'm glad that I got the God Of War collection as it allows me to play two of the best PS2 games around with added support for trophies and after I'm done with them, it's off to get the third and final game. :D

Usually I'd add more to this blog besides video games, but most of my monthly purchases were solely video games which isn't a bad thing since my PS3 library is coming along nicely now and with these fine additions, I've got a good collection going and I promise this time around I won't wait to make another blog in a month, I'll probably make another sometime next week to let everyone know how I've been doing.

So as usual I'll end it here and we'll see you next blog! ;)

Mortal Kombat First Impressions

As many of you know today marked the highly anticipated release of Mortal Kombat, the game has been hyped for quite a while now and does it measure up to it? Well, I'll tell you in a moment since I want to tell you about the midnight launch I went too.

It wasn't the first midnight launch I've been to for a game, but it was definitely the most exciting one I've been too so far, everyone that was in line and those that I talked to were eager to get their hands on the game. So we waited in line for about 15 minutes before the guys at Gamestop opened up the door to allow us in and right away they had a PS3 set up with the game for us to play, more than anything to tide us over until the midnight release. They also set up a tournament where you could win a 25 dollar gift card for winning the tournament, but unfortunately I didn't win as I was knocked out in the semi-finals of the tournament. I still had fun thought and won a Mortal Kombat key chain for all my efforts.

It was great to be surrounded by people for some reason, cheering you on to beat the competition, this is definitely one thing missing from today's game, actually interaction with other people, but enough of that talk. After the tournament, I picked up my kollector's edition of Mortal Kombat since it was midnight and immediately drove home to play the game.

As I was saying earlier, does the game measure up to the hype? Well, I was up until 3 am this morning playing some of the story mode and online mode and honestly I can say Mortal Kombat does live up to the hype. Everything about the game is excellent, the story mode is actually engrossing and well paced for a fighting game. The fighting system which is based off the one from MK vs DC is much more fleshed out and it takes some skill to pull off combos this time around since you need to learn to juggle your opponents.

Online is definitely where the game is at. I only played maybe one or two matches, but in that time I can honestly say the online was improved from MK vs DC. There's a little lag here and there, but other than that the game is definitely a great return to the roots of the series. The only real complaint I have against the game is the bosses as always are cheap and it will take sometime to figure out strategies against them and I did experience some lag, but it could have been the host though.

Anyway, I'm off to play some more Mortal Kombat, I'll talk to you later everyone!

Flawless victory!