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My top five movies of summer

Well I have seen a lot of movies this summer, but I can only pick five of them and here they are.

5. The Simpsons Movie: If you were a big fan of the tv show than the movie made sense, but the movie was to short for me and I wished the movie would of been a bit longer and the humor was funny as always and I got some of the inside jokes as well. Overall a good movie.

4. Pirates: At World's End: This was good movie and I think the ending was good, but the movied lacked some of the humor the previous two movies had and Captain Jack was the reason the movies were always so interesting, but he hardly got anytime on screen and I think that's why the movie wasn't as good as it could of been.

3. Spider-man 3: The sequel was pretty good, but the movie just lacked something the previous two movies had and the way Peter acted was lame in some scenes and I though the best part of the movie was the ending although part of it was lame, which I'm keeping secret because I may get banned if I say anything about the movie.

2. Rush Hour 3: I just saw this movie last week and I must say it was the funniest Rush Hour I saw and of course Chris Tucker did a good job of playing the idiot and Jackie Chan still had it in him to do all the stunts, overall a good movie if you like action and comedy.

1. Transformers: Yes this movie came out of nowhere and stole my number one spot because it was actually a very good movie, when I first heard they were making this movie I had my doubts, but I can say that it was a lot better than expected and the special effects were some of the best and the humor fit in the movie and I am looking forward to see what the sequel brings.

I'm tired of Gamespot's glitches

I'm sure I'm not the only one that is tired of Gamespot and their glitches, but man I am really sick of it. First the video upload doesn't work and the glitches within Gamespot like the disappearing emblems and the union glitches as well as not being able to resign from unions it's starting to get out of hand will the Mods please fix this problem so that Gamespot can work like a normal site and not screw up every five seconds like some other sites do I can't take it anymore with this s**t!:evil::x

My thoughs on things

Well I have finally been able to post a lot more on Gamespot because I have time off, but hopefully I can continue on Gamespot for a little bit longer, I like this site because unlike other sites you keep getting friends requests that are nothing more than spam and if anyone tried it here they know they would get their @$$ banned from GS, but I hope that nothing like that happens. I have met a lot of good people here on Gamespot and I think they are cool people and I know my dad doesn't like me on Gamespot because he said it is a waste of time, but he's just to old to understand what video games are. I still like a lot of things that I liked in High school and I just don't know why I can' get rid of my video games systems and act like an adult, but I think that would be boring and I like acting like a jack@$$ sometimes and that is what makes us all unique in a way,but just because I'm almost 21 years old doesn't mean I have to act like my farty old dad. He may be right about somethings but just because he saids I should give up video games means I shouldn't. It's a hobbie I have and I probably won't get rid of it just yet. I want to hold on being a gamer for as long as I can because I know I can talk to people that are just like me on Gamespot. One last thing to add is I appreciate all the friends that I have and I hope we continue to talk to each other as long as we are on Gamespot.

Thank you,

Signed Jason

(a.k.a Macrules_640)

Is Resident Evil 5 Racist?

Well over the past few weeks I have seen a lot of trailers on youtube about Resident Evil 5 being racist and I think it is just stupid that people would believe that Resident Evil 5 is racist, but I believe no matter what capcom did I think there would still be people complaining. Okay imagine this for a second what if Capcom had you as a African American killing white people it would be the same reaction and I think no matter what Capcom did I still think the outcome would be the same. If I remember right no one complained about the original Resident Evil with the zombies, but Capcom has to move past the dumb zombie and they have to come up with something else, but I hope that this doesn't get in the way of Capcom releasing RE 5 next year. I just hope that most everyone can accept that Capcom has to think a lot about the game and they have to come up with fresh ideas for the game, but I hope that by releasing the game Capcom doesn't get the Rockstar treatment. I know Capcom wouldn't release a game if they though it was racist and look at Resident Evil 4 that had Europe people in it and I once didn't hear anything about it being racist, so let's hope that this little problem with Resident Evil 5 doesn't make Capcom think twice about there game and here's hoping that the game will make it's 2008 release date on time.