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Camp Horror: Movies To Watch For Halloween #2

Welcome back to another installment of Camp Horror everyone, all this month I'm going to be taking a look at some horror films that are deemed critically successful or cult status by most people, and for the next film on the list, it would count as more of a cult film since it didn't go too well over with the critics at the time, but if you can get past the critics and their opinions, you're looking at one of the more unique vampire films out there:

From Dusk Till Dawn

What happens when you mix the directing of Robert Rodriguez and the genius writing of Quentin Tarantino? You get From Dusk Till Dawn, a smart ass witty vampire flick that features a lot of violence, but stylish in a way thanks to Tarantino who even starts in the movie opposite to George Clooney as his brother. Now I mentioned that the film didn't go too well with the critics because the violence and the jokes within the film turned them away from it, but to a lot of people From Dusk Till Dawn is a solid vampire flick and I wholeheartedly agree. I quite enjoyed this flick, but then again maybe it's because I enjoyed Rodriguez and Tarantino's other works, and their trademark sense of humor is implied a lot in this film. I really can't mention it since it goes against Gamespot's terms of service, but if you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.

More than likely what also turned off critics from the film is the plot of the film which has Clooney and Tarantino as brothers who are wanted crimes and they're on the run from the FBI. While they're in a store, Tarantino's character Richie has a behavior problem which gets the better of him and he ends up offing the store clerk and the FBI agent chasing after them. They hold up in a motel, some serious stuff goes down and they end up taking a family hostage and driving to Mexico where the hide out in a bar that happens to be populated by vampires.

Like a lot of people this part of the movie caught me off guard, but I continued to watch the film and eventually I became more interested in the film once the vampires started killing everyone. It's quite violent, but Rodriguez uses green blood for the vampires so they could get the R rating and let me tell you, this film isn't for the weak of heart either, there's a lot of violence, beheading, and other things that might make you throw up if you watch it for long enough, but there's also a sense of humor to the film thanks in part to Tarantino. It's more sexual jokes than anything, but they're down in a way that's not too disguising. I also love Seth's little speech about the vampires and if they're real or not, it's definitely up there with some of Tarantino's other works.

It's a vampire flick worth watching that doesn't involve vampires of another nature, and it sure as hell is entertaining. If you're a fan of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, you'll definitely enjoy this movie, but for everyone it might be best to skip this movie, not based the scare factor, but for the amount of violence and amount of sexual jokes they've got in this movie. Otherwise, it's definitely a recommendation from me. :D

Camp Horror: Movies To Watch For Halloween #1

As I mentioned in my purchases blog, once October came around I was going to do a countdown of sorts for Halloween, and instead of the tradition countdown I do I think this time around I'm going to recommend films based on popularity and how much of a cult following they have. Don't expect to see any sparkly vampires or the films I mentioned last year, these films are strictly the cream of the crop, well at least according to me, but don't worry I have good taste in horror film. Let's get onto my first recommendation shall we?

The first film on my list is a film that really should have appeared on my top five countdown, but at the time I wasn't really, and after seeing it, it really does deserve a place on my list thanks to it's good script, creepy atmosphere, and overall great special effects:

John Carpenter's The Thing

Technically considered a remake by most, John Carpenter's The Thing can stand on it's own merits away from the 1951 version and actually it's a more faithful adaption of the book Who Goes There? The plot in The Thing is fairly straight forward, and goes as follow, a team of researches in the Antarctic are minding their own business when a team of Norwegians suddenly starts firing on a team of malamutes with their helicopter and they wonder exactly what the hell is going on.

The Norwegians are able to kill a few of the dogs, but in the chaos most of them die and leave the American researches wondering what just happened. From there the movie unfolds as chaos starts to unfold and something parasitic that's been locked in the Antarctic ice for ages has finally been woken and now the team of researches must fight against whatever it is, but problem is, they can't exactly trust each other since The Thing can take their shape or form, copying the person perfectly.

I gotta admit at first the plot may seem slow to began, but once it gets going and the team gets their first sighting of The Thing, this movie is quite the adrenaline rush, it doesn't let up until the end, and even the ending makes you wonder if they truly got the thing. The movie is a great example of how to do a remake right, and of course this is a John Carpenter movie, so there's bound to be some changes, but they're all for the better. The atmosphere in the movie is great and being in the Antarctic gives the movie a sense of dread, and the trust factor in the movie plays a big part since no one can trust each other since everyone is sure that they're all the thing. It fits right into the film perfectly and the scare factor is upped that much more because the person you think is the thing really isn't and when it does reveal itself, I actually found myself jumping a few times since it's quite scary.

Of course the film was made in 1982, so the special effects at the time were stop motion and not CGI, but they were fantastic and still hold up by today's standards. There's suppose to be prequel coming later this month for The Thing, so it's best to see John Carpenter's version before seeing this version, but knowing Hollywood, they'll probably screw this prequel up. It's a fantastic movie and it's a movie I definitely recommend seeing, but for those of you that are a little jumpy, it's probably best if you avoid this film altogether. :P

Recent Purchases: Singing Beasts, Bats In Vegas, and Figurines!

I haven't done a recent purchases blog since the end of June and I think it's about time to do one once again since I've gotten my hands on a few items, and I'd like to share with you just what they are, starting first with this:

D-Arts Zero Figurine

To be honest I've never really featured any figurines in my purchases blogs since most of the time, they end up being cheap ones and I usually have to take extra care of them, and this one is no expectation, this is actually the first Megaman related figurine I've bought and I just got it yesterday. I've got to say I'm very impressed by how detailed it is, it's fully movable which is a plus since I plan to leave it in the position shown in the picture and keeping with the Zero vibe, I scored a soundtrack I've been after for a while:

Rockman Zero Mythos

Believe it or not this CD was never released outside of Japan and it's very hard to come by because of that, and it's been something I've been wanting to get my hands on because I've listened to the soundtrack on Youtube, and wanted to get the soundtrack the legit way instead of downloading it, and after months of searching E-Bay and Amazon, I got a lucky break just last week and purchased the album for fifteen dollars, not bad considering it came at the same time the Zero figurine did, and moving onto some music:

Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin

If you've known me for a while, then you know I'm a fan of Breaking Benjamin and when they said they were releasing their greatest hits album I was quite excited, but at the same time disappointed because it's just a re-release of most of their singles from their other four albums, but the second disc that came with the special edition more than makes up for that since it includes some tracks they never released, and moving right along to some DVD and gaming purchases:

Beast Machines: The Complete Series

Beast Machines is a series that many fans consider to be quite infamous because it's a step down from it's much more successful Beast Wars, but after watching the series again, I came to appreciate just how deep and involving Beast Machines is, and despite it's infamy among fans, it's still a great series and much better than some of the other Transformers series out there, and finally gaming:

Fallout: New Vegas

As a fan of Fallout 3, it was only natural that I finally move onto New Vegas and despite my intital fears because I heard bugs and glitches prevented it from being great, I say damn what everyone says and bought it, but I made sure to patch the game first and it's been working like a charm, I haven't had any problems with glitches, but the game does suffer from having a weaker story compared to Fallout 3, but that more than makes up for the factions which play a big part in this game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City

I really can't say much about these games right now because they still haven't been released, but I wanted to mention them anyway since I've finally paid off my per-orders for both games and now I just have to wait for their release dates so I can finally enjoy playing them, October 18 isn't that far off, but November 11 is and dammit, why can't it be here sooner! :cry:

That about wraps it up for another recent purchases blog. I'll see everyone on the boards and in the unions. Also be on the lookout starting in October when I do a series of blogs chronicling my favorite cult horror movies, it's more of a follow up to my top five favorite horror movies from last year, and I promise there's going to be some great films on the list, many that should have belonged on my top five. :D

The Time Has Come

Hard to believe it's already September and you know what that means for a lot of people. It means it's time to go back to school or college and that holds very true for me too, I'm back to the usual bump and grind of attending college on the weekdays with my weekends being the only free time I have, but you know what, it's totally worth it since this will finally be my last semester in college and I'll finally graduate. I can't wait!

Anyway I'm finally glad to be done with my top ten favorite animated series countdown since this finally gives me a chance to tell everyone how I've been doing and lately I've been doing great, things couldn't be better, but without the family drama, I can deal with that, but it's getting rather annoying now. I still plan on moving out of my parents house soon, more than likely by the being of next year and hopefully using what I've learned in college, I can find myself a job. It's going to be tough, but it's for the better if I want to have any future for myself.

Gaming has been slow for me, I really haven't purchased any new games since the summer didn't really bring any games worth mentioning, but the fall is looking much better and I'll already mentioned that in quite a few of my past blogs. I did finally beat one game I've been putting off for a while now and that game is:

I finished the game in August, but since I was doing my countdown, I didn't mention it and I've gotta say, it's probably one of the most grossing games I've ever played and I'm not afraid to admit I shed a few tears for the ending of the game, I'm not going to be Mr. spoiler and ruin it for everyone, but in someways it felt bittersweet and despite finishing the game, I'm still currently playing it, trying to get all the challenges done and with the new DLC coming out soon, it's a good time to hon my skills for online play.

As far as television, I haven't been watching that much, but that changed fast since my sister nagged me to watch some more anime because she always says I don't watch that much and the one that I'm currently watching:

It's called Ai Yori Aoshi and it's a romance anime, I usually have a thing about watching them and tend to stay away from them, but my sister convinced me to give the series a shot and I'm glad that I did because I'm liking it. It's not too overly romantic like other ones I've seen and they balance it out quite well. I might actually do a review on it once I'm done watching it and besides that I'm watching Batman: The Animated Series. I mentioned the series in my last blog and I've been on a spree watching each episode of the series once again. It's that addicting.

That's all I've got to say for this blog, see you next time and remember:

Always watch your back! :P

Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #1

Over the last two and a half weeks or so I've complied my list of my favorite animated series around, some shows that have shown up on the list have been quite unexpected while others were received more favorably and now we've finally come down to the last number on the countdown, number one. Now after seeing nine other strong entries, what could possibly beat them as my number one series of all time? It's simple, my number one series is considered by some to be the greatest animated series ever made and the most fateful adaption of a comic book character, but not just for that, but it's dark themes, theatrical complexity, and smart writing, I proudly present my number one pick on my top ten countdown:

#1 Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series takes my number one spot on the list not just because it stars one of the most popular comic book characters around, but because of how the series was handled. Unlike other cartoons at the time Batman: TAS redefined what a cartoon could be about. Usually we always think of a cartoon as something like Looney Tunes with characters getting injured comically and recovering afterwords, but Batman: TAS isn't like that. It's still a cartoon for kids yes, but at the same time the quality of the cartoon and how it took each character made it watchable for adults and even to this day, I sit down with my mother and watch the series. That's how powerful the series is. It's not your daddy's Batman with the corny theme song and comic book like effects, this is how Batman was intended to be. :P

As a kid I was never that much into Batman, sure I thought of him as an interesting character, but unfortunately my view of Batman was rather small and I thought of him as a goofy guy that fought criminals with subtitles popping up when he punched them, but along comes Batman: TAS and it changed the way I looked at Batman. Of course I wasn't old enough to understand the darker turn for Batman, but the way each episode was presented was rather interesting and it was so interesting that my mother watched the series and thought it was rather amazing and despite being dark, she allowed me to watch it.

Once I grew into a teenager my interest in Batman pretty much dried up thanks to anime and the god awful Batman and Robin movie, who could ever like Batman after that, but for some reason in the back of my head Batman would have his revenge on me for dissing him like that and sure enough he did. After growing tired of watch anime, I went back and watched Batman: TAS just for old times sake and it was the first time that I could truly appreciate the series for what it was. Each of the episodes were amazing and Shirley Walker's music that accompanied each episode helped to make the series that much more incredible and the way they treated Batman's rouge gallery was amazing too, especially Mr. Freeze who went from a cliched spaceman with a gimmick for cold to a tragic character and that episode "Heart Of Ice" made that much of an impact that DC Comics revived the character and used the origins story from TAS as his back story. Tell me how many series have done that?

I could go on and on about how much I love Batman: The Animated Series, but I'll wrap it up here. The series was amazing for its time and along with the music score, the voice acting, and the portrayal of its characters, but also it's darker tones and excellent story telling help Batman The Animated Series get to the top of my list. If you even remotely consider yourself a Batman fan you've definitely seen the series and know just how important it is to The Dark Knight's legacy, but for those of you that have yet to see the series, shame on you! You're denying yourself one of the best animated series around and you owe it to yourself to watch at least a few of the episodes.

It's the best animated series out there and nothing can really touch what the series has done and that's why it's number one on my list. :D

Intro for those of you that haven't seen the series: (Although I don't know why you haven't)


Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #2

I know it's only been a day since I posted number three of my countdown, but since I took a few days off from posting number three, I felt as though I owe it to everyone to post both of them back to back. Number two is a special case on my countdown, originally I had no intentions of ever adding it to my countdown because I always thought it was a ridiculous series and not worthy of even airing, but at the time I was a child and never thought much of the stuff I watched, but after sitting down and watching the series all the way through, I can safely say, this series is deserving of the number two spot and it's guaranteed to shock a few of you, at number two on the list is:

#2 Beast Wars: Transformers

Or better known as Beasties if you live in Canada, I don't know what it is, but from what I've heard Canada had a strict policy at the time not allowing any show with war in the title, anyway I'm sure this is quite a shock for many of you. I bet you never expected to see a Transformers show at number two on my list. Beast Wars also has the unique honor of being the only show on my list that isn't of American or Japanese origin, in fact Beast Wars is Canadian made by a company called Mainframe Entertainment, the same guys behind the Reboot series and it's also the first Transformers series to be made entirely in CGI, the other being the new Transformers: Prime.

Beast Wars is also unique among the Transformers series that it's the first series to be considered canon to G1 and it takes place in the future where the Autobots and Decepticons have transformed themselves into Maximals and Predacons. The story at first doesn't make a lot of sense since the first season is spend with the Maximals and Predacons trying to figure out where they have crashed landed and by the start of the second season the series picks up steam and goes all out until the end of season three where it ends on a good note, it's also one of the few Transformers series that didn't end on a cliffhanger and although most of the characters from Beast Wars returned in Beast Machines, it wasn't as good as the former series.

Unlike The Transformers of the 80s, Beast Wars reduced the number of characters on each side to about five or six because of CGI limits at the time and it was probably the best move Mainframe made since it allowed each character to get more of a focus and personality behind them instead of being just another generic member of the Autobots or Decepticons. The series was also known for it's humor which is done in a smart way without being too overly stupid. It's also got a lot of darker elements that came through during the later seasons and it was also one of the first Transformers series to actually off characters during the season. The writers knew their stuff and Dinobot's death remains one of the highlights of the series.

As I've said Beast Wars is a special case on my countdown because originally I hated the series. Growing up I was a major G1 fan and never thought anything could replace the original and when Beast Wars came on I absolutely hated the series because I thought they were trying to replace all of the beloved characters with these other characters, but despite my hatred I still wanted the series because I found the plot interesting and it wasn't until years later that I came to respect the series. After watching the horrible Robots In Disguise and the Unicorn Trilogy, I watched Beast Wars again and the series stick with me this time because I finally accepted it for being part of the G1 universe. (And even Beast Machines)

I just found the characters to have more of a personality then some of the G1 characters and you won't be disappointed if you watch the series, it's definitely worth it and dare I say that Beast Wars is somewhat better than The Transformers due to having a better thought out plot and more likable characters, but don't take my word for it, watch the series for yourself and because of those reasons, Beast Wars claims the number two spot on my countdown, but it just couldn't reach number one on my countdown since what's at number one is timeless. :D

Intro for those that don't know of the series:


Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #3

I still find it hard to believe that I started this countdown back on August 10 and I have every intention of finishing up this countdown by the end of August and now we're finally down to the final three. These three represent series that I have come to admire and even after all these years I still find them enjoyable to watch and what better way to almost end this countdown with an anime that everyone is familiar with and it's probably one of the most know, and one of the most successful. I proudly present to you my number three pick on my countdown:

#3 Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z, as I've said it's probably one of the most well known anime and also one of my personal favorite hence why it's so high up on my list, but another reason for it being so high up on my list is because DBZ was one of the first anime that I watched and it was also the first anime that got me into the genre. Then again there's another anime that I watched beforehand, but I'm too embarrassed to mention it here, so DBZ claims that title. It's also known for it's voice actors and actresses having to scream their lungs out during the course of an episode which lead to my parents always hating when I watched the series. :P

Now as a kid there were a lot of cartoons on at the time and most of them were great while some of them were just plain stupid. I remembering first seeing Dragon Ball Z on Kids WB before they took up the name and I remember watching some of the Cell saga episodes and thinking what the heck is this. The voice acting at the time wasn't the best around, but then again you've got to cut them some slack since it was 1996. I also remember it being pretty violent, but not too my liking, so I just changed the channel and forgot DBZ even existed.

It wasn't until 1999 that Dragon Ball Z came knocking on my door once again and this time I gave the series a chance since Funimation had gotten the rights to the series over the Ocean Dub which I originally watched, which ironically was the version of the series that was shown in Europe and Canada while us Americans got the Funimation dub which improved over time and there's always debate over which dub is the best, but I think both English dubs are great and I prefer the Funimation dub more because it's the version I grew up with. I definitley have to give credit to the voice actors, it must take a lot to do all that screaming and keep going. :P

As I mentioned DBZ was the first anime that I watched and after giving the Funimation dub a go, I instantly grew to like the series and I wasn't the only one, in fact everyone in junior high and high school watched DBZ so religiously that if you didn't watch it, they considered you weird, so in a way I was forced to watch it, but I don't regret it since it had a lot of action and everything went at a good pace, if you didn't count the endless fillers, but unlike other anime it didn't get that much on my nerves expect for the Garlic Jr. Saga which I hate because of it not fitting within the DBZ canon.

I've also had a chance to read the manga and it's much different from the anime, but the anime does follow the manga quite well with the occasion fillers and most of the characters on DBZ are quite likable with an expectation of a few I'm not going to mention. Overall the series is one of the most successful anime in the world and it was also the anime that got me to watching other anime, for that I really couldn't see it any lower than number three on my list, but unfortunately there's two more entrys on my countdown that I hold in much higher regard, but still DBZ is worthy of the number three spot. :D

Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #4

So I took a break yesterday from revealing the next number in my top ten countdown and number five was met with mixed reactions, but I expected that since not a lot of people have seen the original Transformers or it was way before their time, but I think number four on my countdown will be more well received. It contains probably one of the most well known characters in comics and one of the most respected, but in teenage form. It's a worthy successor to the mantle of the Dark Knight and it's none other than:

#4 Batman Beyond

Or as it's better known in some parts of the world as Batman Of The Future, but Batman Beyond is indeed a worthy successor to the Dark Knight legacy and comes from the fine folks that worked on Batman The Animated Series. Originally it was Warner Bros. idea to introduce a new Batman to a younger audience and many people thought the idea of a teenage Batman wouldn't work, but boy were they wrong. Never underestimate the power of Batman, even if he's in the form of a teenager. The series was well received and spanned over 52 episodes and a planned fourth season, but that was ultimately cut short because Kids WB wanted to focus more on Pokemon.

Now when I say it was originally conceived as a kid friendly Batman, I'm not talking about the 60s Batman with the comic effects and even with a teenage Batman, the series is just as dark as Batman The Animated Series and unlike Spider-man The Animated Series, it isn't afraid too show Batman (Terry McGinnis) give a good beat down to his foes and when I mean dark, I mean it. Just in the first episode alone there's some blood and Terry's father gets murdered, although it's not shown, it's still quite gruesome to watch and Terry gets his own rogue gallery of villains that are very much different from the villains Bruce faced in his prime.

I really wished the series would have continued since it was just as brilliant as Batman The Animated Series, although some of the episodes weren't as memorable and the music took a more techno theme, but then again it fits within the series because it takes place in the future. Probably the most memorable moment of Batman Beyond was its feature film, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker which reintroduced the Clown Prince of crime to the new Batman and the story gets quite dark and for good reason since it was rated PG-13, a first for an animated Batman series and damn I still cringe when the Joker gets killed. It's better to watch the uncensored version since it's the best version of the film. ;)

Anyway, I really can't complain about the series. It's amazing and probably my favorite Batman series after the Animated Series and unlike the others on my list, I really have no negatives remarks about the series, perhaps the only complaint I have is the fact that they should have produced more episodes and not focus so much on Pokemon at the time, but I guess you win some and lose some. Overall it's an enjoyable series and I recommend it to anyone who's a fan of Batman, don't be put off by the fact that Batman is a teenager in this series.

Overall the series gets to number four on my countdown for being a worthy successor to the original animated series, but it couldn't get any higher on the list because my top three, I hold them closer to my heart. :)

Intro for those of you that don't know of the series:


Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #5

It's hard to believe that I'm already halfway through this countdown of mine and I've been enjoying what everyone says about each series that's revealed and I've been asked why don't I just do the countdown in one blog, the answer is simple. I like to be detailed with each of the shows in my countdown and only doing one blog for them would feel like a waste of time, so each series gets its own blog and now that we've seen the lower five on the totem pole what could possibly be in the top five? Well, let's not keep you waiting for number five which is a classic in its own right, but it's always been surrounded by some questions because of how the characters are portrayed, but they're still classic and number five on my list, they are:

#5 The Transformers

That's right, The Transformers! Now this is probably the only show on my list to be one of the oldest and the series is actually older than I am, it originally aired on September 17, 1984, a whole two years before I was born. I never got to experience Transformers like some of the older fans, but it's an important part of what I watched as a child. Of course what I watched was the reruns and Hasbro recycling the series with newer effects and passing it off as Generation Two, but when I got my hands on the original G1 version of the series, I was glad because I could finally say that I'm a fan of the original generation of Transformers, not that Michael Bay crap. *rim shot*

The original Transformers series started off strong with the first season and most of the second season was pretty good as well, but it wasn't until the Transformers movie where G1 lost a lot of its fans due to killing off Optimus Prime. I will admit as a kid, I remember seeing that scene of Optimus dying and I cried. Optimus was like a hero too me in my youth and he still is, but thankfully Hasbro received enough hate mail that at the end of the third season they revived Optimus and he lead the Autobots once more, but that didn't last as there was only three more episodes after the third season and shortly after Transformers was cancelled which lead to the Japanese exclusive Headmasters series which most G1 fans don't consider canon.

I really wish they would have continued with the series, but like a lot of good things, they must end sometime and I was glad that they did because during the third season of Transformers, it started to get drawn out and most things didn't make sense and let's not forget that Rodimus was a poor excuse for a leader compared to Optimus, but hey that's just my opinion. :P The series had an impact on me as a kid because at the time I really wasn't all that much into television, but when a giant robot that transformed into a truck showed up on screen, I was instantly hooked and couldn't stop watching which holds up even today since I bought the complete series on DVD just a few weeks ago.

Despite all the positive I've said about Transformers, it just comes up short on my list due to it's sometimes confusing plot and sometimes ridiculous amount of characters that never received any development, but still it's a great series and it's been redone quite a few times. Those new series though can't really compare to the original and for Transformers to be this high on my list, I'm sure Optimus himself would be glad that he got on the list and to end it, I'm stealing one of his famous lines. Autobots! Transform and roll out! :P

Top Ten Favorite Animated Series #6

As much as I'd like to do a recap of what we've seen on my list so far, it's pretty much there on my front page, so you can take a look for yourself. :P Anyway, I'd really like to thank everyone that's posted comments on my countdown so far, it's interesting to see what you have about my choices and so far the reaction has been pretty positive and I intend to keep that up with the next number on my countdown. As far as you've seen there hasn't been one superhero cartoon on the list, have I forgotten or has there been no good superhero cartoons. Well, that's part of the problem, but there's one superhero cartoon that's managed to web his way onto my countdown, that's right, it's none other than:

#6 Spider-man The Animated Series

Or most commonly referred to as simply Spider-man. Anyone of the 1990s will remember Spider-man The Animated Series as Marvel's attempt at making an animated series out of their most iconic character and becoming one of the most successful. (The X-Men series being the second most successful after Spider-man although it last longer in terms of episodes.) But for those of you that might not remember the series, I've uploaded the series intro to refresh the memories of those that might remember bits and pieces of it:


It's also interesting to note that the series intro theme was composed by Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame and he did quite a great job on the theme I thought. Anyway, I remember the series quite fondly myself. Unlike other animated series at the time, Spider-man would air on Saturday mornings before most everything else Fox didn't want to lose ratings on the show and it worked as the episodes aired for 65 episodes, but what was really ass was the fact that the series ended on a major cliffhanger and never resolved. It was later revealed that it was do to disagreements among the network executives that Spider-man never finished and instead we got Unlimited which was okay, but never as good as Spider-man.

It's a shame that the series has never seen a DVD release of the entire series, but Disney doesn't think it will make any money and refuse too. I really wish they would since there's a lot of fans including myself that would like to see finally released on DVD. I also consider Spider-man The Animated Series to be the most faithful adaption of the character outside of Sam Raimi's films. The other Spider-man series they have released over the years really can't compare to what the series did with it's humor, action, and drama. The series was also nominated for a few Emmys, but never won any which was a shame.

Like any good thing, the series did have a few negatives about it. The series always tried to seem to emulate what Batman: The Animated Series did and most of the time it worked, but unfortunately at the time Marvel wanted to make the series more kid friendly and made sure there was no realistic firearms, Spider-man never punched his enemies and all references to death were mostly censored, but that didn't stop them from using the word kill a few times, but despite the censoring to the series, I still consider it one of my favorite animated shows around. Unfortunately, Spidey used up all his webbing and couldn't get any higher on the countdown. :P