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Just Got Back From The Waterplolo Game...

Yes you read correctly I went to a water polo game and it was so/so. Sarah plays for our school's team and last Thursday she told me about how people don't come to her water polo games for her and I promised her that I would come so the game was today and I went and she was so shocked that I came and happy. I almost didn't come because it was raining before but it stopped plus seeing her in a bikini gave me that extra push to come:P. The only bad thing was that I was the ONLY black person there, there were two black kids that where there but they are white as ****, Sarah told me why not talk to them and I told her there as black as polar bears:P. I picked up how the game was played eventually, its kinda like soccer in the water but with a shot clock and you have to stay afloat. Sarah swam real fast but she told me that she was having neck problems and couldn't play great and asked me to go to her next game when she played better. The only bad thing was that I was alone most of the time cause Sarah had to play and but it was great to make her happy by being there. And I cant wait to see her next game.

Northeast's Powderpuff Football Game

At my high school after the football season there is a powder puff game. Its where the cheerleaders and other girls from our school play a game, the juniors vs. the seniors. But the cheerleaders are a bunch of of guys dressed up as girls. It was for juniors and seniors a little into fourth hour but some teachers still got to go but my class didn't. So I was walking to fourth hour and saw Sarah and she asked me to skip fourth hour with her and go to her class cause my class wasn't going to the game so I went into her class. And she has some really high level science class and the teacher doesn't really care so we sat and talked then before we knew it, it was time to go to the game. We walked together and sat down. It was cool cause some of the girls could really play and when the halftime show started the juniors were good but the senior guy cheerleaders were hilarious and at the end they took off their shirts and they all had bras on it was funny as hell. Then we watched the third quarter and I had to go home I kissed Sarah on the cheek goodbye. All in all I had a lot of fun and it was worth getting an absence for the day.

New Semester = New Classes

On Wednesday the second semester of my sophomore year started and it's OK right now. But last semester my schedule was so good except for boring English. After that the whole day was fun and exciting. But now my classes are Computer Programming 2, Spanish 1, Reading and Chemistry. The crazy thing about computer programming is that my teacher still hasn't even showed up and we've had a security guy and a normal sub subbing us. Plus I cheated all throughout computer programming 1 because the class was fun and our teacher didn't really teach us so now I'm clueless. Spanish is o.k but I don't have a clue about how to speak Spanish plus the girls are fugly. But on the bright side my teacher Ms. Rodriguez is fine!!! The reading is straight and chemistry I can tell will be fun in time. But that's all that's going on with me right now, did anyone else's semester just start?

Waiting For World Of Warcraft...

Like millions of people across the land I've gotten into World Of Warcraft and the game is pretty addicting. And I have two characters; a level 33 Draeni Warrior and a lvl 23 Human Warlock. But Blizzard does a weekly update that takes the game out of commission and right now I have to wait for them to finish in about an 1 and a half and its such annoying wait.

But on the other hand I'm gonna start doing blogs again so spread the word. Catch you guys later.

Hip Hop and Rap Union Is Officially Back

After getting our own forum off the ground which you can join here:

We started a new Hip Hop and Rap union after the leader we instated started to cut off ties with our new forum. He even had the nerve to change the name to "The 4 Elements", so we have a new union so now you can join and start posting. Heres the link:

Im Mutha ****** BACK!!!

I hearby announce dat ya boy lvin5992 is back on Game Spot so spread the word tell ya friends my blogs are back in session. So wats up wit me lately? Fa starters im in da 10th grade and doin pretty good the only class I have to put effort in is English 2 HONORS. Right now im back to just kinda driftin and messin around wit "girls dat get around". So thats a little about wat im doin and wat im up to; so leave a comment and hit me up, c u later 8)

Last Blog

If you haven't noticed I haven't been on the site lately I have decided to leave this site and have this account deleted I will give my leadership of the Hip Hop and Rap union to an officer in the union. I had a great run on this site but I don't use this account anymore. I've done a lot on this site, helped unions become bigger, help noob users become users with 20+ posts a blog and even became leader of my favorite union. But you can still find me on the Hip Hop and Rap union forum posting. I'd like to thank everyone on the site who helped me when I was a noob (Happy_Cloud) all of the people who posted on my blogs, read my reviews and even looked on my profile. Here are my final stats:

Level: 29 with 50.79%

Badges: 14

Profile Views: 18347

Friends: 423

People Tracking Me: 471

Games In Collection: 126

Forum Posts: 4987

Blog Posts: 167

Union Blog Posts: 82

Written Reviews: 13

Rated Games: 149

Videos Uploaded: 39

Images Uploaded: 18

Tags: 86

Well thats all If you ever need to hit me up in the future I got my Xbox Live account "ashyblackt" or you could check me out on the Hip Hop and Rap Board website. Peace

Seein Transformers Early?!

My friends Joey nd Miguel won 2 tickets 2 see Transformers V.I.P nd everythin nd they said it was the best movie they ever saw. I mean honestly, Miguel's my boy but he hates everythin but he said this about Transformers. I thought this movie was gonna be mad whack but they said it was raw as ****. The only info i got was dat it was REALLY GOOD nd the it was 2 hours nd 20 minutes of non stop action! Damn i got 2 catch dis flick so i just wanted ta let ya'll kno dat diss movie ain't no joke.

Chris Benoit DEAD?

I kno u wuldn't expect dis from me but damn. They found him, his son and wife dead. Benoit strangled his wife, suffocated his son nd hung himself. They found steroids in his house that would cause sum1 2 do sumthin like this. When i was a little kid he used 2 be my favorite wrestler, i wuld always root 4 him nd always watch his matches. I remember when i first got Smackdown 2 on PS1 he was the first person i played with nd my created person's special moves were his. R.I.P Chris Benoit.

One Picture Of Me

Denise just sent me a picture of me for my Myspace page so I uploaded onto GS too so check it out. Its me in my 4th hour so we would always take stupid pictures. In this one I'm wearing this one girl's glasses so check it out here: