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Perhaps it was a mistake to post this on general PC & Mac Games board, but if my post isn't appropriate, I believe moderators will remove it.

To stay on development and gameplay topic. Today, I got an email saying that demo is now available to the general, rather than closed public :D

If you are interested in playing the game, you can download demo on their website (I mentioned it in the opening post). My first impression was that it's quite challenging, till you get the hold of mechanics and NPC paterns. Graphics and environment effects are solid, but I'm not really demanding on that aspect.

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Sorry spamming wasn't my intention. And acutally this is not my game as I wrote in my post, but I do know the team behind it.

I'm long time Gamespot member but I rarely post, as you can see from my post count. However, I appreciate post on new games (even self promos if they are not copy paste spam), so I posted about HollowFear, as I hope there are still people in this gaming community that enjoy something not AAA.

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Friend of mine finally made it to kickstarter with his project, indie game HollowFear with engine made from scratch on XNA platform :)

I have big respect for his passion and devotion toward vide game development, so I thought I can made short post about it here if anyone will find it interesting.

About HollowFear

HollowFear is an innovative, yet good old, single player game, by gamers for gamers. The emphasis is on gameplay. Everything else is there to serve the gameplay, and not the other way around.

In terms of core gameplay, HollowFear brings together best of different genres. As it combines elements of role playing, tower defense and fast paced action/arcade games, it will put your prudence, tactical thinking, reflexes and accuracy to the test.

If you are interested, you can check the gameplay footage, pics and development notes on HollowFear website, or even back it on

Video Trailer

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Anyone playing this game could give me little advice on how to effectivly play PVP? I always suffer big casualties, even if I win and this costs me a lot of stamina so I can only play few battles per day.

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I never had need to sell guns, since I only build a few of each type. Beside you can switch weapons to arm the team for missions (when they are recovering or if you want to level rookies).