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This movie catches your eyes and never lets them go! I first saw the movie in the awesome Real 3D and was blow away. The movie was IMO great, i thought the story wasnt the best and the dialogue was **** at times but with the amazing scenes, character, action it doesnt cross your mind. 9/10

Drag me to HELL

Watching the film I had a feelings it was going to be crap..

but from start to finish i thought the film was amazing!

One of the best and scariest horror movies in years.

Horror and comedy together actually make a great movie.

Def Check This one out! 8.5/10

The Strangers~Movie Review

I had been anticipating to see "The Strangers" for over a year before its release. I got the chance to go to a midnight screening, and I can honestly say it is one of the scariest, if not the scariest, movie I have ever seen in the theater. The story centers on troubled couple Kristin McKay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman), who, after a wedding reception and an upsetting rejection, arrive at James' family country house late in the evening. Both upset and confused, the couple's current worries are thrown out the window when they receive a knock on the door and a strange girl asking for "Tamara". What ensues is a terrifying battle between the couple and three masked strangers invading their home, violently terrorizing them for no apparent reason.

First-time writer/director Bryan Bertino proves himself with an impressive debut here, because I haven't seen such a well-done horror movie in a long, long time. "The Strangers" gets off to an interesting start that hooks the audience with an upsetting subplot between the lead characters, and then drags them along for the remainder of the film on a truly thrilling ride in which the 'strangers' start to toy with the couple in increasingly violent manners as the movie escalates to its climax. And wow, what I ride it is. What I admire so much about this movie is that it uses simple tactics to get under the audience's skin - a knock at the door, a record player spewing some creepy old country songs, writing on the windows, the clinging of wind chimes - oh, and a trio of menacing masked psychopaths lurking around in the dark. The use of shadows, stillness, and especially sound, is effective here, and there are a handful of scenes that take place in this movie that I will probably never forget.

This movie tries to take the "based on a true story"-angle (complete with the "what you are about to see is based on true events" prologue), and while it really appears to just be inspired by unrelated true stories, the events that take place do seem like something that could actually happen in the real world, which makes it unsettling nonetheless. During the first thirty or so minutes, the spooks are subtle and slow (the entire segment in which Tyler's character is at the house alone had me chewing my nails), and as it progresses, the scares become much more in-your-face, "boo!"-type jolts, which are damn effective and well-executed, whilst a feeling of hopelessness grows as the strangers cut off the couple from any possible chance of getting help. I will admit, yes, there are a few clichés here, but just a few - and luckily they don't ever get our protagonists into real trouble, so they are forgivable. The vast majority of the film is like one twisted cat-and-mouse game, in which these strangers initially just play head games with the couple - unfortunately, for them, the strangers' intentions become quite apparently murderous.

The performances in the film were excellent here, which strengthened the already sturdy script and cinematography. Liv Tyler has a very calming sense about her, but she performs well in the intense situations, and gains plenty of sympathy from the audience. Scott Speedman plays her good-hearted boyfriend, and you also feel for him off the bat after his being rejected by the woman he loves. Playing our three masked crazies, we have Kip Weeks as the man in the potato-sack mask, supermodel Gemma Ward sporting a plastic dollface, and Laura Margolis in a pin-up-girl outfit. All three actors here play the strangers perfectly. They aren't invincible superhumans, but rather just everyday people in masks, which makes it seem much more realistic, thus more frightening. They all have an eerie stillness about them, and hardly speak, but they really don't need to. Their body language tells enough as they hide in hallways, swing on swingsets, and lurk around the property, giving no reasoning as to why they are terrorizing their innocent victims. As for the film's conclusion, it's rather bold and tragic, but I like the fact that it did what it did. It kept the core mystery of the film alive, and while some may be disappointed, I thought it was great. Sometimes leaving questions in your mind is more unsettling than giving all the answers.

Overall, "The Strangers" grabs hold of you from the beginning and doesn't let go till the nerve-shattering ending. I honestly can say, as a seasoned horror-buff, I have never been so frightened by a movie in the movie theater, let alone at all. I'd go as far as to say this is quite likely the scariest movie I've ever seen. The suspense is solid, the acting is believable, and it maintains that constant uneasiness of someone watching you from the shadows. So far, the best horror movie of the year for sure, and quite possibly the best horror movie of the decade - I have to applaud all those involved, because they put together an extremely well-made movie. For any horror fans (or general audiences that want to be seriously scared), this is a must-see. I guarantee you will leave the movie theater with an uneasiness that will follow you out to your car, and quite possibly back to your house. 10/10

El Orfanato

The new spanish movie El Orfanato (The Orphanage) was just released on DvD on Tuesday. This Drama/Thriller movie was amazing! Luara moves back into her old orphanage with her son-Simon and husband Carlos where the problems start to come. Once there Simon discovers many invisible friends and soon goes missing and luara is now hearing and seeing disturbing images and sounds in the search for her son.This movie has alot of jump scences with a freaky little deformed boy with a sack on his head! and it is not to unrealalistic. The writer I belive also directed Pan's labyrinth and did a fantastic job. The locations of spain and the creepy house are beautifuly filmed, O yea this movie is also in spanish and for some reason just makes the movie alot more creppy..dont ask why lol. This movie is for sure now one of my Top favorite movies for sure.

The Others

The Others is yet another in a long list of great horror movies of the new millennium. I have always loved ghost stories, and this film has easily become my favorite ghost story ever. It's like one of the great old black and white ghost stories but better. It takes you on a slow, and uncomfortable ride.

The story is simple. Grace lives in a mansion with her two children, both allergic to sunlight. That little twist on the story was just great. It makes the film completely opposite than other ghost stories, with Grace not afraid of the dark, and making sure to keep the light out, to save her children. This provides us with a very creepy, and dark atmosphere. Plus the mansion is also a creepy place. Not to mention, that in the film everyone who enters the house, must close the previous door, before opening the next.

Nicole Kidman is perfectly cast in The Others. This may be one of her best performances ever (She was also great in this years Moulin Rouge). She was really very believable in the part. The two kids in this film were also fantastic. Alakina Mann as Anne was terrific. She played the bullying sister great. She and James Bently, who played Nicolas, really seemed like siblings. Awesome job by both. Fionnula Flanagan was also fantastic as Mrs. Mills. She really creeped me out, and I didn't know where she stood. Was she good or bad? I didn't know, but her acting was right on the ball.

Alejandro Anemabar directed The Others with such atmosphere. The dark lighting is creepy, and the cinematography is beautiful. This guy's has got a bright future. To accompany all the atmosphere we get a fabulous score by the director, Alejandro Amenabar. The music is creepy, and really adds to the feel of a 50's ghost story. It also sets the mood of the film, and makes the scary scenes, even scarier. The score is fabulous. Not only did Alejandro Amenabar direct, and score, but he wrote the great, and well-developed screenplay.

The Others is not without a great twist ending, that should shock everyone. I did not see it coming, and it's such an original concept to use in a ghost story. It worked well, and I was speechless after the film. Outstanding finale.

This film is yet another horror film that proves that big budget special effects suck! This film is scary, and it only had a $17m budget. The Others did great at the box office, and deserved every buck it earned. It's a creepy film, that has its very scary moments. This is a film that will not be forgotten. It'll be stuck in my mind for a long time. This really reminded me of an old 40's or 50's film. I highly recommend this film to every fan of ghost stories.

Sweeney Todd

Tim Burton was always known to be a director that didn't attend to the Academy's personal taste. His movies were true auteur works, always with a Gothic stunning visual and stories there weren't always what it seemed. It was as if Burton were filming every movie on Halloween. Now, however, it's going to be hard for the Academy to ignore Burton's new film- definitely his best one. Sweeney Todd offers the unlikely pairing of musical and horror. And, man, it works splendidly.

The story begins with Benjamin Barker's arrest by Judge Turpin, a true personification of evil, a man who doesn't think twice in convicting Barker for a crime he did not commit. Sent away of London, he returns with a new facet: Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Until this moment on, his barbershop is scenery to grim assassination- through which the evidences of murder are kept hidden thanks to the help of Mrs. Lovett, the baker. Sweeney vows revenge against the judge.

Burton's direction is truly fantastic, exploring his already trademark visuals with bravura. This time, the dark pictures really suit the story, in a way that they both contrast each other; for no matter how dark the city is, it can't compare to the citizens that live within it. Sweeney, once a pure man, becomes the darkest of them all. And there is no better actor in the world that could portray this like Johnny Depp does. His performance is a defining one, one that goes far beyond the Jack Sparrows, Edward Scissorhands, or J.M Barries that Depp portrayed with perfection. Sweeney Todd is a man torn apart by vengeance, a man that answers only to the call of death. Depp illustrates the psychological factors of the character in subtle nuances, giving one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema. A true achievement that lives up to the excellence of the entire movie.


The storyline of Atonement is where the film holds most of its impact. Essentialy the film is about a lie that Briony tells, and how it affects the lives of her,her sister Cecilia(Knightley), and most importantly of all Robbie(Mcavoy). That's pretty much all I can and will say of the storyline. A lot more happens over the course of the movie, and a lot of stuff that you think will happen doesn't, and things you think won't happen will. The ending is a prime example of this and to be honest I didn't see it coming. The way the movie is directed is also something note. The beautiful colours of the summer house are amazing, but the way the camera moves around the house makes it even better. But the direction will be remembered for one scene in this movie, and its in Dunkirk. I mentioned this previously for the performance in that scene, what I failed to mention is that the shot is a continuous shot that lasts five minutes as we see the chaos of Dunkirk. From horses being shot to a man hanging from a ferris wheel, the sequence is shown in all its glory. It really is a powerful moment, and probably the one scene that got me closest to tears, purely because of the singing in the background, it is shocking just how amazing this sequence truly is.

Its very rare that a movie like Atonement comes along and leaves me completely speechless and in complete and utter awe for hours after I have seen it. You see Atonement isn't just the best movie I have seen all year, its one of the best movies I have seen in a very, very long time. And by that I include Pan's Labyrinth, yes this movie is better than my favourite movie of 2006, and I never imagined Atonement would ever come close to that level of greatness until fifteen minutes into the movie last night. Atonement is an unusual movie, in fact its fair to say that I have never seen anything quite like it. Its a rare movie that actually I adored so much that I am going to hunt down a copy of the book tomorrow just to see the comparisons. Its not an easy movie I'll be honest, if you go in expecting something light hearted and easy to digest then you will leave the cinema feeling very cheated. This is a movie that deals with very dark things at times. No matter how much I desire to write in depth about every aspect of the movie I just can't, the movies greatest triumph is the fact that its plot is so intricately woven that if you ruin one part of the storyline to anyone then the movies impact is slightly lessened. Overall Atonement is a perfect movie, in actual fact its a movie with pretty much no flaws whatsoever. Superb performances, beautiful direction, a script and storyline to die for. It is unlikely any film will top this for a very long time, this is something that will go down in cinema history and it highly deserves it inevitable status

Survival Horror Video Games Exstinct?

Today as I look at my video game collection and I relized I've beaten all my horror games...So I went to a near by Gamestop and didn't see any good survival horror games for Xbox 360 nor Ps3!!! Where is this world coming to! I mean yea I like FF and many RPG's but I couldn't live without Rule Of Rose,Silent Hill ect..And yes i know that there is RE5 coming soon but I realy dont Care for the "over the shoulder camera" but whatever i will just stick to my Ps2, unless you know of any games ^ ^

Beating Rule of Rose

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Just beat Rule of rose a survival horror game for the ps2

- I had mix feelings about the game most of them being extremly good, if you want to know my exact opinoin go ahead and check it my review on it out (hope its not boring) but most people give it extremly low ratings so i just want other gamers review/opinion on it?

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