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I've had that happen too, when I finally did get to play I found there was no matching system at all and everyone else has cars that can't even be caught up to. Needs fixes.
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I have Windows Vista, all my games work brilliantly on it... except for the ones with 5.1 / 7.1 support. Why? Windows Vista doesn't talk to sound cards the way XP did, meaning if you have a top of the range Creative Sound Card all its hardware acceloration, EAX chipsets and whatever doesn't work. Having a top class sound card with Vista will be exactly like just using your motherboards built in crap.
This hasn't been covered much by the media or even by the big sound card companies themselves... it's like the issue has been brushed under the semi-transparent rug.

An interesting seperate quirk is with the game Broken Sword - the angel of death. It is deathly slow on vista, wheras on XP with the same version it worked brilliantly on Vista it barely gets above 20fps, which for a pioint and click is pretty crap especially when running it on an OS 'built from the ground up for games'.

What really pisses me off about vista though is a very small issue, the customization of folder icons. Even after spending more than a billion dollars on developing Vista and spotlighting its customizability the icon set you are given by default is too limited, and the way you change the icon hasn't changed since windows 95,, the window that appears to let you choose your new icon is still non-resizable, you can't change the view selection as you can with a helpful slider in other windows and half the time even after selecting the new folder icon it doesn't change. I just can't understand how this 'folder icon customization' relic of windows 95 has survived this long.