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Hello world, I haven't been on game spot in quite some time and it seems since the last time I have been on the whole site has changed completley. The site isn't as active as it used to be, it used to be a site which was active every day with so many new posts on each board or Union, now I'm struggling to find an active union like the good old days. The unions may still be active but it's not the same as it used to be. Also if there is any Dragon Ball Fans please inform me so I could make you an admin of my forum or just show you the forum. And lastly thanks for reading guys, I'm starting to use Game Spot again just I won't be as active as I used to be, cheers guys, have a good one.

Taking a break

Hey guys

I am going to be taking a break from game spot don't know how long maybe 2, 3 wks or a month. Game spot is just getting boring for me I might still post in the nintendo universe but can the ppl there please keep it active.

And thats about it for me so cyaz

I finally got 10k posts

I have been on Gamespot for nearly 2yrs and I have finally got to 10k pots I was at one stage beating Bak1234578980 in posts but obvisully he is beating me now lol. I got basiclly 1000 posts in the past week or so frm my union and the baks nintendo union :).

I also brought the red Jumpsuit Aparitus's album today, its awesome, my football team won so yeah I am happy atm lol.

Games I want

Hey guys I have a new list of games I want to buy here they are:

Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo

Pokemon heat gold

Super Mario Galaxy 2

New super Mario bros wii

but they come out next year so long wait :)


Goodbye to all my friends I have made on game spot I am leaving now and this is my final day my brother ss3mark has joined GS so I may post a blog on that one day as this is my final message. I want to thank Bak and SE as they were great friends on GS everyone who joined my three unions thank you if I ever come back it would only be for the E3 coverage so goodbye Game spot.

friend cut

I am having a friend cut because I don't post in all of there blogs and I usually only post in about four so there is no use tracking them. In other news my dadboughtme every buzz game to date on ps2 bar the junior games and I am level 22.

My union christmas

Hi everyone I am just saying my union is getting bigger so if you have the time could you please come check it out. We have a new banner made my the signiture and tag making team union also I go mario kart wii dragon ball z wwe raw v.s. smackdown 08, diddy kong and yoshis island.

Need charters for my union

I am needing officers for my union I am hoping to form The everything union it is about anything gaming to anything off topic mainly gaming. If you want to be a charter just post here please I am looking for 3-6 I want a few to start of with, I also got an Ipod, Harry potter wii and $120 for my birthday anyway thank you for my blog hope you enjoyed. :D.

I have left

As game spot has been getting worse in activty I have gotten more and more bored so I am going to leave I will still post in the NR hurt and heal because I want the prize :P but anyway here is my board I made where all my blogs I would have done here would be the site is like a union there is a rank like levels and stuff and well yeah goodbye join the site if you want to talk I will miss game spot but I am leaving a lot of other sites and just having this one

Also I want to say thank you to Bak and SE for being my friends here and all the other game spot users who I have be friended here... Goodbye

Out of the slime and other stuff.

I just got out of the slime woot woot I don't know how many days it took but ... i AM OUT OF IT anyway in brawl I won the subspace emissanry a week ago I think tabbo is really anoing after I buy an Ipod nano I do not know what to get mario kart or a link game something like that so can I please have some suggestions I hope someone reads this as my last blog post only had 4 commets also I am taking my friends list down probally to around 50-70 and I am going to make another top friends list this time with only 5 users because a few of them have left like SE so .. the list will be shortened also I am going to update this later