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1. Halo 2 - Halo. i think Halo 2 is much better then halo but halo still brings chills to me when i first see the video of the flood. 2. Medal Of Honor Alied assualt. Its hard to describe the how much fun you can have in MOHAA's multiplayer. 3. Splinter Cell 1-2-3-. Best Steath Game Ever all of them were awsome but some things in each one were better then others. well the first one had a very good varity of levels but the second one had xbox live & the third one was the best all around(so if your looking to get a splinter cell game get the first one first then get the 2nd & so on, becuase the story in it kinda over laps each game.) 4. BurnOUT 1-3. The Best Racing Games you can buy 5. Tony Hawk 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 The Most fun you can have in a sports game and they just keep getting better (altho i did not like Wasteland that much)