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These are the times that try mens souls

That is the first sentence from Thomas Paine's "The Crisis" which he wrote during the darkest days of the revolutionary war. We are in the calm between the storm. The looming signs of wars, depressions and socialitle collapse are but a taste of what we will face in this new age. Many do not understand how different we as a society are in relation to all human history. We are charting into new territory in disregarding the differences in male/female natures, forgetting our own history, our constitution and becoming too dependent on the state. Once people embrace the doctrine of "getting something for free for doing nothing", which is what socialism is, they ultimately will lose all their freedoms. Once you take money from someone and give it to someone else no matter how well intentioned, it always losses' value through the taxing of it and then even so, will only hinder that persons drive to succeed. While many people celebrate our new president, they will likely suffer the most; because while they will believe Barrack Obama will bring them happiness (through government freebies)--what they are really doing is becoming slaves to the state, while the rest of us prepare and prevent such a scenario.

Like I said in January, I won't be blogging that much anymore. Since my last blog I have -

Subscribed to Pragertopia (Dennis Prager's last thirty days of his radio show podcasting). Dennis Prager recently started an online video series, which you can view here -

Prager University: The American ...

Bought Dennis Prager's highly regarded "Men's Sexual Nature" CD's. It cost me $80 for them and call tell you their worth every penny... Even though I am already a guy, this was pretty enlightening. -

Men's Sexual Nature - All 4 Parts - (CDs)

Allison Armstrong has also been a great help understanding both sexes. Here is some videos and audio of her -

My dad got an AR-15 (Assault Rifle like M-16) for his birthday. It cost around $1200 and is a lot of fun.

I got rid of a lot of my games and have decided to slowly stop playing. I'm not sure if I will eventually quit but for now it's alright if I don't play during the week. I also would like to eventually stop watching much TV. I have become more interested with something meaningful; such as reading.

I have been working for Little Caesars, for three months now (part time).

As many of you know, the TV show "24" is my favorite show. While I think it was still better than other shows on TV, it was diffidently my least favorite season yet. OMG if Jeneen Garafadumbo, is on next year, I'm going to be pissed. I hate that witch; and she's a horrible actress for the part of FBI!

I have started attending Brown Mackie College and will be going for my associate's degree in Criminal Justice. I will be going full time and I complete 1 ****every month for 2 years to get my first degree.

My current belief in religion is that I view myself as Judeo-Christian. Which I see as believing in Jesus as the Messiah but also find the Jewish laws very good as well.

I have read and bought quite a few books since my blog in January. However, one that has really affected me is "Mao: The Unknown Story". Once you read this biography of Mao, you won't believe how truly evil he and Communism were and are. It goes over his whole life and talks a lot about Stalin as well as a lot of other big commies. It is a very easy read, considering it is around 600 pages. However, it is an extremely important, interesting, and is a must read for all (although it gets a bit graphic, so it's not a children's book.).

Well that's all for now.