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The Unfairness of it all and other things...

So I believe last time I told you I was in the army and that I had to deal with the problem of picking another job-well I never thought I would actually be kicked out of the army. While I had to pick a job this time I also had to finish my medical eye consult. I went up the first day and got my consult done and they told me that I would have to wait until the next day until the waiver for the consult was cleared. Now in my mind I virtually had no idea or no thought concerning, what would happen, if it didn't clear. I knew I had bad vision in my right eye already but I also knew it was the correct vision to join. The next day, after nearly six months of getting ready to join and joining the army--they tell me, because of something I got before birth (my optic nerve in my right eye never developed fully) they would not allow me to pass. The reason being, I might bump it against something and I could go blind in my right eye. Well obviously that makes no sense, considering I wouldn't be in a combat related area but I guess they just didn't want to take the chance. As you might guess I was stunned by the news that my waiver to join was denied and the whole thing felt like a bad dream but it was real. After they told me, I signed a paper; which I assumed was to get out of the army (honestly I was still in shock of the news and wasn't really paying attention). Anyway I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to join another branch of the military-mainly the air force. Today I went and talked to an air force recruiter and she said it's very unlikely that the air force will accept me but I could still try. She also said even if I am accepted into the air force, I will have to wait at least 4 to 6 months until I would leave to basic training. I hated my job with a passion the last place I worked, so I quit even before knowing for sure I would be leaving. I will probably start filling out applications tomorrow and hopefully I can get a job at GameStop or somewhere better then my last job. Most likely I won't be able to join the air force either and I should know within the next few weeks but if I can't I'm probably just going to go back to college and try and get a degree for something like cyber security or the FBI/CIA.

There are a lot of reasons why I wanted to join the military. I think the one big one is that I believe this is the greatest country in the world and I want to serve such a country which has given me so much. Another is that I loved the idea of getting taught forcefully how to follow rules, get physically, mentally and emotionally fit and concentrate on the objective... considering I have a hard time concentrating on my homework and some other things that need to get done. I also liked the idea of getting away from my parents; who suddenly deem it necessary to constantly tell me how I need to get into something like the military where I will ultimately be out of the house (most likely) for good. It's not enough that I hate having to live with them but that they hate living with me too, really gets to me. If I don't get into the military I will most likely have to live with them until sometime close to graduation or at least until I can condition myself to focusing on homework primarily. Furthermore, because I don't need unnecessary suffering from paying for an apartment with a full time job and going to school full time--at the same time.

In gaming I have basically had no money to buy anything after I bought Rock Band 2. So I replayed the each game in the orange box over the weekend. Now im just finishing up my (I believe) fifth prestige rank in Call of Duty 4 and I am now 10 days into the game.

While gaming is a big part of my life, reading I regard even higher (even though I don't read quite as much). I finished two books over the past month. The first one was called Brisingr and like I said in my last post, it was wonderful and so far is definably my favorite in the great "inheritance cycle". I also finished a book called Liberal Fascism: From Mussolini to the politics of meaning... which Is a extraordinarily well done and I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about history and the extreme ramifications of the doctrine of the left. Right now I am reading the illustrated bible. I have never read the bible before, so I wanted to read it and see if I really am religious. The Illustrated bible is much easier to read presumably then reading the actual bible, since it actually explains the story's with a bit more clarity and pictures :) . As far as I know, it goes over all the big things including both old and the New Testament.

I went to see

AnAmericanCarol.jpg picture by mastertanksMaxPayne.jpg picture by mastertanks

EagleEye.jpg picture by mastertanks

If you're looking to support a great America-loving movie and enjoy yourself with a funny parody I suggest you look no further then the American Carol which I would give a -- "A" and not just because it is a strong conservative movie.

Max Payne I would give a "C +", because if you followed the game it is somewhat interesting but it also is quite confusing; even for someone who enjoyed both games. I really think it lacked a coherent story though, because it seemed so jumbled but the scenes that did work were quite good, though a bit less dreariness could have helped a lot more.

Eagle Eye was somewhere in-between. I liked the fact that it had some good action scenes and was fast paced throughout the movie but the acting and overall story could have been portrayed much better. It has an exciting vibe to its story but it ultimately didn't shine as great as it should have and therefore I give it a "B"

And for my conservative friends and curious liberal ones out there I would also recommend renting "The Lives of Others" which is about the what happened in east Germany when the communists spied on everyone-kind of like what might happen if Obama the most merciful shall be elected... ugh! I get jitters every time I think of how such a radical might be our next president.

Well if you read all that you probably have an easier time concentrating then I do :lol: Hopefully I will write another blog sooner than last time.