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The #1 movie of all time

TheDarkKnight.jpg picture by mastertanks

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, what are you waiting for? It's not everyday you get to see one of the greatest movies ever made. It is now the #1 movie of all time. My sister, her friend and I went to see the epic 2 hrs and 32 mins, on Friday night. Acting, directing, writing; pick any part (large or small) and you'll find excellence in every category. Acting-wise, Heath Ledger's Joker is one of the most frightfully realistic sociopaths in entertainment history and the rest of the cast do impressive job as well. I have seen a lot of movies but this just might have been the most intense movie I have ever seen... to say it was grander then the Godfather would be a bit of an overstatement but to even be considered on the same level is quite an achievement.

I have decided I will take the test much sooner then originally thought; largely because I really dislike my job... August 5th is now the day I will take the entry test (ASVAB) for the army and im currently leaning towards something like Intelligence analyst.

In gaming, my wireless controller has suddenly decided to die. So I haven't been able to play my 360 for a couple weeks now. I get paid this week so hopefully I'll be able to get a new controller. The thing that really sucked about it though, was that it died in the middle of my subscription to GameFly. I did get to play and finish Condemned 2, Dark Sector and Stuntman Ignition but I still had at least 2 weeks left.