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I got tagged by Dantheman, so here is ten things about myself that you might notknow -

1. I almost died when I was little. I was around 2 years old and my mom was outside working in the yard, when the house started to catch on fire from the stove. So my mom rushed in and got me out and the fire burned the house down. We even have a picture of us in the local paper when it happened.

2. I play softball with my dad and his company's team. We are in the medium range of teams and play once a week each season. Are team name is the Tornado Pigs... one of the guy kids on our team, drew a picture of a pig in a tornado-which we have on our uniforms and our slogan is "we'll beat you like a hat wearing pig".

3. I was in the Boy Scouts for around a year and made it to the 2nd rank before quitting, but I didn't enter until I was 14 so I was rather old for just starting out.

4. I was in a singing group called sunshine generation when I was five years old and won awards for singing with two other girls as my backup in a jam-packed auditorium.

5. I love reading and Harry Potter is my favorite book series and have read each book at least 5 times.

6. I was homeschooled all my life but I did go to school for 1 day and hated it; so I just taught myself.

7. My favorite band is Green Day and has been since I was 9 years old and my sister and friend were playing them full blast in their room constantly.

8. Ever since I can remember I have had a very strong urge to learn about goodness and about how I could expand my knowledge on every subject related to it. I even write down the things I have learned in life in which I want to remember about values, religion, morals and whatever. I also like learning about evil and the people who commit; though it isn't quite as interesting as goodness.

9. I am a night owl. I can't stand going to bed. It's like my last hours on earth and I have to do something good in some micro or macro way before I go to sleep.

10. I have never committed any crime or smoke, use drugs or drank alcohol (although I have had a few sips of wine on New Year's Eve).

Im tagging Rynn21.