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Joining the Army

I Passed! Hey it's been a little over a month since my last blog but iv been pretty busy. Frankly I can't believe how long these last two months have lasted. Since I decided I wanted to join the army, I have been constantly keeping myself busy... Like, completing at least 5 games, 6 books, and buying around 40 movies. Well I know I said I would take the test on the 5th of August but I decided with the book Breaking Dawn coming out on the 1st I might as well wait until my mind isn't consumed with this. I ended up taking it on the 19th and like I said at the beginning of my blog, I passed! In case you're not aware, you must pass the entry level test (ASVAB) before you may join the any part of the military. My basic four scores added up to a 53, which is much better then what I was hoping for.

On Saturday I went to Breakers Water Park with a bunch of future soldiers and recruiters from around Tucson. Before all of us went in, they had a drill sergent line us up in four lines and listen to his speech. Now this wasn't your demon lord from hell drill sergent, he actually wanted us to ask questions if we had any (course no-one spoke a word) but it was interesting to meet one before going in. He mostly just discussed what to do and what not to do, in basic training.

Tomorrow I will pick out my job in the Army. Currently I have picked around 3 jobs all in intelligence, the first one, which im hoping for is Intelligence Analyst, the second is Imagery Analyst and my least favored Human Intelligence Collector... or as I like to call it to strangers-wouldn't it be cool if you could say your job is "Human Collector" :lol: "Ya I collect humans" :P . Anyway, Human Collector, I mean Human Intelligence Collector, is basically just interrogating people and debriefing them... ya its not like Jack Bauer type of interrogations but its still sounds interesting. However, from what I have been told by my recruiter it looks like Human Intelligence is the only one open so far though. After I pick the job, they will probably have me go to MEPS processing to get my full physical done next Wednesday and take the oath of enlistment. After MEPS, I doubt it will take much less then a couple weeks until I take my physical fitness test and ship out to basic training.

In other news, as I said, I have bought a lot of stuff recently and read a lot too. If you're not familiar with the Twighlight then I hope you shall. It's an incredible and emotional ride. Honestly I would even rank the books as entertaining as Harry Potter which I am a huge fan of. There are four books in the series and the last book (Breaking Dawn) came out the 1st of August. I read all four books, starting around July 20th to August 4th. The series itself is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire and it's written by Stephanie Meyer. They will actually be coming out with a movie about it called Twighlight sometime in November.

While going to see any movie in the theaters dulls in comparison to watching the Dark Knight again, I still found myself going a lot more often then I ever have. I have so far seen The X Files, Tropic Thunder and Death Race. The X Files is more or less a decent crime drama with little to do with sci-fi and less enjoyable then I would have expected. Death Race is fun for any action junkie and worth seeing on the big screen; although it doesn't have much of a story. Tropic Thunder was good but it was just a bit too corny for my taste and spoof's I have never really liked. The X Files I'd give a "c+" Tropic Thunder I'd give a "B" and Death Race a "B+"

Finally here a list of all I have bought since my last blog -

AboveEmpyrean.jpg picture by mastertanksBreakingDawn.jpg picture by mastertanks CommonSenseBook.jpg picture by mastertanks

FEAR.jpg picture by mastertanksDoom3.jpg picture by mastertanksDoom3expan.jpg picture by mastertanks

Since there are so many movies, Instead of pics I'll just list them -

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions



Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Full Metal Jacket


The Passion of the Christ

The Nativity Story

August Rush

Akeelah and the Bee

Meet the Parents

Meet the Fockers

The Butterfly Effect

30 Days of Night

The Negotiator

Seraphim Falls


Hollow Man

The Riddick Trilogy - (Pitch Black, Dark Fury, The Chronicles of Riddick.)