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Its easy to believe in nothing, its hard to have faith

It is a weird thing to acknowledge that something which seems utterly impossible to be true could be so. I am talking (of course) about the god issue. Is there a god? I think so; in fact I would be disappointed if there really wasn't. Do you detect a hint of skepticism in my beliefs? Well I admit I believe in a god but I also have my past arguments against such a belief. I may have been raised by a Christian father and spiritual mother, but I never really was brought up as such, so I consider my upbringing more of an agnostic or security. So basically I have to get past an almost indoctrination-like barrer I built for myself. Honestly I don't understand how people can't believe in a god? Why would you want to believe in something which states that it's all random chance and when you die your dead forever? Even if you were a rabid atheist wouldn't you hope that there really was a god? Wouldn't you feel angry that god didn't exist? People tend to think "well im to busy with "life" to actually get into all that." Well, look around you; there are people who struggle everyday just to earn a living, feed their kids, deal with lost sons or daughters who died in Iraq or wherever and still manage to believe in god. I think another thing which is hard to deal with, is how god could let the world get this way? Well, if those people might just peak at the bible, they may realize god gave US free will; besides that, we shouldn't expect to know why god allows evil things to happen. Like, C.S. Lewis said, in his book Mere Christianity, god isn't simple minded like us humans; he is on a whole other spectrum of intelligence beyond any other being. Furthermore, it does us no good to wonder why god allows evil things to happen; because every day there is evil in this world-plotting, scheming and doing evil things while we sad few, sit and discuss whether we should believe in a god. Well, I say get your faith and get it fast; because people are dying out there and maybe just maybe, you will be the person who makes all the difference.

Now that I have had my little sermon :) I think I'll go over what I've been up to lately. I finally finished the illustrated bible a couple weeks ago. However, I will have to read the actual bible to truly say I have read it. The Illustrated one, basically just summarized everything (Including both old and New Testament), which made it a somewhat easy read but it also wasn't the same as reading the actual bible. I also read a book called The Proper care and feeding of a marriage... :P As I said in previous blogs, I have really become interested in learning about both sexes and their natures. It certainly wasn't one I would have picked out at the library but it was on one of our bookshelves, so I thought "what the heck." Written by a truly masterful writer, radio and radio talk show host--Dr. Laura Schelessinger. I can't really describe it but it certainly is worth a lot more than any knowledge you'd get from most therapists. Currently, I am almost finished reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature. It is a brilliant insight into all the great literature of the past; especially which the liberal college professors don't want you to know.

In gaming, I restarted another subscription to GameFly on November 2nd and played 7 games in the process. I played and finished The Darkness, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Battlefield: Bad Company and Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. However, I did play through a decent portion of Far Cry 2 and I played Soul Caliber 4 (for about an hour). The Darkness, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space and Hells Highway, I would say, are defiantly worth renting. I have never really been into fighting games so I wouldn't have gotten Soul Caliber 4 if I knew what it was like. As for Far Cry 2, it was a great game but I knew it would have taken me at least the whole month to finish, so I would say its worthy of a purchase, unless you're like me and usually only have time for Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer. Bad Company's single player campaign, was allot of fun also and it had great multiplayer too--so if you're into that, then it's also worth a purchase.

I saw

Twilight.jpg picture by mastertanks

Twilight last Sunday. It certainly doesn't compare to the books fantastic story but I can't say I didn't enjoy the movie on its own and also the fact that Belly was really Hot! :P anyway... was it worth the price of admission for a person who hadn't read the books? No I don't think it was but if you have, then I doubt you will feel disappointed as long as you don't expect it to be anything other than a decent book to movie transfer.