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In The Army

Well things didn't work and I didn't get the top job I wanted but I did get a good one instead... Human Intelligence Collector; at least for a few weeks. I went through the whole physical; which was one of the most tedious and mind-numbing days of my life. First I went through countless briefings on what to do and what will be happening during the day. After the initial wave of briefings, I then proceeded with hundreds of others to the medical area. Where we basically did everything you could possibly think of that's related to your health. As glad as I was to get out of medical I still had to wait and fill out a massive amount of paperwork; after which I got my fingerprints done with the FBI and then got sworn into the army reserve. The thing is, I had a medical consult for my eyes also, which it turned out was scheduled after I was supposed to leave for basic. So I had to go all the way back up to the army processing building and reschedule my leave date-to find out that the job wasn't available anymore. I will be going back up there to the army processing again next Wednesday and hopefully picking job (if they have one I like); otherwise I have no clue when one will be available. Tomorrow I will hopefully be passing my physical training test, which I have to pass before leaving for boot camp. All that I have to do to pass is just do a few push-ups and sit-ups and run a mile in 8 mins and 30 seconds. The first to should be a piece of cake but I am a bit worried about the mile. I have neglected my running for the past few weeks and currently I still haven't been able to make the time.

In gaming news, I bought

RockBand2.jpg picture by mastertanks

Last week and it's been tough to stop from playing it. Honestly I don't see how Gamespot could give it such a low score. The game is magnificent and may not have reinvented the franchise but it's certainly isn't worse than the first game. The game itself has so many hooks that will keep you coming back constantly for more. Though, the greatest thing about it is the huge caliber of songs which are superbly diverse-plus Harmonix is going to giveaway 20 free songs to all owners of the game at some later date. I have grown extremely happy with how Harmonix treats its customers and can't wait to see what else they have in store.

I also bought the third book in the Eragon series (inheritance cycle)

BookthreeofEragon.jpg picture by mastertanks

Which I am currently half way through. Between Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and Eragon, those three books I can truly say have lightened some of my darkest days into the happiest and it's a shame that they will soon be coming to a close with Eragon's final book coming out within a few years.

Not that much else that I've done recently, although I did get to see Righteous Kill and Burn after Reading last week. Righteous Kill was great... with Pacino and De Niro, how could it not? But it was a bit too depressing for my taste. Burn after Reading on the other hand, was hilarious, although rather odd.