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I turn 19 today!

Happybdaycake.jpg picture by mastertanks

Oddly enough, I will be turning 19 years old today. It's hard to imagine and yet it isn't. I feel so old already, with the type of political, religious and moral knowledge which I hold already. I am almost finished in reading the bible, I know so much about the difference between men and women (thanks in large part to Dennis Prager) and I am a diehard conservative. I also have never committed any crime (not even a speeding ticket) and I was even in the boy scouts for a short time, when I was younger. Still I know I have a lot more to learn. I saw Ben Stein's "Expelled" last night and I am also starting to read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and every day I feel more like becoming a Christian.

Anyway, I didn't want this all to be about me, so what do you guys feel about religion, the difference between men & women or politics? One thing I have really enjoyed learning about recently is about the opposites in which men and women think.