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A Time For Change

Well uh uh uh uh Congratulations fellow GS'ers we have change in store for our country in most likely every aspect of our lives. I am sure we can expect great pearls of wisdom from our next president including but not limited to topics like (and yes that is from a Rush Limbaugh parody) -

Obama-1.jpg picture by mastertanks

"I believe that the things that need to be done are the things that haven't been done for far too long" or who can forget "In the face of change I believe in hope, in the face of hope I believe in change" "Let us leave the past behind us as we go forward into the future firmly anchored to what came before" "Let us set aside the things that divide us and come together united indivisible as one people. Together we can make something out of nothing... YES WE CAN!

LOL... just thought I would share some thoughts on our new *cough* communist president of the United States. The Lord Barrack Obama or the Messiah in some circles is going to truly help everyone in this country from oppressions like living in poverty while those greedy rich people take all their money--to global warming... Yes, The Lord Barrack Obama, thee most merciful, will help change us into a better nation. :P

Anyway, as I put as my title, it is a time for change. Unfortunately as you know it's been almost two months since my last blog and since then I suppose a few things have changed. For one, I got a tempory job being a UPS driver helper during December but that didn't last long since I was let off immediately after the 25th. My family also got a nice 40 caliber pistol (Smith & Wesson) at a gun show a couple weeks ago. Since then, I have mostly been reading books and playing Fallout 3; which I'd say was almost as great as Oblivion was as a RPG. Now, I am back to looking for a job, which has been even harder process now, because I don't have access to as much money anymore, my Xbox Live subscription ran out and I feel like nothing is going right.

I also bought a 1 year subscription to Rush Limbaugh 24/7 and his newsletter. I am a big talk radio fan and getting to listen to the doctor of democracy whenever I want is pretty cool; plus, I gave the login and password to my family and they can listen to him whenever they want also.

One last thing that I want to mention is the main point I guess of this blog... which is, I am not going to blog much anymore. I have distanced myself from games, TV, movies and Gamespot in the last few weeks and I have really enjoyed it. I never thought I would get bored of playing games but lately I have been more interested in reading more. The good thing about living in scary times in my opinion is the way you see all the brighter sides of life much easier.