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At Midnight Tonight, i shall Finish the Fight!

There nothing quite like knowing one of the greatest games of all time shall be released in less then 12 hours and at that, what's, even more amazing, is that, I'll be enjoying it as soon as I get it, in line at midnight madness here in Tucson AZ! I can't wait! Even though I have 2 classes starting at 8:40 tomorrow I decided to just take the plunge into the line of Halo fanatics who will certainly be in line much sooner than me. Im a major fan of the series but I never really did things like wait in line all day, so hopefully it isn't too bad. I'll probably leave around 10:30 or 11:00 to get in line.

HailtotheChiefHalo3.jpg picture by mastertanks

I will be picking the Limited edition (hopefully) version of the game, probably at GameStop.

For the past week I have finished Halo 1 & 2 and yesterday, I listened to a lot of hype and saw a bunch of videos and read pretty much every top reviewer site's opinion on Halo 3.Although most of the other sites gave H3 a 10, I thoughtGame spot's review was much nicer about the flaws and really candy coated it well. So GS gave it a great review and score in my opinion and I would have been a little confused if they gave it a 10... Since their were many sites that gave it a 10 but questioned the flaws allot in their reviews.

In other news, I bought a couple of items on Amazonagain:

- What? i like Reese Witherspoon :P

- I thought about getting the third but i didn't really like the new complex nature of it, whenever i played both demo's i always had more fun with the second one. Plus i got it, very cheap.

--~~Halo 3!!!~~--_=10 hrs - 20 mins :D

The Third Coming of Halo

Ya, I know... the title is a bit cheesy (the second coming of Jesus?) anyway I justdefeated Fable (Xbox) yesterday, which was defiantly a must play of oldXbox games or PC, if you haven't already. As you can imagine, I am a big fan of the Halo series and started playing the first game again today... so hopefully I'll get both games finished before it comes out, since iv got quite a bit of homework. I'm still having fun with the old games, even after all the long flythrough of when I had very few games in my collection and lots of time on my hands. However that's not the case now-a-days, iv got a 1000 word essay about a song (which I picked, Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On") due on next Monday, plus a bunch of algebra lessons I haven't even started on yet... plus add the mild cold, I just caught yesterday.

I did get out of the houselastweek though and had a lot fun,shooting a gun for the first time in my life. My Dad and I went down to the firing range and shot off around 200 rounds of a cheap 9MM, my parents bought awhile back. My was Mom was mostinterestedin buying it though... lately she has been buying tons of emergency supplies stuff.She has even boughtone of those radioactive meter things recently. I totally agree with her... I think everyone should be getting emergency supplies for their family and friends.I really believe we will be getting hit with a nuclear bomb or something even worse:"The Perfect Day" by terrorists soon. I don't think it's a question of if but rather when?

Finally, I bought

- Xbox Live Arcade

A Halo 3 picture pack and Theme.

I also; recently,got some sweet achievments with GH 2: I beat the game on normal (which I should have accomplished awhile back), I beat every easy song with a 5 star rating and I also got a perfect in Surrenderby Cheap Trick.

My Top 20 Favorite Songs

Yay I just reached level 27 and for my level-up I'll make an editorial type about my extreme interest in all types of music.

Not very many people know how much I love music, like they sing about in my15thsong "Its More Than a Feeling". I mean it's like an addiction and I seriously can listen to any type of music whenever and still love it. The only type I truly dislike is rap. Although some songs I can handle, I usually find it crappy and the fact that it is so disgusting now-a-days doesn't help my distaste for it. Right now, I have over 1700 songs on my Ipod (video, 30 gigs) and im adding more everyday. I really can't explain how much I enjoy music, because it's just so magical in its essence that it's beyond words. When I was young I started off listening to the Backstreet Boys among some other pop groups, almost constantly... :lol: Then my older sister became almost obsessed with Green Day... When I was around 8 years old. Ever since I heard Green Day cranked up in her room; I also have become a major fan. Green Day will forever be my favorite band but I like Varity in life and that should become clear with my top 20 choices.

20. Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G

19. I am - Zebra head

18. Over My Head - The Fray

17. Every time I hear your name - Keith Anderson

16. Down with the Sickness - Disturbed

15. More Then A Feeling - Boston

14. Seashores of Old Mexico - George Strait

13. Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys

12. Du Hast - Rammstein

11. Too Much Fun - Darryle Singletary

10 Radar Love - Golden Earring

9. Closer - Nine Inch Nails

8. Ramble on- Led Zeppelin

7. Adam's Song - Blink 182

6. Runnin' with the Devil - Van Halen

5. Beer for my Horses-Toby Keith& Willie Nelson

4. Island in the Sun - Weezer

3. Higher - Creed - The Melody to the song is so catchy and dramatic that it amazes me every time I hear it. It is so explosive and rockin' yet it's also well meaning... atleast in my interpretation.

2. Chick Magnet - MXPX - Probably one of the very few bands today which are actually far better then you could possibly think, in concert. Their album, The Ever Passing Moment is defiantly my favorite and the only one I have listened too and enjoyed most. The album version is alright of this song, but the live recording or "At the Show" version is extremely well done.

1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day - I can't even count the number of times I have listened to every one of green day's songs but it's got to be in the hundreds now. My sister's friend Shawna had become one of the biggest fans of Green Day that I knew when I was young. This song is my favorite because it pretty much sums up their history of musical genres in almost all of the song. A band's politics or whatever their beliefs are have never really interested me. Although I hate Green Day's political beliefs, their music has always brought me back to the day. However, my favorite album would have to be American Idiot.

'Look Mr. Bubbles its an angel'

Its official, Bioshock is even better then GS and many people actually thought it would be. You really can't find too many innovative and unique FPS games on the market right now, that our as great as bioshock. With around 20 hours of gameplay, it's very rare you find a FPS game with that much effort put into it. However, Bioshock isn't just a FPS; it's also combines RPG elements fantastically into the mix (also some cool puzzle sequences). I would even rank this with Half Life 2, in length, innovation, graphics and combining genres. The two endings certainly add to the replay value also. In Bioshock you can either kill a little sister or save one. I choose the latter but on my second run-through I shall kill them. It's hard not to recommend investing in $60 to buy this game since its well worth your time. Final score - 10.0

In other news I just got Fable (for Xbox) in the mail the other day and I am almost constantly playing it. It's more interactive then I would have imagined and pretty decent graphics for the original Xbox. So far im about 5 hours into the game and I have a wife and a totally pimped out house. One thing I wasn't expecting was the 'making love' part were you can 'make love' to your wife. :shock::roll::P It's too bad I can't have children though, I guess in the first Fable, all I can do is shoot "blanks".

My homework load really isn't as bad as I would have thought earlier but I suppose it's only the start of term. Anyway... *dozes off* im tired, so... that's all for now.

Bioshocked into the Storm

Well not really.. since the storm isn't too bad yet (my homework: in college) but im sure it will be pretty soon. Writing 102 so far looks like the hardest with a final of 3000 + words, scary. :shock: Anyway, lately iv been playing tons of Live; mostly Gears of War though but since yesterday iv been playing this game i bought at Target -

I bought Fable and three movie's online yesterday also.

Not much else going on right now; although softball season for my dad and me will be starting next week. I love baseball but softball is much more fun i think. I used to be in little league when i was younger and loved it though... darn i miss being young and not having a care in the world about skipping homework and playing outside with friends. How time seems to pass quickly, really does suck somtimes. Don't get me wrong getting paid every two weeks and getting whatever i want, when i want, is nice but the simple nature of being a kid really does appeal these days much more.

The Storm approaches

The Storm of homework anyway!

Iv got four classes to look forward too, this semester and a mountain of homework; for which I have never seen so high before... looming over me. I'll be taking Math 92 (for the third and final time hopefully), Writing 102, History of music (it's a required class) and Business. My semester starts august 22nd.I haven't really thought about the military that much lately although iv said to family I do want to join, or at least be apart of something to do with the field.

I learned this new trick recently from one of my friends JL or otherwise known as the conservative union leader. He told me how to do a text link. Ok if this is way to noobish for you just move on but if you also don't know how to text link, then I'll show you. Just copy and paste any website here. Then put this in before it insert text here Just get rid of the asterisks in this example:[*url=]insert text here[*/url]:lol: I love Family guy: Best of Adam West

In gaming news, I defeated Guitar Hero 2 on easy a couple days ago and on normal today. It's an unbelievable addicting game which was well worth the expenisive price tag. Im now looking forward to getting a real guitar in the future. I also got my Xbox live connection back up! I played Gears of War online for almost all day yesterday. I haven't had my live connection up since last year. I wish I would have bought the wireless connecter at the beginning of summer though. So whoever has Live add your live ID here if you want. I currently own these games on my 360-


Finally my parents recently bought a handgun. It's a really cheap Lugar I Think. They bought it online so we will have to wait awhile im sure, for the FBI check and local transfer.

Back to school shopping!

Ya, this is my kind of back to school shopping! 8):D


NOW i can finally get back on Live more often! :D

I havewanted a computer gamingMic for awhile now and a great one this looks like *Plantronics Audio 360 (direct from

And the DVD's of course! :P

- Great straight to dvd movie BTW - Specially for conservatives.

Nothing else really going on right now.. just waiting for my new stuff (bought it online, as usual) and playing Zoo Tycoon 2. I reached level 26 a few days ago and myGameFly subscription ended. While with GameFly, i rented - Dead Rising, Condemned, GRAW 2, Marval: Ultimate Alliance, Call Of Duty3, Viva Pinata. The Girl situationi mentioned in my previous post hasn't really changed since.

Thats all for now...

I Finished Harry Potter and The Dealthy Hollows... A Girl..

Many things have been happening in the past week, which I have been quite excited about and been waiting for; for along time... I'll start with the 5th Harry Potter movie which is well worth seeing espshilly if you're a conservative who wants to see a great movie (one with a surprisingly realistic view of congress right now) you should see HP: And the Order of the Phoenix.

(No Spoilers) Ever since I was around 10 years old I have I have simply loved the Harry Potter series. I can't explain how much I love the series which has taught me many lessons in life and has served me very well in writing and English. It is an unexplainable phenomenon to me that a human could write such a compelling series with so many life lessons and morals which follow an almost bible like legendary journey. This series has not only opened my eyes to other great writers like Palonia (Eragon) and C.S Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) but also historical and political books. At first glance it would seem a mere children's story but even if it was, what's wrong with feeling like a kid again? Being a kid is probably one of the greatest times in your life, so why shouldn't you enjoy a good story? However, if you have started to read past the 4th book you will realize this isn't your ordinary kids or even teen story, because it follows one boy's journey from a minor to an full fledged action and suspense, rated Adult story. For what seemed like a lifetime I have for this finale book and what an amazingly unexpected mark of genius it was. Yes I did finish the 758 page book in Only 3 days (actually its even less, since iv golfed and went to work on Saturday and Sunday). Throughout reading it and mostly in the finale pages I wondered whether this book could have truly been made by a human, since it seemed so extraordinary and the ending almost seemed like a came straight out of the bible. If you even mildly interested in reading this, I strongly advise you to do so, because this is a very easy book to instantly fall in love with and understand. A part of my childhood has finally left me and I have grownup a little more after reading it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is a far more incredible finale then I had expected and a great farewell to an amazing series.

In other news, I have been getting ready to take my GED lately but have had troubles having to tell the state I was home schooled and having to say im not being home schooled anymore :roll: ... I'm going to college now (you'd think they would know that)...

Iv just finished Dead Rising and Condemned only a few days ago (GameFly Rented). Dead Rising is beyond worth buying but since iv already played it... I may nevertheless buy it once it lowers in price. Condemned However, is to me not worth buying, since it's so short but its well worth renting.

Finally I had a dream on Friday night, about a girl that I worked with at McDonalds. I'm not that much spiritual or anything but it almost felt like I was meant to have it. I suppose it could turn out to be wrong but just the way it went and they way iv felt about her recently has made me think otherwise. The dream I had was mostly filled with us holding hands :oops: while talking (about what iv no idea) and sometimes kissing. :P Wow now that wasn't embarrassing to talk about :lol: Anyway, on Sunday, I went back to work just hoping to see her and gladly she was working that night. So I didn't really say anything; not only because I was at work and that I was shy and embarrassed but also because later that night a guy came in and hugged her. It could have been a close friend or whomever but it almost seemed like her boyfriend (which further increased my unlikeliest of telling her, I liked her). As my shift was coming to a close, she spoke to another employee about her future which further increased my crush. So without thinking about my actions I sort of was in a mad argument with myself as to whether I should talk to her and at the same time I couldn't keep my eye from wandering toward her.. Which I really hoped she hadn't noticed since it seemed far too common that I was staring at her without thinking. After leaving work I felt mad and angry at myself for not talking to her and almost felt like my head would explode if I couldn't tell her. I think she knew that I was being awkward (which is rather weird since I was already the sort of loner at work). I don't really understand it, I barely know her yet I want her to be the one so much (since we have a bit in common). What should I do??

Sorry for the unusually long blog but a lot of stuff has been going on recently and iv been busy.

The Waiting Game...

OMG I typed up a long blog which I talked about my view on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix among other stuff lengthy and accidentally pasted something over it! WHY GAMESPOT DON"T YOU HAVE AN UNDO BUTTON!!! Anyway, yesterday I went to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (which was freaking Awesome A+++ FTW :P ) and couldn't stop my mind from thinking about Harry Potter, that I started reading the sixth book again. However my real waiting and drooling has been looking forward to spending 24 hours straight reading the next book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

Yikes! Iv just signed up for four fall ****s! Math 92, Writing 102, Business and the History of Music. My ****s start around August 22nd but I can already feel the load crumbling down. Nevertheless, I will have some extra help from now on. I just learned, only a month ago that my oldest sister will be going back to college for a Bachelors in busniess (which is probably what im going for). Then only yesterday, I learned that my Dad (who is 50) will probably be going back to college also. Yet if that isn't enough my other sister may also be taking ****s once she has enough money, next year! Well kids, let this be a lesson :P I will be the only one in the bunch, who will stay in college until I've graduated!


bought some cool stuff

I have finally finished Crackdown and can tell you its worth every penny to buy it! I also finished mario kart: super circuit (that was very easy) and Max Payne 2 (amazing game, even better then first).

here is the cool stuff i bought -

and i also bought another 1 monthsubscription to GameFly (with 2 games out).

And finally im trying to figure out if i want to get Gutar Hero 2 or wait for number 3 or Rock Band? Im leaning towards just geting GH 2 though.