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A New Year Begins!

Alright solast year wasn't all the bad for me... Oh who im I kidding, it was freaking awesome! 1 year today, I became apart of the part-time workforce and stayed at my job (McDonalds) unlikable ever since. I could have applied for other jobs but whether I was too lazy or needed a high-school diploma I didn't... And ever since I started working, I have been surfing theweb, compiling lists and buyingthings fromAmazon ever since.

Before I started my whole shopping spree, I only had around 10 games (including my PC, GBA, PS2,360, Xbox). Now I have 52 games in my collection (Xbox 360, taking up the most; with17). However my movie collection has now grown from around 10 to 110 (including TV shows and a mini series). I have basically every type of genre out there now and still planning on getting a good amount more. I love collecting movies, because their not as pricey as games and you can enjoy them in under 2 hours.

In other news - It's beenquite a kick*** year for us gamers and I'd like to share my top ten favorite games of 2007... "Ya I know, there all 360 games butfor the 360 it's been an incredible year.So here it is -

10. - Crackdown

9. - Guitar Hero 3

8. - Guitar Hero 2

7. - Mass Effect

6. - Assassin's Creed

5. - Bioshock

4. - The Orange Box

3. - Rock Band

2. - Halo 3

1. CallofDuty4360Boxart.jpg picture by mastertanks- Call Of Duty 4

The Runner's up - GRAW 2...

I have not been able to even talk to the girl I talked about in my last blog, so nothing to report on that yet. And I also forgot to tell you guy's about my grades in my last blog. As it happens, I only passed one ****out of all four. I don't know how I failed my Business ****though, because I studied for it much more then the others. I feel really bad for failing the three, which I will inevitably have to take again. At least when I do take them again, I'll know what kind of homework I'll be trying to complete.

Like always I bought a couple movies recently (which im still waiting for!) -

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wouldn't say it's the best ever but i ain't complaining, iv already bought myself plenty this year. So here's what i got -

A $10 Starbucks gift card.

And some shirts.

If your wondering why my family and i opened presents on Christmas Eve; well that is because ever since my sisters and i were little we have always opened them on the night before... lucky eh? Overall Christmas Eve has been an exciting and fun day this year and Christmas day looks even more promising.

I went to see I Am Legend, last Saturday. Which was very good. It didn't have a lot of action or suspense but it was still very interesting look into a Cast Away - Resident evil type of mixture. Overall I would give it an "A" and was a great movie for the theater. I'll probably be going to see National Treasure next week, since that also looks good.

In other news, a girl a my work recently - well I wouldn't say cornered me but that's what it felt like... and started telling me she liked me and wanted me, to get some whip cream and she would lick it off my body... ya you heard that right. I haven't seen her for quite a while during myshifts so I haven't had time to reflect on it much. I am not really sure what to do (since I don't really like her in a long relationship sense). Because if I do go out with her or something I think the only reason for it would be to "well be a guy". So I don't really want it to happen that way either and im so different (in that im a morally good conservative) that it's hard to know what to do. I have further complicated things by accidentally telling one of my friends from work, that I had a girlfriend... which everyone happened to hear.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Is it over?

Hell ya it is! I'm talking about my classes of course. I took my last final today, which was my Business class.I had a total of 4 classes this semester, which was my first time, taking more the one class! As you can imagine, it was incredibly difficult, I managed to pass at least two and im currently hoping I passed the third but it doesn't look so great on that front.

I have a really bad problem of not doing my work until the last minute (and I mean 2000 word essays written in one day, last minute). So I at least understand I need to fix that but im just not sure when it will happen. I plan on taking two classes next semester, (something to do with History & Politics). So im hoping those shalt be as hard as this semester.

In regards to my life at home; I have been getting out more often (out of my Dungeness room) bike-riding, running...

I am currently thinking of things I can do while on break for the winter. Everything is what I have planned for the break. This is what I know I'll be trying to accomplish before the spring semester - Finishing Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Resident Evil 4, 24 The Game - Getting my Drivers License (I only have a permit now), getting my GED....

Finally I got an emblem today, which I wasn't expecting - "Good Taste" -

For the connoisseur of fine games.
Those with good taste are judicious about what games they add to their impressive collections, and would be reluctant to pollute their rows and rows of ****cs with anything approaching average quality. Ask these fine individuals for advice on what to buy next, because chances are, you won't go wrong by following their guidance.

Prettysweet huh?Soo if any ofyall need some help finding a great game, contact me. :P

Oh, and ya'll know i bought some more stuff online, so i'll just post itall here -

JasonBourneCollection.jpg picture by mastertanks

'Flirtin' with Disaster'

Rock Band -"Flirtin' with Disaster" - Molly Hachet

Iv got to be honest. I truly haven't had this much fun with a game in a really long time. I just finished Rock Band on Normal guitar mode and have already started on hard mode. It was probably one of the most memorable enjoyable experiences iv ever had. Harmonix truly knows how to make a great game and I think they perfected this game to the point that it's quite unbelievable. I was singing and rocking out to pretty much every song in the game; even the bonus songs were half-way decent. Now this is coming from a person who has only played the Guitar version so far. I have already ordered the drums & microphone but they probably won't come for quite awhile.

Now on a more serious note.

I haven't told you guys about this but for the past couple months, iv had many visions of nuclear bombs or huge events (such as bio threats) happening around me.Perhaps it's the many movies or TV shows which I watch (seriously I watch like 3 DVDs a week & 6 primetime TV shows), the looming threat of the Islamo Fascist rats or the scary nature of world now but I feel like World War 3 is around the corner and nothing can stop it. The one thing I do knowis that life is a fragile thing and so is freedom. I want to do something with what time we have left in this world which we know right now. I have been thinking about joining the military or getting involved with politics in some form.

One quote which has dramatically struck mein my life, is one made by Edmond Burk. - "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing"

Some things which iv been thinking about allot lately are -

  • Buying a few guns and learning to shoot them better.
  • learning more about medical stuffandemergency situations
  • getting into shape

Learning more about religion and more specifically Christianity. I know someday I would like to learn more about all religions but for now im just not sure if I can.

Finally... I saved the stuff I bought online recently for last -

24 - Season Six

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD: Widescreen

Superbad Movies Double-sided Poster Print, 27x41

Rock Band Xbox 360 Microphone

Driver 2

The Ultimate Shopping Spree!

Well lately iv been playing the Orange Box and I finishedit yesterday.If you're on the ropesabout buying the Orange Box, I can tell youit's worth every penny. It took me forever to finish HL 2, Episode 1, 2 & Portal(and iv played through HL 2 on thePCmany times before)... YetI still haven't played Team Fortress. Anyway, the HL 2, Episode 1, 2story is quite an emotional journey, which covers much in its huge environments and puzzles. The Ending's to both Episodes 1 & 2 (especially 2)are simply too spectacular for words andjust what NEED to play to feel the depth of one of greatest game series of all time.

In other news, I finished Guitar Hero 3 on easy and almost done with medium now. If I had to choose between which I would want to play, it would have to be Guitar Hero 2. GH 3 is just to mainstream and therefore they played too much off of cover bands and it's just not as fun as GH 2. Don't get me wrong, the more mainstream the better but if they are going to do a half-a** job of putting together cover bands and trying to make it sound like the original then you can count me out next time; inbuying a new controller.

Ok this is defiantly the most extreme shopping spree ivever had (and likely will) but it felt so awesome while surfing for all the stuff (bought it all online). This is like every kids dream spree... I spent probably around $600 total.

The Movies -

Shrek the ThirdLive Free or Die Hard Stranger than Fiction Flyboys The Pursuit of Happyness

Into the West (4-Disc Series)Rocky Balboa The School of Rock Assault on Precinct 13 Wolf Creek

The Curse of the Jade ScorpionThe Hitcher Jet Li's Fearless Borat - I think that's it.

I also bought a new system -Ya that's right... Ibought a PS2 Silver! -

I also got a game which iv never played but have been dying to play -

Also, some great Playstation games - & one of my all time fav's -

PC game -

Gameboy Advance -

And Finally I bought & pre ordered a bunch of 360 Games -

- With an extra Wireless Guitar and Drums.

What i got for my Birthday...

I had a pretty good day and got to shoot off a few rounds at the gun range, eat some great pizza and then watch a great movie (black book; is what it was called... on dvd). So i officially turn 18 8) around 11:30 tonight.

Anyway, this is deffinatly the most movie based birthday iv ever had.... but i wanted all of these, so it was still awsome -

Around $60 in cash.

A $30 giftcard.

some cloths

and -

I already owned Terminater 3.

It's my Birthday!

Yaay! I turn 18 today! :D

So as far as what's planned; i'll probably being going to a gun range in the morning and pop a few out... then it'll hopefully being trying to get somthing done in my paper for writing (which is supposed to be 3000 words... ya i know homework on my B-day :roll: ) finally we'll have cake & presents. Nothing special but you can't really do much when you turn 18, anyway.

I discussed acoustic and electric guitars with my music teacher and he said my best bet, would be to buy an electric guitar, since im a beginner. Electic is suprisingly easier to learn and cheaper for a good one. The good beginner electric guitar's start around $150 and usually a good place to look is pawn shops. So i'll be checking around for that, because Guitar Hero, has really got me into playing and i would really love to learn how to play a real guitar.


360,Guitar Hero 3 - Model XB3 ACT 95137 at Sears.comI have beaten it an easy with every song 5 star'ed except the first song on the last row... which is a bit tough to get 5 stars on. Im currently working on medium now.



I just got this in the mail today and only played HL 2. I haveonly gotton to the Route Canal part.I have already beaten it numurous times on the PC (which, so far 'i would say, is much better on). If you havn't not played Half Life 2, then have not played a true video game. This is like a MUST for all self respecting game-a-holics- out there.... or really anyone who wants to play 1 of the greatest games ever made, combined with 4 other games.

That's all for now... i'll probably put up another blog when i open presents. :)

A little shopping before my birthday

Well i guess i'll get right to it

KLPX Fest which i went to last week was $**$%S(# Amazing. These were the bands who were there - Rick Derringer, Starship Jefferson, Marshal Tucker Band, LoverBoy, Kansas and finally The Doobie Brothers. It was almost like going to WoodStock. It lasted all day long and i would deffinatly go again. Although all the band's were popular in the 70's and 80's, they sounded like modern day rockstars and were some greatest rockers of all time. Anyway, if you ever want to hear some talented guitarists, all these bands should be in your catagory.

Iv been thinking about getting a real guitar lately and decided i want a electric guitar and regular one. However, i will have to talk to my music teacher about which guitar's i should buy.

Halo 3 stats - highest difficulty level beaten campaign on- Herioc -Lieutenant: Grade 2 - played 200 games - EXP - 90 - highest skill - 16 (team slayer) - I also have all the skulls now.

In gaming: Halo 3 has mostly been my source of gaming recently but i just ordered a bunch of stuff online and should be getting it around the end of next week or so. -

360,Guitar Hero 3 - Model XB3 ACT 95137 at Sears.comGuitar Hero 3: Game with Wireless guitar.



A November To Remember

Try to guess what game each goes too (ya I know, their easy)... scroll to bottom when done for awnsers

Interstellar conflicts creating cross-galaxy extermination, Defeating amonstrous like creaturewhich is apart of a larger speciesthat has infested your planet,Learning the ways ofacult ofwarriors which have becometheshadow of fear& respect ina time of spiritual awakening,Falling into a rugged world of Modernchaos, In athe face of a seemingly unstoppable alien enemy,you tread across islands with lush greenery and beauty,Taking apartthe law of gravity, collecting coins and tackling giant eggplants, endlessly strumming, banging and singing your way to becoming a the ultimate Live group.......

Those are only a few of the many unbelievably hyped and incredible looking games, which come out in November. I'll probably get the Orange Box pretty soon and preorder Guitar Hero 3: with wireless Guitar, pretty soon here.

Since I have to go to a concert for my Music class (College class), I'll be going to see KLPX-Fest here in Tucson AZ. All the bands were Headliner bands from mostly the 80's - The Doobie Brothers (Edgar Winter is also expected!), Kansas, LoverBoy, Starship, Derringer, The Marshall Tucker Band. This is going to be one hell of a concert! My dad and I (who is also a fan60's 70's & 80's rock, like me) will be going this Saturday.

Well, one other cool thing about this November... is my sisters Birthday, who'll be 30 and i'll be '18'!!! So I'll get to vote and get to do some other stuff too. I haven't decided what I'd like to do for my b-day or that weekend, so if anyone could give me a few idea's that would be awesome. I have a permit right now but I will probably be getting my license pretty soon

In gaming iv basically stuck to Guitar Hero 2 and Halo 3 for the most part. However, iv also tried out Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. So far it's a great simple game although old (it needs unlimited sandbox $ mode) it's very cheap.

Here are my stats so far in Halo 3 - Highest EXP - 52 - Highest Skill - 9 - Ranked Matches - 76 - Social Matches -26 -Customgames - 3

Played over 100 games!

halo-3--Brutes.jpg picture by mastertanks






In order from top to bottom - Mass Effect, Gears Of War, Assassins Creed,Call Of Duty 4, Crysis, Half Life 2: Orange Box (PS3), Rock Band.

mass-effect.jpg picture by mastertanksgears-of-war-PCBrumak.jpg picture by mastertanksassassins-creed-.jpg picture by mastertankscall-of-duty-4-modern-warfare.jpg picture by mastertankscrysis-Landscapepic.jpg picture by mastertanksHalfLife2the-orange-box-.jpg picture by mastertanksguitar-hero3Pic.jpg picture by mastertanks

HowWill I Find the $ or let alone the time for this?

Passing through the threshold of Halomania

First I would like to announce, I am now the leader of the Conservative Union! :) It is my first leader position, so hopefully I'll make a great one.

Second, iv been trying to stop getting on Halo (I have homework) but it's proven rather difficult, since I am totally in love with it. I am working on Herioc difficulty now. I finished the game on Normal, probably on last Thursday or Friday, im not sure, because last week I had a heck of allot of homework. I had a 1500 word, perfectly crafted song essay due, a 2 page music essay due, 2 business quiz's due and my first math test... And pretty much had it all done by last Thursday. On top of that, iv been barely getting any sleep.

My stats on multiplayer so far are - Total EXP - 22 -- Highest skill - 6 -- Ranked matchs - 22 -- social matchs - 18-- custommatchs - 1

Halo3multiplayerpic.jpg picture by mastertanks

Oh and I forgot to mention in my last blog; I saw Superbad in theaters. Lets just say it was one of the funniest movies iv ever seen but with the most graphic behavior iv possibly ever seen in a R rated movie. Im kind of surprised it wasn't rated NC-17 or something. Very crude and raunchy humor (With allot of cussing) but if you can handle it, a very funny movie. I recommend seeing it on DVD unless you've seen all the other great movies that are in theater already. 2 & a half stars, out of 4.