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Seriously thinking about joining the air force

I don't know why I have become so interested, perhaps a bit of my interest came from my friend agent401 (even though he joined the army)... but whatever the case, I am seriously thinking about joining up within a couple months. One thing I do know is that I would have to start making big changes in my daily routine. To pass boot camp (which is 6.5 weeks) I would have to run 1.5 miles in approximately 11:57, 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 45 push-ups in 2 minutes... and that means professionally done; otherwise it doesn't count. Currently I'd say I could do about 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups (the right way); so obviously I have quite a ways to go in the physical arena. I will have to start getting up earlier and running; preferably every day. My sister went into the air force when she was younger, so she will help me get through it all; especially boot camp. Obviously this would be a huge change in my life, so naturally I have been thinking about it constantly. I would not only be on my own for the first time but also have taken a full time job. I still have to meet with a recruiter but I have pretty much made up my mind. It would be impossible for me to become a combat solider since I have bad eye sight in my right eye. Not much else I can say about that now but im sure I'll have more whenever I visit a recruiter.

I have done a lot reading lately and have finished 4 books in the past month alone. So far I have read: Rescuing Sprite: a dog lover's story, Happiness is a serious problem, 1984 and The Diary of Ann Frank.

I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Iron man the other day. Which were both brilliant adaptations, worth seeing in theaters. Although I loved Prince Caspian a lot it didn't follow the book as closely as I would have liked. Iron Man on the other hand, was excellent. I could have used a bit less with the drawn out 'work scenes' and it could have used a bit more comedy but it was still much better then I expected.

I also bought

WeddingCrashers.jpg picture by mastertanks

I finished GTA 4!

Finally... with 57 hours in, 71% game completion, 1142 people killed, an addiction level of buying in bulk, 172 days passed, 421 cars stolen, 428 stars attained, $880,000 gained from missions, 17,397 bullets fired and 78 deaths, I have finished the GTA 4 story. The immediate thrill which comes from taking control of a chopper is always intense (especially when brucie tags along for the journey). The police mechanic is probably one of the smartest things Rockstar has achieved in the game; because the amount of times you steal a car, mow down street lights, etc... You would automatically attract police attention but you can very easily escape from the police. My complaints I had are fairly insignificant, when I look back on the game as a whole; nevertheless I shall explain them. First one of the things I hate about completing a rather long or tough mission is that when you die, you usually have to start over from the very beginning (which becomes aggravating after 3rd time, especially when you lose the body armor and ammo which you had). I can't really think of any other great complaint iv had with the game. Their is literally so many things which are done to perfection in this game I hard to even list them all. GTA 4 is basically a must for all true gamers. I don't like saying that, seeing as it is a bad influence but it really is a wonderfully crafted sandbox game; which brings almost any possibility to light.

In other news, my classes have ended and my online summer class has started. Its an extremely easy class so i will have a nice and easy summer. I did finish the 24 part Judeo Christian series, which i talked about in my last blog... which is well worth your time. I also just got back from vacation last wendsday. I went with my sister and nephew to Sedona Arizona; Which is one of the most beautiful parts of AZ. We stayed with my parents and grandparents at a RV park. We mostly just stayed by the pool the whole time but we did go to Slideing Rock; a river with a red rock bed which is very slick and feels excatly like a water slide.

I also bought a few things off of Amazon today -

1984.jpg picture by mastertanksAnneFrank.jpg picture by mastertanks

JohnAdamsHBOdvd.jpg picture by mastertanksDejaVudvd.jpg picture by mastertanksTheExorcist.jpg picture by mastertanks

The Case For Judeo-Christian Values...

Better answers: The case for Judeo-Christian values

I have listened to Dennis Prager for over 5 years--not regularly but off and on (although for the past few months I have listened to at least 3 full hours of his show each week); and I have never taken much interest into his columns until recently. Sometimes he will mention his columns during his show and I'll think "ya I should really look-into that" and then I will forget about it... which is odd since I regard him as one of the most morally, intellectually and one of the most decent men on the planet. However I am glad I didn't this last time; because his 24 part Judeo-Christian Values series is one of the greatest columns I'll ever read. My mother is a very Spiritual person and comes from a background of which she believed that god is all of us and that she doesn't believe in religion--she just believes in that we all came from this type of divine energy. Nevertheless my father came from a deeply liberal family (who still are BIG libs) but only his aunt truly believed in Christianity and taught him all that she knew; therefore he is a big conservative Christian. So I have always had both influences throughout my life and enjoyed them both but I recently have found-out that I much more prefer Christianity to the simplicity of believing in just spirituality. I have never read the bible (although I plan to) but I have had so many people involved in my life--I realize that being with people who believe in a religion makes them more-likely to be a better friend and a better person. I had two friends (a girl & her brother) when I was little, who went to public school (as children of atheists no less) who I became good friends with. However my friendship with them was never as grand as it was with a new friend I would gain when I was around 11. He was apart of a Mormon family with 7 brothers. I didn't think much of the whole thing at the time and I just regarded him as a great friend. My other two friends I would later have to end the relationship with--because of problems with the girl admitting (to parents) we both did things which I'd rather not talk about on this site (it wasn't as bad as what your thinking and we both didn't know what we were doing; at least I didn't). Anyway, my point is people often put down religion, for reasons such as they don't like people who go to church for some reason or they had a bad experience. However that is the place you're going or the people you know and the exception to the rule. Generally, people who go to church tend to be far better friends, wives, co-workers, etc. People often forget that injustice and evil doesn't come from the Judeo Christian values or religion, it comes from the secular world. One of the most general examples is that which was done to the Jews by the Nazi's or the people who lived in country's like the Soviet Union. These were not of religious orientated killings but of secular. Finally, that is not all to say that evil exists only in the secular world but generally throughout history, the vast majority of evil has come from the non-religious.

Alright now that iv had my little lecture :P I'd suggest everyone should look into this series. I currently haven't finished it (im on part 10) but so far it's been very educational.

Also if anyone wants to listen to Dennis Prager, you can listen to his show anytime on -

In other news I am really excited for summer break. I have only a few days left. I will also be leaving a week and a half or so on vacation, which I'll probably be gone for about 4 days.

In gaming news I have really become a GTA 4 addict. Although I admit it is an "all around" Great game, I do have a few issues with it. First I absolutely hate that they didn't put checkpoints when you're in a mission. Another thing I dislike is when your in a mission and die and your given the option of redueing it, you lose all your weapons/ammo/armor that you lost when you died or were arrested. Third I don't think this is just me but what is up with the driving mechanic? Especially when you have a four star wanted level being chased by the cops and your car randomly flips over. I believe the last mission I completed was "three leaf clover". I have around 28 hours into the game and I have a 36% completion rating.

Of course i bought a few more dvd's since my last blog, so here they are -

AmazingGrace.jpg picture by mastertanksEvanAlmighty.jpg picture by mastertanksKnockedUp.jpg picture by mastertanksRansom.jpg picture by mastertanks

TheLastMimzy.jpg picture by mastertanksTheTexasChainsaw.jpg picture by mastertanksTheTexasChainsaw-1.jpg picture by mastertanks

For those who are interested, here is all twenty four parts to the Judeo-Christian Values columns -

Better answers: The case for Judeo-Christian values

The case for Judeo-Christian values: Part II

Judeo-Christian values: part III

The case for Judeo-Christian values: Part IV

The case for Judeo-Christian values: Part V

Liberal feeling vs. Judeo-Christian values: Part VI

Hate evil: Case for Judeo-Christian values, part VII

Part VIII: Judeo-Christian values are larger than Judaism or Christianity

Choose life: The case for Judeo-Christian values: IX

The Left's battle to restore chaos: Judeo-Christian values: Part X

Moral absolutes: Judeo-Christian values: Part XI

The Jews have a mission: Judeo-Christian values: Part XII

Secularism and the meaningless life: Judeo-Christian values: Part XIII

The arrogance of values: Judeo-Christian values, Part XIV

We are not just animals: Judeo-Christian values part XV

Nature must not be worshipped: Judeo-Christian values, Part XVI

Without man, the environment is insignificant (Part XVII)

Murderers must die: Judeo-Christian values: Part XVIII

The challenge of the transgendered: Judeo-Christian values, part XIX

There is no viable alternative: Judeo-Christian values Part XX

The rejection of materialism (Part XXI)

The feminization of society: Judeo-Christian values: part XXII

First fight yourself, then society: Judeo-Christian values: part XXIII

Who believes in American Exceptionalism? Judeo-Christian values part XXIV

A Wonderful Week

Well I guess I'll start off by saying I've seen better weeks or days for that matter. It all started last week, when I was really trying to work-out. I usually do at least 10 pushups, sit-ups and lift weights every day. Last Tuesday, I decided to do about 70 of each (excluding doing that many weight lifts). I have done that a few times before, but usually not that many. I believe it was later that day that I started to get a sore throat. On every Wednesday, my dad and I play (slow-pitch) softball. So naturally I tried my hardest at everything I did; although we ended up losing the game really badly but I did really well, so I couldn't complain. On Thursday, I didn't really have a sore throat anymore and everything seemed some-what alright when I woke up. At first I thought I just slept on my side for too long, because my side (around my rib & heart) felt strange. I didn't think much of the ach in the morning but by the afternoon it was getting worse. I kept trying to occupy my mind to something, like playing COD4 or watching a movie but whatever I did it still wouldn't go away.

So by about 3:00 in the afternoon I was really in pain. I told my Mom earlier that it might be just a pain from sleeping on my side but by then, I was thinking about going to the doctor. It was seemed to be gradually getting worse and by 4:30 both my parents were thinking about taking me to the hospital. My dad was still at work but he told my Mom to call 911; meanwhile I am in agony on the couch listening and thinking I'm about to have a heart attack. So by the time the paramedics get there I'm in excruciating pain and my whole body feels like iv just run 100 miles. I am feeling like somebody has wrapped a belt around my chest and squeezed my insides. The paramedics tell us that they can't find anything wrong but they say I should go to a hospital. My Dad decided to drive me there and by the time we get there, I am almost at the point of praying, I make it to the door... and of course it only gets better, when I start to feel really warm and feel like I have a fever. Now it's around 60 degrees outside but I have shorts on and Iv defiantly got a fever, which doesn't help; since I'm feeling very cold and very weak.

When we finally get inside, we sit down and wait for about 30 mins for my name to be called and head inside the pre-emergency area. There, I tell them everything I can about what's going on and while that's going on, they also check my temp. It turns out I have a 102.7 fever added to my voice going almost to a whisper (with snot filling up my mouth) and my nose running like mad. After their done with most of the tests to determine when I'll be taken to my room, we sit out in the lobby for about 2 hours and wait again. When I get settled in my new room I seem to be able to move around much more without pain and after sitting for so long my discomfort from moving drastically started to decrease. Eventually they take a strep test and a few others and then an x ray. It's around 11:00 pm by the time I get back to my room and now it's only a waiting game. The only thing im thinking about now is when I will be able to sleep; since I am unbelievably tired yet still awake. When the doctor comes in (after what seems like ages) he tells us I had something called "Costochondritis; which is an inflammation of the cartilage which attaches the ribs to the breast bone... although the cause is usually overuse by lifting or straining of the chest wall muscles, sometimes the condition cannot be traced back to any specific injury and the cause is essentially unknown. Once you start feeling the pain, it is often mistaken for a heart attack." He also told me that the cure is pain medication like Ibuprofen and it will also eventually stop. Wow... all that and I could have took some Ibuprofen which we have here. Anyway both my parents and I were starving by midnight since we hadn't ate since an early lunch, so we went to In & Out burger and went home. The next day I felt fine but by the day after that, I had gotten bad sore throat. I still have that today but it's really gotten better, so I'm looking forward to this week; because no-matter what I doubt it could end up that bad.

In other news I have reached the third level of prestige in Call of Duty 4 and I have also beaten the game on Veteran (the hardest difficulty); so iv pretty much got every achievement. I also stopped by GameStop the other day and bought -

Godofwar2.jpg picture by mastertanks

I also preordered a few items on Amazon -

Juno-1.jpg picture by mastertanks2053815306_02ece9832c.jpg picture by mastertanksNationalTreasure2.jpg picture by mastertanks

GrandTheftAuto4-1.jpg picture by mastertanks

United93.jpg picture by mastertanksFightClub.jpg picture by mastertanksWorldTradeCenterDvd.jpg picture by mastertanks

TheTransporterCollection.jpg picture by mastertanksDonnieDarko.jpg picture by mastertanksThePatriot.jpg picture by mastertanks

I know it's a lot but thanks for reading.

Getting Lost in the World Of Narnia

I don't know if any of you have had the chance but if you like reading, like I do; you should read The Chronicles of Narnia... and if you have already, you should read it again. My dad started reading me The Chronicles of Narnia, when I was very young and ever since, I have reread it many times over. It made me fall in love with the Harry Potter series after the second book came out; and that in turn, increased my interest in reading. I later found out about Eragon and right around that time became a lot more politically involved... so I started reading The Enemy Within (by Michael Savage). I am currently just finishing up with the last book in the C.S Lewis series The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle. It is probably one of the most powerfully important books you'll ever read and it's so short and easy to read that even a person who doesn't really have an interest in reading, could read it with ease. It's stunning to find the things that C.S Lewis says in them, reflect so strongly towards what is happening today; especially when it comes to today's liberals and the biblical references throughout are also brilliant. Anyway, I just thought I would tell everybody; if you really want to read something wonderful, go to the library or buy this series.

In other news, I will be pretty busy for the next 3 weeks or so, while finishing up my final paper on Terrorism; for my Political Science class... so I probably won't be making another blog until my class ends around the beginning of next month.

I have finally started to start playing my PS2; even though I bought it a few months ago. I started off by, playing through God of War. God of War I would rank, as one of the best games I have ever played. The action is always intense and keeps you feeling like an invincible yet insignificant mortal throughout. I also bought 24 the Game recently. I have only one word to say to people who are thinking about getting or playing it in anyway "don't!" It is an utter waste of your time and this is coming from a die-hard 24 addict. While I somewhat enjoyed the story while playing through the first part of the game; I eventually gave up... because everything but the story was horrible and even the story wasn't worth it.

I also finished what many people consider the greatest game ever made, Resident Evil 4... Although I strongly disagree with such a statement. While the game delivers its promise of being a survival game, in my opinion it utterly fails in the horror part. The game is also too puzzle oriented for my taste... as I would constantly have to run to my computer to read a walkthrough on the puzzle parts. My worst grudge against it though, is probably its lack of color or flavor; since I would constantly have to a go against villager after villager, which got boring rather quickly. Now I don't think it was a bad game; on the contrary I believe it was an interesting and different experience but I wouldn't list in my top 25 list of favorite games. Right now, i am getting back to playing COD4's multiplayer again; so far i am level 52 on my second run through.

As promised in my last blog, here are some pics of my movie collection so far -

DSCN0218.jpg picture by mastertanksDSCN0219.jpg picture by mastertanks

I currently own 148 DVD's and 12 miniseries/ TV shows.

I also bought and added these three movies to my collection last week.

TheBenchwarmers.jpg picture by mastertanks

Spiderman.jpg picture by mastertanks - since i already own the 2nd and 3rd.

BehindEnemyLines.jpg picture by mastertanks

That's all for now...

Addicted To Call of Duty 4

So iv been gone quite a while. I haven't had much to report on in the last few weeks, so I didn't make a blog. This week has been a bit different at my work, as I got my first write-up. I think the whole thing, was a load of crap but whatever. I work at McDonalds and they said I didn't stock a specific area up even after I was told at least three times. Yet some of the guys and I were joking around (one of them being a manager) when we weren't joking we were very busy. Afterward they put the formal document next to me, I tried to ask why I got the write-up but they wouldn't even let me explain. Anyway, they told me to go home after that; which I didn't really care either way. I have hated my job for awhile now though, so nothing new there. I have really started applying at other places, (like GameStop) much more now; so hopefully something will turn up soon.

In gaming news, I have basically been playing COD4 multiplayer. Currently I am level 40 on my second run through. I have been trying to keep playing different games recently which I just bought but it's been tough to keep away from COD4. -

Bully360.jpg picture by mastertanksSkategame.jpg picture by mastertanks

I also just bought -

Godofwar1.jpg picture by mastertanks

Today; So I might be playing a little more of my PS2 which I have practically neglected since I bought it three months ago. That's about it for this blog. I did of course, buy a bunch of movies & books again, which im looking forward to watching and reading. -

1600microsoftptscard.jpg picture by mastertanks

LordoftheRingsbooksandhobbit.jpg picture by mastertanks

StarWarsepisdoe1.jpg picture by mastertanksStarWarsepisdoe2.jpg picture by mastertanksStarWarsepisode3.jpg picture by mastertanks

StarWarsTrilogyepisode4-6.jpg picture by mastertanks

Braveheartdvd.jpg picture by mastertanksSWATdvd.jpg picture by mastertanksTransformers.jpg picture by mastertanks

IamLegend.jpg picture by mastertanksGrandmasBoy.jpg picture by mastertanksNapoleonDynamite.jpg picture by mastertanks

TheFastAndTheFurious.jpg picture by mastertanksTheFastAndTheFuriousTokyoDrift.jpg picture by mastertanksTheReaping.jpg picture by mastertanks

ShaunOfTheDeadDvd.jpg picture by mastertanksItsawonderfullife.jpg picture by mastertanks

BTW - I forgot to mention that i went out shooting on my last blog; which was a heck of a lot of fun.. plus i got to get out of the house and do something---which i wish i'd do more often. - here i am shooting one of the nice military weapons that my friend owned.

Picture001.jpg picture by mastertanks

His friends owned some top of the line firearms, since they were in the military, so i got to shoot a sniper rifle, assualt weapon, shotgun and slide-back pistol (which i almost took my thumb off with).

Movie Frenzy

I had planned on going to see Rambo last Saturday but what my sister told me, changed my mind. She told me about a site called "66". The site allows you to watch movies which just came out in theaters! Although I have found an even better site (since then) called Movie I have already watched -

Juno.jpg picture by mastertanks - "A"

Rambo.jpg picture by mastertanks - "B +"

JumperPoster1.jpg picture by mastertanks - "C -"

Both are just incredible sites... my family is probably going to get a cable which can go from our computer to our tv. Now not all of the video's have good and clear picture but most are sufficient... and I think they would look even better on a good size tv. So I have had a great weekend. I watch movies which just came out in the theater anytime I want.

I didn't believe I would have enough to buy anything this last week, with my paycheck--but I was wrong...

HotelRwanda.jpg picture by mastertanks

BruceAlmighty.jpg picture by mastertanks

HARDBALL.jpg picture by mastertanks

28dayslater.jpg picture by mastertanks

28weekslater.jpg picture by mastertanks

Swordfish.jpg picture by mastertanks

Frequency.jpg picture by mastertanks

I did however go out (last Saturday) because I had to pick up my Dad's birthday present. I got him a book called Liberal Fascism: The secret history of the American left, from Mussolini to the politics of meaning. I also applied at Trader Joes while picking up the book. So hopefully I will be hired there; since they pay really well (start $7.50 & 50 cent increase every 6 months). The downside is that it's around a 30-40 min drive.

In gaming, I have just made it to the rank of Captain in Halo 3. I have now moved on to playing some Gears of war again. I really suck at Gears but it's a fun game, so I'll have to learn something, sooner or later.

I don't know why (well I do) but I started watching 24 again. I own every season of 24, so I can enjoy some non-stop action whenever I want. I started watching season 3 again; which means I now have to watch 4, 5 & then 6.

Racing at the extreme

It's been a long past couple weeks. I have been trying to read up on my history book & political science books lately but it's been tough. Hopefully I can catch up on a couple chapters. I somehow had my first overdraft, while purchasing something online, so I barely had anything left after getting gas and paying for my car insurance. Next week, will probably be around the same way, so I won't be able to buy much then. As for that Hockey game I went to, it defiantly wasn't like any other sport iv ever seen. It was much more brutal then I would have guessed and the people seemed to despise the other team, more then usual. Overall, I didn't care much for it, but hey it was free.

As you may know, I am a huge fan of 24, so this whole writers strike has really pissed me off lately. I own every season of 24 and I don't know what to do anymore. I have literally watched each season, like 3 times, since last year and now they tell me I have to wait a whole 2 years to watch season 7! -

24's Season 7 postponed until 2009: Here

Joel Surnow leaves 24: Here

I recently bought a new Xbox 360 mic, because the one I got with my 360 broke. I bought the same type of one, which came with the 360, since it was cheap and 'good enough' for me. I also bought

BurnoutParadise.jpg picture by mastertanks

And got it in the mail, a few days ago. I currently have a ****B license. So far I'd say it's worth getting, if you're not into other racing games. I don't know why but I dislike pretty much all racing games, except Burnout. Since I won't be getting any other racing game for quite some time, I had to get it. Probably its biggest perk, is the totally open world, in-which you can stop at any stop light and race/dual/takedown... but that is also one of its biggest faults. Another major disappointment to the series is that they got rid of the crash mode. This is my worst gripe with the game. At first, I really didn't care for the open world or extremely annoying mapping system in the game but now that iv gotten more used to it, it's much more entertaining to play. From my limited play-through now, I'd give Burnout Paradise a - 8.5

I finally made it to level 55 in Call of Duty 4 (which is the highest level), just a few days after my last blog, so I will start playing a few of my other games, now that I have reached that mark. In fact" I started playing Halo 3 again... online that is. I am currently a 2nd lieutenant and almost completed that rank.

TY for reading...That's all for now. 8)

Starting Classes again

Not much has happened since I last blogged so I'll try and make this short. I have mostly been trying to focus on getting homework done... Since my classes have started last week. I am taking History: Western Civilization from 1500 to now & Political Science: National & State (Arizona) Constitution. They are both very interesting and hopefully I will dedicate more time to these classes then I did last year but we'll see.

I will be going to see a hockey game tomorrow (my dad got the tickets free, calling up a radio station). So that should be different... since iv never been to one before and don't know much about it.

I went to see

Cloverfield.jpg picture by mastertanks

Atonement.jpg picture by mastertanks

Last week. I saw both on the same day but I only paid for Cloverfield. After watching Cloverfield, I just "pretended" going to the bathroom and then came out and went into Atonement. So no-one knew. As for the movies themselves, well I would defiantly pay to go see Cloverfield but I wouldn't for Atonement... Not saying Atonement is a bad movie but drama's don't interest me as much and at that, slow ones. I would give Cloverfield an A+ and Atonement an A+. Cloverfield for realistically intense & suspenseful action. Atonement for excellent acting, great backgrounds and a great script.

I recently had to pay for an extra book for my ****s, so I'll have to wait until next week to get

BurnoutParadise.jpg picture by mastertanks

Which im really looking foward to playing.

But i did have enough money to buy a few movies

Falling Down

Cinderella Man

I would also like to wish my friend Doug Buffone on Gamespot, good luck in his surgery. He recently just found out he has cancer, so i wish him the best.

It's Been A Busy Month

Well it's been quite awhile since I last blogged and the reason for that, is that I finally got my Drivers License 8) and also finished off my GED! :D I've had my Permit since I was 16 and now that im 18, my parents allowed me to get it. Honestly though, it wouldn't be that big of a deal if I had gotten it back then, since I didn't really have any friends (still don't... except for you guys) or any money... plus I now I have to pay my parents $150 a month for my insurance; so that also kept me from totally enjoying the whole thing. As for my GED, well I started taking the tests last summer but I had trouble finishing the Math, Writing and Science, so I had to wait until now, to finish it. I took math last and came out with a much better score then I anticipated--which I got the results from yesterday... Just in time; since my classes start next week. So, obviously I'll be able to apply for more (and better) jobs now that I have my GED. I have been thinking about applying at Blockbuster, Trader Joe's and maybe GameStop.

In other news: Since I had the day free last Sunday, I went to see

- National Treasure: book of secrets

Which was great. I thought the story was much more entertaning then the last, and it also had a bit more laughs. Overall I'd say it was worth seeing in theaters and I'd give it a "B+".

As for gaming; I haven't really been playing all that much lately, since Xbox live has been really screwy and I've been studying for my License and GED. Although I have gotten much further in the COD 4 rankings. I am currently a level 42 and using mostly the Dragnov - sniper rifle and G36 - Assault weapon.

Of, course I bought a few extra stuff on Amazon again, so I'll just list them with pics and names this time -

- The Pianist

- Saw 4

(The Mummy (1999)/ The Mummy Returns/ The Scorpion King)

The Chronicles of Narnia Boxed Set [Box set]