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Whats Your Top Ten Fav Games?


Here are mine -

1. HALO 2 - In Legendary this game shows its true colars the most. (witch im still working on right now) I think this game beats Halo by a mile, with awsome gameplay how can u go wrong.

2. Medal of Honor Aliied Assualt - If the Singal player dos not succeed try try the multiplayer. But in this games case both succeed in gold with multiplayer beating it out at first.

3. Super Mario World - If anything were possibly wrong with this game you would have to look very very deep in it to find it, becuase it is simply the greatest game their is out their to date.

4. Splinter Cell Chaos Theaory - Steath never was so fun untill sam hit us with his amazing abillity to go invisibal in the dark.

5. Tony Hawks UnderGround 2 - Its surprising how far this series has gone from stunning combos in a warehouse to some very smart custimization add-ons this game is my fav in the series so far.

6. Half Life 2 - A great story and a long and remarkebul journey  is something to be proud of in this game.

7. BurnOut 3: Revenge - A simple mixture of Racing and hardcore crashs make this games power deliver in Turbo.

8.Command and Conquer Genrals Deluxe Edition - cool base building and tuff strategy is this games main focus.

9. Spyro Year of the Dragon - Great varity of levels and playing as a dragon is always fun.

10. Pokemon Silver - I know its lame but this game is very fun, with 2 main quests and over 251 monsters and alot of replay value its worth buying.


If you have not played this game yet you should try it, its free and very addicting and alot of fun if you have the pations. right now im a lev 58 in runescape and my name is                               lord tanks                  i have played the member for one month before but have not played member again yet, although i might.

here is the link  -

Oh if your already a player post your name here if you want.

My Blog

The Saying i have on my Blog is from The Enemy Within.

A great book and worth a read if your a conservative if not Ignore this post.

24 OWNS All!!!

I have watched all the seasons of 24 and i have never seen a movie or any show that is better it is NON STOP ACTION!

it blows away all other shows on tv its got a Great Script and awsome stars although i hated that they got rid of (spoiler)

Tony and mi and David palmer ohhhhh and :cry: Edgar!

if you have not watched 24 yet what are you waiting for nothing comes close to its Greatness!

whats your fav show?  mine of course is 24.

Microsoft or Sony? - or Nintendo

who will win the next Gen race?

I think it will be 360 becuase it just has got GTA 4 and it keeps coming out with some great Games and of course nothing stops the MC from total Domination .:D . I dont really count the Nintendo as a big contender becuase it just is not that big anymore although you never know it could be the next big thing but thats unlikely. although Sony has some great hardware i think its price is just too high for me or a lot of people really cause you aint going to get that much more if you go for sony instead of the 360 witch 360 pulled out the big gun Gears of war at E3 Sony is looking pretty dim for now becuase sony has always done Awsome at E3 yet this year seems to be lacking what it has had for the past 10 years so no dout it will be a close one.