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These are the times that try mens souls

That is the first sentence from Thomas Paine's "The Crisis" which he wrote during the darkest days of the revolutionary war. We are in the calm between the storm. The looming signs of wars, depressions and socialitle collapse are but a taste of what we will face in this new age. Many do not understand how different we as a society are in relation to all human history. We are charting into new territory in disregarding the differences in male/female natures, forgetting our own history, our constitution and becoming too dependent on the state. Once people embrace the doctrine of "getting something for free for doing nothing", which is what socialism is, they ultimately will lose all their freedoms. Once you take money from someone and give it to someone else no matter how well intentioned, it always losses' value through the taxing of it and then even so, will only hinder that persons drive to succeed. While many people celebrate our new president, they will likely suffer the most; because while they will believe Barrack Obama will bring them happiness (through government freebies)--what they are really doing is becoming slaves to the state, while the rest of us prepare and prevent such a scenario.

Like I said in January, I won't be blogging that much anymore. Since my last blog I have -

Subscribed to Pragertopia (Dennis Prager's last thirty days of his radio show podcasting). Dennis Prager recently started an online video series, which you can view here -

Prager University: The American ...

Bought Dennis Prager's highly regarded "Men's Sexual Nature" CD's. It cost me $80 for them and call tell you their worth every penny... Even though I am already a guy, this was pretty enlightening. -

Men's Sexual Nature - All 4 Parts - (CDs)

Allison Armstrong has also been a great help understanding both sexes. Here is some videos and audio of her -

My dad got an AR-15 (Assault Rifle like M-16) for his birthday. It cost around $1200 and is a lot of fun.

I got rid of a lot of my games and have decided to slowly stop playing. I'm not sure if I will eventually quit but for now it's alright if I don't play during the week. I also would like to eventually stop watching much TV. I have become more interested with something meaningful; such as reading.

I have been working for Little Caesars, for three months now (part time).

As many of you know, the TV show "24" is my favorite show. While I think it was still better than other shows on TV, it was diffidently my least favorite season yet. OMG if Jeneen Garafadumbo, is on next year, I'm going to be pissed. I hate that witch; and she's a horrible actress for the part of FBI!

I have started attending Brown Mackie College and will be going for my associate's degree in Criminal Justice. I will be going full time and I complete 1 ****every month for 2 years to get my first degree.

My current belief in religion is that I view myself as Judeo-Christian. Which I see as believing in Jesus as the Messiah but also find the Jewish laws very good as well.

I have read and bought quite a few books since my blog in January. However, one that has really affected me is "Mao: The Unknown Story". Once you read this biography of Mao, you won't believe how truly evil he and Communism were and are. It goes over his whole life and talks a lot about Stalin as well as a lot of other big commies. It is a very easy read, considering it is around 600 pages. However, it is an extremely important, interesting, and is a must read for all (although it gets a bit graphic, so it's not a children's book.).

Well that's all for now.


I got tagged by Dantheman, so here is ten things about myself that you might notknow -

1. I almost died when I was little. I was around 2 years old and my mom was outside working in the yard, when the house started to catch on fire from the stove. So my mom rushed in and got me out and the fire burned the house down. We even have a picture of us in the local paper when it happened.

2. I play softball with my dad and his company's team. We are in the medium range of teams and play once a week each season. Are team name is the Tornado Pigs... one of the guy kids on our team, drew a picture of a pig in a tornado-which we have on our uniforms and our slogan is "we'll beat you like a hat wearing pig".

3. I was in the Boy Scouts for around a year and made it to the 2nd rank before quitting, but I didn't enter until I was 14 so I was rather old for just starting out.

4. I was in a singing group called sunshine generation when I was five years old and won awards for singing with two other girls as my backup in a jam-packed auditorium.

5. I love reading and Harry Potter is my favorite book series and have read each book at least 5 times.

6. I was homeschooled all my life but I did go to school for 1 day and hated it; so I just taught myself.

7. My favorite band is Green Day and has been since I was 9 years old and my sister and friend were playing them full blast in their room constantly.

8. Ever since I can remember I have had a very strong urge to learn about goodness and about how I could expand my knowledge on every subject related to it. I even write down the things I have learned in life in which I want to remember about values, religion, morals and whatever. I also like learning about evil and the people who commit; though it isn't quite as interesting as goodness.

9. I am a night owl. I can't stand going to bed. It's like my last hours on earth and I have to do something good in some micro or macro way before I go to sleep.

10. I have never committed any crime or smoke, use drugs or drank alcohol (although I have had a few sips of wine on New Year's Eve).

Im tagging Rynn21.

A Time For Change

Well uh uh uh uh Congratulations fellow GS'ers we have change in store for our country in most likely every aspect of our lives. I am sure we can expect great pearls of wisdom from our next president including but not limited to topics like (and yes that is from a Rush Limbaugh parody) -

Obama-1.jpg picture by mastertanks

"I believe that the things that need to be done are the things that haven't been done for far too long" or who can forget "In the face of change I believe in hope, in the face of hope I believe in change" "Let us leave the past behind us as we go forward into the future firmly anchored to what came before" "Let us set aside the things that divide us and come together united indivisible as one people. Together we can make something out of nothing... YES WE CAN!

LOL... just thought I would share some thoughts on our new *cough* communist president of the United States. The Lord Barrack Obama or the Messiah in some circles is going to truly help everyone in this country from oppressions like living in poverty while those greedy rich people take all their money--to global warming... Yes, The Lord Barrack Obama, thee most merciful, will help change us into a better nation. :P

Anyway, as I put as my title, it is a time for change. Unfortunately as you know it's been almost two months since my last blog and since then I suppose a few things have changed. For one, I got a tempory job being a UPS driver helper during December but that didn't last long since I was let off immediately after the 25th. My family also got a nice 40 caliber pistol (Smith & Wesson) at a gun show a couple weeks ago. Since then, I have mostly been reading books and playing Fallout 3; which I'd say was almost as great as Oblivion was as a RPG. Now, I am back to looking for a job, which has been even harder process now, because I don't have access to as much money anymore, my Xbox Live subscription ran out and I feel like nothing is going right.

I also bought a 1 year subscription to Rush Limbaugh 24/7 and his newsletter. I am a big talk radio fan and getting to listen to the doctor of democracy whenever I want is pretty cool; plus, I gave the login and password to my family and they can listen to him whenever they want also.

One last thing that I want to mention is the main point I guess of this blog... which is, I am not going to blog much anymore. I have distanced myself from games, TV, movies and Gamespot in the last few weeks and I have really enjoyed it. I never thought I would get bored of playing games but lately I have been more interested in reading more. The good thing about living in scary times in my opinion is the way you see all the brighter sides of life much easier.

Its easy to believe in nothing, its hard to have faith

It is a weird thing to acknowledge that something which seems utterly impossible to be true could be so. I am talking (of course) about the god issue. Is there a god? I think so; in fact I would be disappointed if there really wasn't. Do you detect a hint of skepticism in my beliefs? Well I admit I believe in a god but I also have my past arguments against such a belief. I may have been raised by a Christian father and spiritual mother, but I never really was brought up as such, so I consider my upbringing more of an agnostic or security. So basically I have to get past an almost indoctrination-like barrer I built for myself. Honestly I don't understand how people can't believe in a god? Why would you want to believe in something which states that it's all random chance and when you die your dead forever? Even if you were a rabid atheist wouldn't you hope that there really was a god? Wouldn't you feel angry that god didn't exist? People tend to think "well im to busy with "life" to actually get into all that." Well, look around you; there are people who struggle everyday just to earn a living, feed their kids, deal with lost sons or daughters who died in Iraq or wherever and still manage to believe in god. I think another thing which is hard to deal with, is how god could let the world get this way? Well, if those people might just peak at the bible, they may realize god gave US free will; besides that, we shouldn't expect to know why god allows evil things to happen. Like, C.S. Lewis said, in his book Mere Christianity, god isn't simple minded like us humans; he is on a whole other spectrum of intelligence beyond any other being. Furthermore, it does us no good to wonder why god allows evil things to happen; because every day there is evil in this world-plotting, scheming and doing evil things while we sad few, sit and discuss whether we should believe in a god. Well, I say get your faith and get it fast; because people are dying out there and maybe just maybe, you will be the person who makes all the difference.

Now that I have had my little sermon :) I think I'll go over what I've been up to lately. I finally finished the illustrated bible a couple weeks ago. However, I will have to read the actual bible to truly say I have read it. The Illustrated one, basically just summarized everything (Including both old and New Testament), which made it a somewhat easy read but it also wasn't the same as reading the actual bible. I also read a book called The Proper care and feeding of a marriage... :P As I said in previous blogs, I have really become interested in learning about both sexes and their natures. It certainly wasn't one I would have picked out at the library but it was on one of our bookshelves, so I thought "what the heck." Written by a truly masterful writer, radio and radio talk show host--Dr. Laura Schelessinger. I can't really describe it but it certainly is worth a lot more than any knowledge you'd get from most therapists. Currently, I am almost finished reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature. It is a brilliant insight into all the great literature of the past; especially which the liberal college professors don't want you to know.

In gaming, I restarted another subscription to GameFly on November 2nd and played 7 games in the process. I played and finished The Darkness, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Battlefield: Bad Company and Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. However, I did play through a decent portion of Far Cry 2 and I played Soul Caliber 4 (for about an hour). The Darkness, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space and Hells Highway, I would say, are defiantly worth renting. I have never really been into fighting games so I wouldn't have gotten Soul Caliber 4 if I knew what it was like. As for Far Cry 2, it was a great game but I knew it would have taken me at least the whole month to finish, so I would say its worthy of a purchase, unless you're like me and usually only have time for Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer. Bad Company's single player campaign, was allot of fun also and it had great multiplayer too--so if you're into that, then it's also worth a purchase.

I saw

Twilight.jpg picture by mastertanks

Twilight last Sunday. It certainly doesn't compare to the books fantastic story but I can't say I didn't enjoy the movie on its own and also the fact that Belly was really Hot! :P anyway... was it worth the price of admission for a person who hadn't read the books? No I don't think it was but if you have, then I doubt you will feel disappointed as long as you don't expect it to be anything other than a decent book to movie transfer.

I turn 19 today!

Happybdaycake.jpg picture by mastertanks

Oddly enough, I will be turning 19 years old today. It's hard to imagine and yet it isn't. I feel so old already, with the type of political, religious and moral knowledge which I hold already. I am almost finished in reading the bible, I know so much about the difference between men and women (thanks in large part to Dennis Prager) and I am a diehard conservative. I also have never committed any crime (not even a speeding ticket) and I was even in the boy scouts for a short time, when I was younger. Still I know I have a lot more to learn. I saw Ben Stein's "Expelled" last night and I am also starting to read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and every day I feel more like becoming a Christian.

Anyway, I didn't want this all to be about me, so what do you guys feel about religion, the difference between men & women or politics? One thing I have really enjoyed learning about recently is about the opposites in which men and women think.

The Unfairness of it all and other things...

So I believe last time I told you I was in the army and that I had to deal with the problem of picking another job-well I never thought I would actually be kicked out of the army. While I had to pick a job this time I also had to finish my medical eye consult. I went up the first day and got my consult done and they told me that I would have to wait until the next day until the waiver for the consult was cleared. Now in my mind I virtually had no idea or no thought concerning, what would happen, if it didn't clear. I knew I had bad vision in my right eye already but I also knew it was the correct vision to join. The next day, after nearly six months of getting ready to join and joining the army--they tell me, because of something I got before birth (my optic nerve in my right eye never developed fully) they would not allow me to pass. The reason being, I might bump it against something and I could go blind in my right eye. Well obviously that makes no sense, considering I wouldn't be in a combat related area but I guess they just didn't want to take the chance. As you might guess I was stunned by the news that my waiver to join was denied and the whole thing felt like a bad dream but it was real. After they told me, I signed a paper; which I assumed was to get out of the army (honestly I was still in shock of the news and wasn't really paying attention). Anyway I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to join another branch of the military-mainly the air force. Today I went and talked to an air force recruiter and she said it's very unlikely that the air force will accept me but I could still try. She also said even if I am accepted into the air force, I will have to wait at least 4 to 6 months until I would leave to basic training. I hated my job with a passion the last place I worked, so I quit even before knowing for sure I would be leaving. I will probably start filling out applications tomorrow and hopefully I can get a job at GameStop or somewhere better then my last job. Most likely I won't be able to join the air force either and I should know within the next few weeks but if I can't I'm probably just going to go back to college and try and get a degree for something like cyber security or the FBI/CIA.

There are a lot of reasons why I wanted to join the military. I think the one big one is that I believe this is the greatest country in the world and I want to serve such a country which has given me so much. Another is that I loved the idea of getting taught forcefully how to follow rules, get physically, mentally and emotionally fit and concentrate on the objective... considering I have a hard time concentrating on my homework and some other things that need to get done. I also liked the idea of getting away from my parents; who suddenly deem it necessary to constantly tell me how I need to get into something like the military where I will ultimately be out of the house (most likely) for good. It's not enough that I hate having to live with them but that they hate living with me too, really gets to me. If I don't get into the military I will most likely have to live with them until sometime close to graduation or at least until I can condition myself to focusing on homework primarily. Furthermore, because I don't need unnecessary suffering from paying for an apartment with a full time job and going to school full time--at the same time.

In gaming I have basically had no money to buy anything after I bought Rock Band 2. So I replayed the each game in the orange box over the weekend. Now im just finishing up my (I believe) fifth prestige rank in Call of Duty 4 and I am now 10 days into the game.

While gaming is a big part of my life, reading I regard even higher (even though I don't read quite as much). I finished two books over the past month. The first one was called Brisingr and like I said in my last post, it was wonderful and so far is definably my favorite in the great "inheritance cycle". I also finished a book called Liberal Fascism: From Mussolini to the politics of meaning... which Is a extraordinarily well done and I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about history and the extreme ramifications of the doctrine of the left. Right now I am reading the illustrated bible. I have never read the bible before, so I wanted to read it and see if I really am religious. The Illustrated bible is much easier to read presumably then reading the actual bible, since it actually explains the story's with a bit more clarity and pictures :) . As far as I know, it goes over all the big things including both old and the New Testament.

I went to see

AnAmericanCarol.jpg picture by mastertanksMaxPayne.jpg picture by mastertanks

EagleEye.jpg picture by mastertanks

If you're looking to support a great America-loving movie and enjoy yourself with a funny parody I suggest you look no further then the American Carol which I would give a -- "A" and not just because it is a strong conservative movie.

Max Payne I would give a "C +", because if you followed the game it is somewhat interesting but it also is quite confusing; even for someone who enjoyed both games. I really think it lacked a coherent story though, because it seemed so jumbled but the scenes that did work were quite good, though a bit less dreariness could have helped a lot more.

Eagle Eye was somewhere in-between. I liked the fact that it had some good action scenes and was fast paced throughout the movie but the acting and overall story could have been portrayed much better. It has an exciting vibe to its story but it ultimately didn't shine as great as it should have and therefore I give it a "B"

And for my conservative friends and curious liberal ones out there I would also recommend renting "The Lives of Others" which is about the what happened in east Germany when the communists spied on everyone-kind of like what might happen if Obama the most merciful shall be elected... ugh! I get jitters every time I think of how such a radical might be our next president.

Well if you read all that you probably have an easier time concentrating then I do :lol: Hopefully I will write another blog sooner than last time.

In The Army

Well things didn't work and I didn't get the top job I wanted but I did get a good one instead... Human Intelligence Collector; at least for a few weeks. I went through the whole physical; which was one of the most tedious and mind-numbing days of my life. First I went through countless briefings on what to do and what will be happening during the day. After the initial wave of briefings, I then proceeded with hundreds of others to the medical area. Where we basically did everything you could possibly think of that's related to your health. As glad as I was to get out of medical I still had to wait and fill out a massive amount of paperwork; after which I got my fingerprints done with the FBI and then got sworn into the army reserve. The thing is, I had a medical consult for my eyes also, which it turned out was scheduled after I was supposed to leave for basic. So I had to go all the way back up to the army processing building and reschedule my leave date-to find out that the job wasn't available anymore. I will be going back up there to the army processing again next Wednesday and hopefully picking job (if they have one I like); otherwise I have no clue when one will be available. Tomorrow I will hopefully be passing my physical training test, which I have to pass before leaving for boot camp. All that I have to do to pass is just do a few push-ups and sit-ups and run a mile in 8 mins and 30 seconds. The first to should be a piece of cake but I am a bit worried about the mile. I have neglected my running for the past few weeks and currently I still haven't been able to make the time.

In gaming news, I bought

RockBand2.jpg picture by mastertanks

Last week and it's been tough to stop from playing it. Honestly I don't see how Gamespot could give it such a low score. The game is magnificent and may not have reinvented the franchise but it's certainly isn't worse than the first game. The game itself has so many hooks that will keep you coming back constantly for more. Though, the greatest thing about it is the huge caliber of songs which are superbly diverse-plus Harmonix is going to giveaway 20 free songs to all owners of the game at some later date. I have grown extremely happy with how Harmonix treats its customers and can't wait to see what else they have in store.

I also bought the third book in the Eragon series (inheritance cycle)

BookthreeofEragon.jpg picture by mastertanks

Which I am currently half way through. Between Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and Eragon, those three books I can truly say have lightened some of my darkest days into the happiest and it's a shame that they will soon be coming to a close with Eragon's final book coming out within a few years.

Not that much else that I've done recently, although I did get to see Righteous Kill and Burn after Reading last week. Righteous Kill was great... with Pacino and De Niro, how could it not? But it was a bit too depressing for my taste. Burn after Reading on the other hand, was hilarious, although rather odd.

Joining the Army

I Passed! Hey it's been a little over a month since my last blog but iv been pretty busy. Frankly I can't believe how long these last two months have lasted. Since I decided I wanted to join the army, I have been constantly keeping myself busy... Like, completing at least 5 games, 6 books, and buying around 40 movies. Well I know I said I would take the test on the 5th of August but I decided with the book Breaking Dawn coming out on the 1st I might as well wait until my mind isn't consumed with this. I ended up taking it on the 19th and like I said at the beginning of my blog, I passed! In case you're not aware, you must pass the entry level test (ASVAB) before you may join the any part of the military. My basic four scores added up to a 53, which is much better then what I was hoping for.

On Saturday I went to Breakers Water Park with a bunch of future soldiers and recruiters from around Tucson. Before all of us went in, they had a drill sergent line us up in four lines and listen to his speech. Now this wasn't your demon lord from hell drill sergent, he actually wanted us to ask questions if we had any (course no-one spoke a word) but it was interesting to meet one before going in. He mostly just discussed what to do and what not to do, in basic training.

Tomorrow I will pick out my job in the Army. Currently I have picked around 3 jobs all in intelligence, the first one, which im hoping for is Intelligence Analyst, the second is Imagery Analyst and my least favored Human Intelligence Collector... or as I like to call it to strangers-wouldn't it be cool if you could say your job is "Human Collector" :lol: "Ya I collect humans" :P . Anyway, Human Collector, I mean Human Intelligence Collector, is basically just interrogating people and debriefing them... ya its not like Jack Bauer type of interrogations but its still sounds interesting. However, from what I have been told by my recruiter it looks like Human Intelligence is the only one open so far though. After I pick the job, they will probably have me go to MEPS processing to get my full physical done next Wednesday and take the oath of enlistment. After MEPS, I doubt it will take much less then a couple weeks until I take my physical fitness test and ship out to basic training.

In other news, as I said, I have bought a lot of stuff recently and read a lot too. If you're not familiar with the Twighlight then I hope you shall. It's an incredible and emotional ride. Honestly I would even rank the books as entertaining as Harry Potter which I am a huge fan of. There are four books in the series and the last book (Breaking Dawn) came out the 1st of August. I read all four books, starting around July 20th to August 4th. The series itself is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire and it's written by Stephanie Meyer. They will actually be coming out with a movie about it called Twighlight sometime in November.

While going to see any movie in the theaters dulls in comparison to watching the Dark Knight again, I still found myself going a lot more often then I ever have. I have so far seen The X Files, Tropic Thunder and Death Race. The X Files is more or less a decent crime drama with little to do with sci-fi and less enjoyable then I would have expected. Death Race is fun for any action junkie and worth seeing on the big screen; although it doesn't have much of a story. Tropic Thunder was good but it was just a bit too corny for my taste and spoof's I have never really liked. The X Files I'd give a "c+" Tropic Thunder I'd give a "B" and Death Race a "B+"

Finally here a list of all I have bought since my last blog -

AboveEmpyrean.jpg picture by mastertanksBreakingDawn.jpg picture by mastertanks CommonSenseBook.jpg picture by mastertanks

FEAR.jpg picture by mastertanksDoom3.jpg picture by mastertanksDoom3expan.jpg picture by mastertanks

Since there are so many movies, Instead of pics I'll just list them -

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions



Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Full Metal Jacket


The Passion of the Christ

The Nativity Story

August Rush

Akeelah and the Bee

Meet the Parents

Meet the Fockers

The Butterfly Effect

30 Days of Night

The Negotiator

Seraphim Falls


Hollow Man

The Riddick Trilogy - (Pitch Black, Dark Fury, The Chronicles of Riddick.)

The #1 movie of all time

TheDarkKnight.jpg picture by mastertanks

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, what are you waiting for? It's not everyday you get to see one of the greatest movies ever made. It is now the #1 movie of all time. My sister, her friend and I went to see the epic 2 hrs and 32 mins, on Friday night. Acting, directing, writing; pick any part (large or small) and you'll find excellence in every category. Acting-wise, Heath Ledger's Joker is one of the most frightfully realistic sociopaths in entertainment history and the rest of the cast do impressive job as well. I have seen a lot of movies but this just might have been the most intense movie I have ever seen... to say it was grander then the Godfather would be a bit of an overstatement but to even be considered on the same level is quite an achievement.

I have decided I will take the test much sooner then originally thought; largely because I really dislike my job... August 5th is now the day I will take the entry test (ASVAB) for the army and im currently leaning towards something like Intelligence analyst.

In gaming, my wireless controller has suddenly decided to die. So I haven't been able to play my 360 for a couple weeks now. I get paid this week so hopefully I'll be able to get a new controller. The thing that really sucked about it though, was that it died in the middle of my subscription to GameFly. I did get to play and finish Condemned 2, Dark Sector and Stuntman Ignition but I still had at least 2 weeks left.

Happy Independence Day!

fireworks.jpg picture by mastertanks

Well I have decided instead of the air force, I shall join the army. Now that is not set into motion yet but I met with an army recruiter and it seems there are some advantages to joining the army rather then the air force. The army for one gives out bonus's for joining; which can range from around $1000 to $20,000. I am planning on taking my ASVAB (which I have to pass to get in) in September. Not much else has happened; I am just trying to study for it now.

I went to see The Incredible Hulk and Wanted last week. The Hulk was a good action packed movie but it wasn't as great as I was expecting especially from Edward Norton who I generally enjoy thoroughly. Wanted was extremely well done and it surpassed my expectations by a huge margin. Particularly the believability of action which occurred throughout the movie really played out well. It also had surprisingly decent acting; even by Angelina Jolie (who I usually dislike). I recently bought -

Catchmeifyoucandvd.jpg picture by mastertanksBloodDiamond.jpg picture by mastertanks

Yesterday my family and I went to the world's greatest show; the circus. It was a first for my whole family. It was fairly interesting, though it was a bit too childish in its comedy.

Today of course... well I suppose by the time I post this it will be the 5th but I digress, this is a day which every American should cherish, for if it were not for the men who committed high treason 232 years ago, the world would likely be in far worse shape. Here is a great quote, to go along with such a day -

Henry, Patrick "Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

AmericanEagle.jpg picture by mastertanks -Thanks Steph.