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The inevitable Team Ico follow-up game to The Last Guardian.

I'm just joking. Expect that thing mid to end of console lifetime.

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@storm_of_swords said:

It doesn't deserve all it's hate, but it aso doesn't deserve all it's popularity. PUBG is the far superior Battle Royale game and the only reason Fortnite is more popular is because it's free to play and got released on all platforms.

The game is approachable to a much younger audience and the content turnover is lightyears ahead of PUBG.

I much prefer PUBG to be honest, but it does not stand a chance against a game that releases a new gameplay mechanic per week and a bunch of new cosmetics almost every 24 hours.

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@Archangel3371 said:

Final Fantasy VIII would be my top pick.

I totally agree. Maybe even more than VII at this point.

VIII was so classy, and has such an amazing soundtrack.

The junction system, tough, they can take that whole thing out back and shoot it in the mouth.

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@worlds_apart said:

So I'm really curious, do you guys ever run out of games to play? or have you ever in the past?

I've hit that point in life where i have all the budget for gaming in the world, but little to no time to do so.

I have a 1150+ backlog on PC, and just aquired a PS4pro with about 20+ games.

It's a nightmare.

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@DEVILinIRON said:

So I never thought I'd breakdown and pay for a spiffy suit for my robot and a fun emote, but here I am confessing to you my sins. Being an original Killing Floor fan and having recently bought a PS4, I've been all about KF2. I love my new armor. It was $2.50 for a key to unlock a crate. No regrets.

Have you ever used a microtransaction? Do you happily use them now? Or do you scoff at the practices of gaming today?

Fortnite : Multiple battle passes for both me and my son. Multiple 30 bucks skins pack for him as well.

Warframe : about 300 bucks worth of fashion frame stupidity.

That's about it. If i like the game and i play it on a semi to regular basis, i will throw a few bucks their way in appreciation, every once in a while.

Not a huge fan of Fortnite, but i get to play it with my son. This alone makes it worth playing.

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So, against all reason, i took the plunge and shoveled a thousand bucks into a furnace : I purchased a complete VR kit!

Humor aside, i was one staunchly against VR, as it was taunted as "The future of gaming". I took a chance and can confirm that, while a lot of fun, it absolutely is NOT the future of gaming, at least, not for another multiple generations of it.

I had to choose between getting a VIVE kit for my recently purchased PC, and getting a PS Pro with the complete accessory kit for PSVR.

I went with the latter, because even tough that set me back a few hundreds bucks, it gave me a chance to play some of Sony's first party titles. No regret on that part, so far.

The honeymoon period was incredible. Being able to freely move inside of games and interact in multiple ways simply by naturally emulating movements is a treat i will never get tired of.

This being said, aside from a few games, such as Borderlands 2 VR, Skyrim VR which are full-fledged games, post-adapted for VR, the available library of games is limited, both in scope and content.

Sony's hardware being based on a camera, relying on colored lights to detect input, limits movements accuracy. This, of course, means everything works well at specific times of day, or if you are able to install and play everything in an area where lighting can be controlled.

I have also had a few friends come over and try the dozen or so games i have purchased in the weeks following. The general consensus is that it is very fun, but not currently worth the price of admission.

Most where impressed with the freedom of movement, but most where turned off by the sacrifice in resolution necessary to keep the games at a proper frame rate.

I have also invested in extra peripherals, such as the VR Aim Controller. It is ridiculously fun, but unfortunately supported by less than 1% of the current PSVR games library.

I have had little issues with the hardware, aside from a few situations such as when i tried to align the two move controllers to hold a rifle with two hands. The aligning of the lights on each controller made the game go crazy. This made it impossible to play a big portion of that game's content.

Overall, i am happy with my purchase, and put in a few hours of play every week. As mentioned earlier in this review, i don't think this will take the place of a regular TV / Gamepad setup, but i can see it becoming a forking of gaming in general, as it carries experiences not available anywhere else.

Anyway, thanks for reading this wall of text, and feel free to share your own experiences!

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@naixard said:

Many people have been wanting a new platform to compete against Steam, and now that Epic Games has appeared there are lots of complaints - yes, it means a new launcher that requires a little effort on our part. However, what are at the root of most current criticism against EG are its "exlusive policies". That Metro exodus became an epic exclusive all of a sudden a few days before its release it was a great shock. But this cannot be considered exclusivity in the same sense as with console games. Everyone who has a pc can play any of these games but instead of buying it on one store you have to go to another. So what do you think? Is it that bad to have another launcher? This is just competition. Besides, Epic is giving for free many different high-quality games each month.

There are free games giveaway on Steam almost on a weekly basis. Steam has gotten so big that sometimes, finding relevant information about the games you may care about becomes difficult.

If anything, aside from the 88% cut, Epic's biggest advantage for developers is visibility, but that's bound to change quickly.

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@RSM-HQ said:

@lucidique: All opinions but Resident Evil Zero is arguably the worst mainline entry. Rebecca really deserved a better game. Not many played it even when ported but trust me, it's convoluted garbage with terrible systems.

At least 5 and 6 have a fun Mercenary mode. Zero has. . . Leech Hunter, even the extra content sucks.

DMC sucks in general so whatev!

Hating Devil May Cry for the sake of it, is so 2012.

That's coming from a Dante fanboi (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ

I hear 5 is good. 1 was okay, 3 was tolerable. 2,4 and DMC i cannot stand.

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@warmblur said:
@lucidique said:

Here, take my responses as my own unpopular opinion ;)

I don't really know how to respond lol but thanks for your input I guess, even if we don't agree on alot of things.

No worries, it's okay to disagree.

Here's one that's going to be real unpopular, as i'm fresh out of a 15 losses streak at Black Ops 4 : If you cannot carry your weight and contribute a reasonable amount of points in a team objective game, for multiple games in a row, it is time to consider quitting the game.

There is such a thing as a minimum skill threshold and if you cannot meet it, it's time to go.

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@warmblur said:


  • Resident Evil 7 is the worst RE game. - You haven't played 5 or 6 i guess.
  • Far Cry 5 is the most fun open world game of this gen so far. - This must be your first Far Cry game.
  • Bad Company 2 is not the best BF game Battlefield 2 is. - Why not.
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst is Dice's best game of this generation. - Agreed.
  • Call of Duty 4 is overrated trash it's influence dumbed down great games like Medal of Honor, Battlefield ect. - Added complex layers of progression. You should google dumbing down for proper definition.
  • Splinter Cell Conviction is a awesome game. - Agreed.
  • Watch Dogs is better then WD2 especially in terms of combat and characters. - Never played 2, but i have a feeling it's as boring and derivative as the first.
  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories is the best SH game. - Never played it, but i would be very surprised if it beat 2.
  • Sleeping Dogs is better then any Watch Dogs or Saints Row game. - Of what i have played of Sleeping Dogs, i would have to agree.
  • LA.Noire doesn't get enough love and is better then most AAA games today. -Hated LA Noire. It was a turd painted in nice colors. Still a turd tough.
  • VR is not a gimmick and is easily the most impressive thing in tech and gaming today. - It's fine i guess. Just not worth the current price of entry.
  • Witcher 3 is overrated and the graphics look dated already. - Liked what i played of it. Visuals are okay.
  • The version of Frank West from Dead Rising 4 is the best Frank he reminds me of Bruce Campbell. - Everything after 1 is a waste of time. No plan to ever play 4.
  • 4K is overrated I find AI Esrgan HQ textures more impressive. - I play 1080, 60hz, 60FPS. Whatev.
  • 99 percent of indy games are boring and worthless. - Some good indie games around, some shitty ones too. If you have testicles, google Darkest Dungeon.
  • Fallout 3 is overrated - Most overrated opinion, ever. Hating Fallout 3 for the sake of it is so 2012. That's coming from somebody who is not a Fallout fan.
  • DMC 2013 is the best DMC game. - No idea. DMC sucks in general so whatev!
  • GTAV remaster verisons look better then the Witcher 3 and is a much better game. - Okay.
  • Mafia 2 is best in the series. - Haven't played 1 or 3. Liked the game, but i wish people would shut up about it.
  • The Tomb Raider reboot 2013 is the best in the series. - Meh.
  • The Prey reboot was trash the oringal Prey is a million times better. - Haven't played it.

Here, take my responses as my own unpopular opinion ;)