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Well Folks, I'm in Atlanta now, the first episode of my 6 week long Geology trip. I am in Atlanta because it was cheaper to fly out here then where I live. From here I will be changing flights in Denver, CO and then landing in Rapid City, SD. I know you may be thinking, what rocks are in South Dakota? Haha, well I will be in the Black Hills region. See how awesome the look ^_^. I don't know about them yet but I can't wait to learn how they formed. After that I will be going to Yellowstone and then the Grand Tetons. :D I'm so excited yet nervous becaue I will be meeting new people and having to make new friends.

Only one disappointment, well maybe two. I am going with a friend and she brought her boyfriend along to hang out with before we leave. Well I don't really enjoy them loving on each other >_>. It can get annoying. Plus, we have a hotel room with two queen beds in one room and a pull out sofa in the next. It sounds like they want me to sleep on the pull out sofa. Ewww, hell no. I'm sorry but I would rather sleep in a nice comfy queen bed. If they need alone time I'll be happy to give it to them lol!

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day. I for sure did. It was a beautiful day today, a little chilly but still sunny and nice. We had a cookout in our Department to celebrate, being Earth Science majors and all :P. Just hot dogs and chips. It was nice getting to hang out with friends and skip class. As part of Earth Day I waited to plant my garden until today. I have green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, lettuce and spinach. I can't wait for the little seeds to sprout. ^_^ I wish every a good rest of Earth Day. I hope you contributed in some way such as picking up trash, recycling, or planting something.

Good News Everybody!

Haha I hope you said the title in Professor Farnsworths voice cause thats what I thought when typing it.

Guess what! Last month I applied for a scholarship through my school and I got it! I receive 2000 dollars to help pay for a summer camp of my choice. It's not just any camp, its called Geology Field camp and its towards my major. That means I will be spending six weeks playing with rocks where ever I go. This makes me very happy because I couldn't go without the money.

Happy St. Pattys Day!

Here's to the Irish, green beer, little people that love pots of gold and four leaf clovers! I hope everyone is wearing their green, if not I virtually pinch you. *pinch* Haha. Of course I'm wearing my green. Actually my school colors are green and white and I'm wearing a school hoodie so its just a little coincidental. I'm not the least bit Irish but its a fun little holiday to celebrate. When Oktoberfest comes around, then its my time to celebrate ;) I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Known Fact: The first Immigrant to the U.S. was Irish.

Snow Day!!

Something happened last night that only happens every once in a while for the South. It snowed!!! It made for a day of bliss, with white powder all over the place and no school. It was nice to have a three day weekend haha. I made a snowman for the third time in my life. :D Yay Snow Day!!

In's and Out's

Well the economic troubles have finally hit my family hard. My uncle's house is offically in foreclosure and he has to come up with 8,000 dollars. This is highly unlikely to happen since his business isn't doing well. The only other alternative is for him to ask his crazy ex-wife. That won't go well >_>. I hope things will work out for him, if not he will have to move in with my mom and me and there isn't much time before we lose our house too.

Good news though I got a job! That was one of my goals for the year. It isn't much and doesn't pay well but its money. I'm a teaching assistant for one my previous Geology professors. That means I will be assisting with grades and tutoring students. Pretty simple and I know all the basics for Geology so I can help out. I do get nervous trying to explain things to people though :?. Right now I'm grading people on some extra credit they turned in. They were suppose to turn in a picture of themselves in a geological setting or interest. near a tree doesn't count! Gursh....Anyways its fun looking at how creative people can be with some of these pictures. Alot have photoshopped themselves into a picture. It does count that way haha, so they get some credit.

I hope everyone got to witness Obama get inaugerated. I was very proud watching him make his oath but I couldn't help laugh the that Chief Justice got the oath wrong. Because the white house lawyers were worried he wasn't offically sworn into office he had to redue the oath. It was nice watching him and his family enjoy the rest of the day and the parade. I feel like a family man, someone more personal and close to America is finally in office. I can thrust Obama with the Nation and thats something you want from a President.

As for other news I've been sick lately. Its just a cold but it took more out of me that I thought it would. I don't get sick often but when I do its usually bad. I should be better soon. I hope you all are well. Ja-na!

School Again and Things

Well, I'm back to school tomorrow. *sigh* And I was enjoying being completely lazy. Now I have to get into full gear with alot of hard classes, getting into a Grad School and finding a job :?.

This weekend was a bummer, my team the Panthers lost their football game. It was a terrible game with 5 interceptions. I was hoping they would make it to the superbowl because they never have.

Oh and soon is going to let us choose our own color schemes! Finally something good coming from this site in the way of changes. I'm tired of white!

Thats all then. Ja-na!

One Holiday to the Next

Is anyone elses percents going wacky like mine? Yesterday I had 20 percent at level 17 and today I'm back at level 16 and 95 percent. And here I thought I was done being a church lady...ewww.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got gifts that you will love. A few of my presents where a little mixed up but they will be sorted out. I used my Christmas money to buy Bleach Volume 1 Uncut and Mushishi Uncut Box set. Im so excited to get them :D.

I don't think the channels are so eagar to let Christmas go... ABC is going to air Rudolph and It's a Charlie Brown Christmas on Tuesday. Is anyone going out to celebrate New Years? I haven't decided yet. Lot of friends are out of town so I might just stay inside. Well thats all.

My Traditional Christmas

Well folks Christmas is now less than a week away and I hope most of you are prepared, unlike me. Thanksgiving and Christmas just showed up at the front door this year for me. I haven't even done my shopping nor finished decorating the tree! Every Christmas I usually have some very traditional things, or perhaps things I look forward to. The first is the Nutcracker. I am obsessed with the nutcracker, from its storyline and ballet, to the wonderous music. I love it all. I was first introduced to it as little girl when I got a book of the nutcracker story and a CD of Tchaikovsky's work inside. Every year I bring out that CD and I can tell you every movement that will play next, every rhythmic line and even the instruments. I even collect nutcrackers, but I'm particular about them. I don't like alot of the ones now that are cheaply made with ribbon glued on them, but rather the hand carved ones. (expensive ones haha) I've only been to the actual ballet once and it was well preformed with local dancers. I wish to see the actual Russian one with all acts included. Second is the Christmas shows that always come on. My favorites include "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "A Charlie Brown Christmas", "It's a Wonderful Life", "A Christmas Story", and "The Christmas Carol"(George C. Scott Version, and muppet one only) Third, cookies!! I bake so many cookies when Christmas comes. And I always like to try new recipes. No new ones this year, not enough money. But I'm still making the favorites. I love making sugar cookies, even though they are a pain to roll out, but oh so fun to decorate! You get to be creative. Who doesn't like an orange Santa, huh? I usually make those, spritz, russian tea cakes(yes cookies), peanut butter blossums, and Norwegian almond bars. So do you guys have any traditional things for Christmas, or things you look forward too?