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GTA San Andreas

Yesterday I bought GTA San Andreas for my Xbox 360 and I had forgotten just how awesome of a game it was and still is. It makes me wonder when they're gonna make another version of San Andreas. I'm burnt out on Liberty City. Bring back SA!

3 years

I just realized I've had my GameSpot account for almost 3 years now and I'm still a level 18. When I first started my account I was on here every single day reading blogs posting on forums. Now I'm on here like once every two weeks, if that. I guess when my Union went down the drain I stopped getting on. So now my union is DEAD and I've lost some of the friends I had on here. BUT I'm gonna try to get back on here, start reading blogs again, posting in the forums and MAYBE JUST MAYBE RESURRECT my union. So to anyone reading this thats on my friends list look forward to me posting on your blogs. And to anyone that is IN or was IN the Survival Horror Lounge(Union) PLEASE come back to it.


New Funny Videos

I just uploaded some videos to my profile. I've tried to a million times before but, I never could upload them. So watch them and tell me what you think. The links should be below. If they're not go to my videos.

CJ Wallflip -One of my friend's ATTEMPT at a wallflip

JW Throw -I got whiplash from this

Grand Theft Auto 4

If you have not played GTA 4 you should know that it is F***ING AWESOME. The Graphics are amazing and the faces of the characters FINALLY look good. GTA 4 is a lot more realilistic than any other GTA game now you have to break into cars and hotwire them, you can't just get in and drive. Driving in the rain can be very difficult. Your clothing choices are very limited now unlike in GTA San Andreas. In GTA 4 you also have to learn to use cover or you will get killed FAST. All these new features make the game VERY fun (or at least for me they do). If you haven't went out and bought it yet DO IT you won't regret it. I would give this GTA 4 a 9.5/10.

I got my XBOX 360

I finally got an Xbox 360 (Arcade Console). I bought one game (Bio Shock). I spent $360. Thanks to the people that suggested games. If anyone else would like to suggest some games to buy Please Do.

One Year on GS

Well I've been a member on for a year now. And unfortunatly I haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked to. But I did start a union Resident Evil 4 Fanatic Unionand so far it's been pretty successful. I've reached Level 14, got 73 friends, 376 profile views, 218 forum posts, 6 blogs, rated 37 games, and 64 tags.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008

I just bought Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008 on tuesday and it's awesome. When I first started playing it was hard to get used to the controls, But I played a couple of matches and got it. SVR 08 has some new features like 8 different fighting styles, Struggle submission system, and ECW. The new fighting styles are pretty cool. You choose two fighting styles, you can choose Brawler, High flyer, Submission, Powerhouse, Showman, Hardcore, Dirty, and Technical. I use High Flyer and Submission but, I'm thinking about using Hardcore. The struggle submission system is hard to figure out. I still do terrible at submissions. This is a great game that everyone should get (even if you're not a wrestling fan). I would give it a9 out of 10

F***ING Glitches

I can't stand all of these glitches. First I can't read my PMs. I've had at least six messages I couldn't read. Then there is another glitch that moderates people for S**T they did not even write. And just now I went to my union (The Resident Evil 4 Fanatic Union) and I can't access the board. What is up with all these MUTHA F***ING GLITCHES?

NEW Banner

I just got a new banner. Thanks to Canana who made the banner. It took me a long time to figure out how to set as my banner but with some help from Canana I finally figured it out. So tell me what you think about it.
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