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School.... wow, not so bad....yet...

Well I've officially become a college student, (as well as a legal adult, but that's another story) and so far it hasn't killed me yet! I'm majoring in Multimedia Communication Technology at Utah Valley State College. I'm taking Multimedia Essentials, Humanities, Astronomy, Photography, A Capella Choir, and Religion classes (which will henceforth be called Institute by me if you ever get confused)

As for another update since I havn't done one of these for a while, I also got a job working at Target about a month and a half ago.

Well that should bring you all up to speed on my life!
--=Lord Rocky=--

p.s. My 18th birthday was on the 24th for those of you who wanted to know

Busy busy busy!!!

Why does school have to suck so bad???? I've been crammed full of homework till I die, I barely have time to go on like a few dates a month (usually only to dances) and the school play has kept me free time-less for the past 3 weeks straight. (No games...... I might die) then we get job hunting, and on top of that i've been filling out college applications to BYU and UVSC (UVSC is easy, BYU takes way too much stuff) I mean just for the Ballroom application I have to make an audition tape and fill out like a 6 page application form! then come the actual BYU app.... even bigger.....grrrr and I havn't had time to catch up with any of the unions here either, I used to post like every day, but now i'm lucky if I can post once a month!

But hey enough of my ranting. Peace out!

--=Lord Rocky=--

Choir Union

Well, I plan on creating a Choir union. So if you decide you want to join up, just PM me or post here.

Wadda' 'ya tha'nk

Woah! hickville overload!

anyway I've narrowed my decision down to these 2 union ideas:


Age of Empires I, II & III

Which one do all y'alls think I should do?

New Union Ideas, Please.

Once I get to level 6, what kind of forum should I create?

I was thinking of making a choir union.

Or a debate union.(as in school debate)

Or maybe Age of Empires,

Dunno. What should I do?

Still more random stuff

Can you read this?

I bet you can

Did you konw taht as lnog as the frsit and lsat ltertes of a wrod are siltl in the rgiht pacle, you can siltl raed ti?

Cool huh?


I wonder if you can level up just by posting random stuff like:

Cheese is green on tuesdays


How do you be so short?



or maybe

The Elite StarCraft Union RULES!!!

Hey, it could happen.

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