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My Impressions of Top Spin 3

I'm not a huge fan of the Top Spin series, and after spending some time with the third game in the series, little has changed about my appreciation for the 2K Sports franchise.

At first I wasn't too sure what to do. The game didn't seem friendly to the novice, nor did it forgive any mistakes I made. I began horribly, losing every round usually without scoring. I felt shattered by the end of the first game, so I decided to try and lower the difficulty and try again. During the middle of the game I managed to learn more of the nuances of the controls and managed to outplay the AI I was faced against. I felt better after this initial struggle, and while the learning curve is steep, you can push through it and begin to master the controls.

After I'd experimented with some singles matches, I moved on to doubles in the hope that my computer friend would wipe the competition for me. I couldn't have been more wrong. My teammate just stood there, seemingly oblivious of the ball flaying past their head. I sighed, and served again. This time, I served the ball and the opponent sent it right back to me. I lined up my player to take the shot, but my partner stormed in front of me, stole my shot and hit the net. I would have smashed the racket into my partner's back, if I could.

I was crushed again by the computer, only this time by the person who was supposed to be on my side.

On walking out, I began to think about why I lost. The game seemed to be a lot more involved with itself rather than me. It planned out strategies I wasn't a part of. Maybe that's what fans of the sport want, perhaps to mimic what they watch on TV. All I know is that if I was to play this game at a friend's house, I'd have lost patience with it by the second game.